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March 5, 20


Sarnia Layup Wednesday -
Bruce Hurd
101_1179.jpg (48883 bytes)
Michipicoten bow and stern the stern shows the stack removed.
101_1180.jpg (75268 bytes) 101_1189.jpg (163476 bytes)
Stack of the Michipicoten
101_1190.jpg (73430 bytes)
Ojibway and Calumet near the Government Dock
101_1193.jpg (97718 bytes)
Montrealais at the Government Dock.
101_1185.jpg (93949 bytes)
CCGC Samuel Risley at the government dock

Great Lakes Towing and Ironhead Marine Crews move CSL Niagara into dry dock at the Toledo Shipyard - Ron Piskor
This was a precision operation executed between the 3 G Tugs and the Ironhead Marine workers. Handling two 700 foot Lakers at the same time, that are not under power in river current, calls for a level of teamwork that the crews from both of these companies delivered to the optimum.
1-gtpamiss-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (92462 bytes)
 The Muscle of the River, the G Tug crews , plan their strategy for handling  two 700 plus foot lakers.
2-ihm-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (77557 bytes)
Ironhead Marine’s President prepares to cast off the Niagara’s stern line.
3-gtpa-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (92433 bytes)
A Pennsylvania crewmember grabs the stern line from the Niagara.
4-gtpa-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (77538 bytes)
Pennsylvania’s 8 cylinder Cleveland 498 starts to pour on it’s 55,400 Lbs. of available bollard pull to move Niagara out into mid-river.
5-gtmiss-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (106094 bytes)
 Mississippi  heads up-stream to position  Ironhead crewmen at the Kraft dock were the CSL Tadoussac will be moored. A move the Ironhead workers refer to as: “Riding the Dolphin”.
6-gtmisspa-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (97511 bytes)
Pennsylvania towing Niagara down-stream as the Mississippi starts to pull on the Tadoussac’s stern line.
7-gtmiss-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (169880 bytes)
With the Mississippi  on the stern line and Ironhead crewmen utilizing the Tadoussac’s starboard side winches, 730 feet of laker starts inching up-stream to clear the dry dock’s entrance for the Niagara.
8-csltad-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (100823 bytes)
With Tadoussac  clear of the graving dock no.1 entrance, Ironhead workers start  to open the gate.
9-tadneb-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (75887 bytes)
Nebraska arrives at open gate with Niagara.
10-nebnia-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (70757 bytes)
Nebraska tows the Niagara’s bow up to the open dry dock entrance.
11-ih-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (154274 bytes)
 An Ironhead operations boss stays in close radio contact with the G Tugs working Niagara’s stern.
12-gtnebpa-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (90576 bytes)
With the Nebraska shoving on the Niagara’s port side and the Pennsylvania on her stern line, the Niagara begins to pivot into the river current to enter the graving dock.
13-gman-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (115517 bytes)
Holding the Nebraska steady against Niagara’s port side.
14-nia-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (90845 bytes)
 Ironhead crewmen using port side lines to winch Niagara into the slip.
15-nia-3-2-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (92222 bytes)
Niagara settled in to her new winter fit-out home.

Pineglen is pictured leaving the dry dock at Bay Ship in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on January 31, 2011 -
Steve Reinke
1-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (82239 bytes)
Pineglen is sporting a new hull color for 2011
2-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (32003 bytes)
Tugs from The Selvick Marine Towing group moved the Pineglen to a new area within Bay Shipyard.
3-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (29438 bytes) 4-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (25107 bytes) 5-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (48306 bytes)
6-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (53208 bytes) 7-Pineglen-1-31-2011-sjr.jpg.jpg (57582 bytes)      

Tug Bee Jay in Marquette - Mike Nicholls
BEEJAYb59022611mn.jpg (80780 bytes)        

Roger Blough in winter layup in Duluth as the retractable shuttle unloading boom is serviced - Ed Labernik
11-rblough-3-2-11-el.jpg (78812 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Mich.  February 24 -
Mike Nicholls
JEOLEANNMARIEb18022411mn.jpg (40872 bytes)
Tug WS8196HS and Joelle Annmarie
tugWS8196HSb02022411mn.jpg (48698 bytes) JOELLEANNMARIEs06022411mn.jpg (52419 bytes) TENACIOUSb22022411mn.jpg (70332 bytes)
Tug Tenacious

G Tugs break out Buffalo, N.Y.
DSC_5909.jpg (101451 bytes) DSC_5638.jpg (53566 bytes) DSC_5663.jpg (92346 bytes) DSC_5704.jpg (87466 bytes)  

Fish tugs -
Allen Vary
Miss-Melissa-Jan-5-2011-A.jpg (61209 bytes)
Miss Melissa (ex F.G. Bravener) at Wheatley
J&A-Baptista-w-G.H.-Simmons-Jan-5-2011.jpg (54059 bytes)
J & A Baptista (ex Liddle Bros.) at Wheatley
William-T.R.-Jan-5-2011-A.jpg (70541 bytes)
William T.R. (ex M and J) at Wheatley
Isabel-Maria-Jan-5-2011-A.jpg (59143 bytes)
Isabel Maria at Wheatley
Pelee-Clipper-Jan-4-2011-A.jpg (86824 bytes)
Pelee Clipper at Kingsville
Mi-Mar-Lynne-Dec-28-10-A.jpg (53325 bytes)
Mi-Mar-Lynne at Port Dover

New Soo Locks Observation Platform construction, Feb., 2011 -
Michelle Hill, Park Ranger, USACE
Visitor-Center.jpg (75551 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Lou Gerard
carferryIMG_0006.jpg (83227 bytes)
Ann Arbor's former Grand Trunk carferry City of Milwaukee arrives at Kewaunee WI. on Good Friday 1980.
carferryIMG_0008.jpg (39801 bytes)
From across the harbor the City of Midland 41 prepares for a late night departure from Kewaunee WI. in Oct. 1976.
carferryIMG_0007.jpg (75661 bytes)
Chessie's City of Midland 41 loaded with freight cars is ready to depart from Kewaunee WI. for Ludington in Oct. 1976.

From The Know Your Ships Archive -
Roger LeLievre
KerrDG-Ojibway-RL.jpg (42928 bytes)
D.G. Kerr gets supplies from Ojibway in the the 1970s, seen from the Valley Camp.
Naugatuck-TM.jpg (49402 bytes)
USCG Naugatuck in Spring ice.
BreechER-Rouge-73RL.jpg (39490 bytes)
Ernest R. Breech unloading at her Rouge River Dock, 1973
Chicago-Air.jpg (74208 bytes)
Chicago's Navy Pier shortly after the Seaway opened in 1959.
ConsumersPower-at-Rogers-City-TM.jpg (46282 bytes)
Consumer's Power with tugs Limestone and Dolomite at Roger's City.
EricssonJohn-HolleyAlexander-TM.jpg (37844 bytes)
John Ericsson and whaleback barge in Soo Harbor, early 1960s.
Ford,-William-Clay-lengthen1-AP-1979.jpg (65520 bytes)
William Clay Ford being lengthened at Fraser Shipyard, 1979.
Grenville.jpg (72452 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Grenville.
FordBensonrl.jpg (31677 bytes)
Benson Ford, 1960s.
FordWmClay-Locks.jpg (39272 bytes)
William Clay Ford in the MacArthur Lock 1960s.
HoodSupply.jpg (37944 bytes)
Ojibway supplies USS fleet's Clifford F. Hood.

News paper clippings from the 80's 
- Rob Hartley
newclippings311-r-(2).jpg (120144 bytes) newclippings311-r-(4).jpg (124627 bytes) newclippings311-r-(3).jpg (125426 bytes) newclippings311-r-(5).jpg (117599 bytes) newclippings311-r-(7).jpg (93826 bytes)
newclippings311-r-(1).jpg (100540 bytes) newclippings311-r-(6).jpg (150353 bytes)      

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