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March 9, 20

Port Colborne winter lay-up fleet February 20 - Rob Wolcott
1-COlympicCPrgs-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (82787 bytes)
Canadian Leader, Canadian Olympic and Canadian Progress at Port Colborne
2-CSLLaurentien-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (83148 bytes)
Bow shot of CSL Laurentien.
3-CSLLaurentien-2-20-11.jpg.jpg (129637 bytes)
4-CanOlympic-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (77175 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
5-CanLeader-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (105520 bytes)
Profile of Canadian Leader
6-CanLeader-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (59339 bytes)
Canadian Leader
7-CSLLaurentien-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (61203 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
8-CanOlympic-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (75163 bytes)
Canadian Olympic from across the canal
9-CanPrgsCanOlym-2-20-11-rw.jpg-(2).jpg (97616 bytes)
Canadian Olympic from deck of Canadian Progress
10-Algowood-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (72945 bytes)
Bow on shot of Algowood
11-Algowood-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (84044 bytes)
12-AwoodCanTrans-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (70608 bytes)
Algowood and Canadian Transport
13-CanTransport-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (95088 bytes)
Canadian Transport
14-CnPrgsCanOlm-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (57021 bytes)
Bows of Canadian Progress and sister Canadian Olympic
15-CanTransport-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (97445 bytes)
On board Canadian Transport
16-CanPrgsCanOlym-2-20-11-rw.jpg.jpg (50564 bytes)
Sisters Canadian Olympic and Canadian Progress wait out another cold winter evening

2011 Hamilton lay-up fleet
- Rob Wolcott
1-Haida-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (54342 bytes)
Destroyer Haida at her museum berth
2-PForteSeaEagle2--17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (91474 bytes)
Tugs Petite Forte and Sea Eagle 2, as well as barge St Mary's Cement 2
3-RSPierson-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (83113 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson, stern view
4-JHannaEMckeil-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (84652 bytes)
Tugs James R Hanna, Evans McKeil and Tony McKay
5-Algolake-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (75180 bytes)
Bow shot of Algolake
6-RSPierson-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (65889 bytes)
Bow view of Robert S. Pierson
7-Algolake-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (80135 bytes)
View of Algolake from the stern showing boom and accommodations
8-MaritimeTrader-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (109184 bytes)
Bow profile of Maritime Trader
9-PRCresswell-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (68652 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell
10-Algosoo-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (78948 bytes)
Bow profile of Algosoo
11-algorail-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (66185 bytes)
12-Cuyahoga-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (109900 bytes)
Bow shot of Cuyahoga
13-MaritimeTrader-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (67962 bytes)
Stern shot of Maritime Trader
14-Cuyahoga-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (82681 bytes)
Full view of Cuyahoga
15-CHJackman-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (62326 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman
16-Algosoo-2-17-11-rw.jpg.jpg (79781 bytes)
Stern view of Algosoo

Arthur M. Anderson was moved to Bay Ship’s Dry dock
- Steve Reinke
DSC_1296-Mary-Page-Hannah-Moves-Arthur-M.-Anderson.jpg (47875 bytes)
February 26, three other Selvick Tugs assisted with the move.

G.W. Siddall at Port Maitland, Ontario, Sept. 2010
Mike Flatt
IMG_4442.jpg (64564 bytes)        

Caribbean Ships -
Eric Holmes
1-Bernuth-Calypso-02-27-11-eh.jpg (132397 bytes)
Bernuth Calypso (container ship) Miami Florida
2-Galaxy-Wave-03-02-11-eh.jpg (79240 bytes)
Galaxy Wave (ferry) Roatan Honduras
3-Superflex-Tracer-03-04-11-eh.jpg (73516 bytes)
Superflex Tracer (car/truck ferry) Cozumel Mexico
4-RCCL-Liberty-of-the-Seas-02-27-11-eh.jpg (71715 bytes)
Liberty of the Seas (RCCL) Miami Florida
5-Carnival-Legend-03-01-11-eh.jpg (53596 bytes)
Carnival Legend anchored in Grand Cayman
6-Carnival-Destiny-03-01-11-eh.jpg (51274 bytes)
Carnival Destiny anchored in Grand Cayman
7-Carnival-Destiny-03-01-11-eh.jpg (64603 bytes)
Carnival Destiny
8-Carnival-Valor-03-01-11-eh.jpg (86391 bytes)
Carnival Valor anchored in Grand Cayman
9-Carnival-Valor-03-01-11-eh.jpg (69661 bytes)
Carnival Valor docked in Cozumel Mexico
10-Carnival-Triumph-03-02-11-eh.jpg (212124 bytes)
Carnival Triumph docked in Roatan Honduras
11-Aidaluna-03-04-11-eh.jpg (60992 bytes)
Aidaluna in Cozumel Mexico
12-Norwegian-Spirit-03-04-11-eh.jpg (52980 bytes)
Norwegian Spirit in Cozumel Mexico
13-MSC-Poesia-03-04-11-eh.jpg (62603 bytes)
MSC Poesia in Cozumel Mexico
14-Allure-of-the-Seas-03-04-11-eh.jpg (61108 bytes)
Allure of the Seas (RCCL) largest cruise ship docked in Cozumel Mexico
15-Allure-of-the-Seas-03-04-11-eh.jpg (74672 bytes)
stern view
16-Allure-of-the-Seas-03-04-11-eh.jpg (118278 bytes)
Close up

istorical perspective - Russ Plumb
End-of-the-tow.jpg (116439 bytes)
The four boats in the middle of the photo are the older, smaller, retired Bethlehem boats (Lackawanna, Leonard C. Hanna, Powell Stackhouse, and Lebanon). Our eventual destination were the Interlake boats in the background. If I remember correctly, one of the Interlake boats was the Amasa Stone and I think the old A. B. Wolvin was also there. October 1964

Pictures that need Identification
- From the collection of Don Geske
id3811dg-(3).jpg (91999 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
id3811dg-(4).jpg (243981 bytes) id3811dg-(2).jpg (76464 bytes) id3811dg-(1).jpg (94285 bytes)  

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