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March 13, 20

South Chicago Saturday - Lou Gerard
1-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (85130 bytes)
Alpena passing under EJ&E bridge at 10:25 a.m. as she arrives from Muskegon on her first trip of the season.
2-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (76518 bytes)
Crewman calling clearances on a cold blustery day.
3-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (74426 bytes)
Approaching 95th St.
4-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (107917 bytes)
Steaming through the 5 Bridges.
5-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (120530 bytes)
Alpena clear of 5 Bridges approaching 100th St.
6-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (94379 bytes)
Passing KCBX where work is being done on their loading chute.
7-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (70842 bytes)
Approaching 106th St. enroute to her 130th St. terminal.
8-Alpena-3-12-11-lg.jpg (143343 bytes)
Stern detail after passing 106th St.

Goderich, Ont. Tuesday - Bruce Douglas
1-CdnTransfer-3-8-11-bjd1.jpg (125670 bytes)
Canadian Transfer basking in the sun during layup, Tuesday, March 8, 2011.
2-CdnTransfer-3-8-11-bjd1.jpg (64299 bytes)
 View from basin.
3-CdnTransfer-3-8-11-bjd1.jpg (128507 bytes)
View from Snug Harbour.

Cason J Callaway in Erie, Penn. last weekend - Brian W.
2-Erie-3-6-11-BW.jpg (52711 bytes) 3-Erie-3-6-11-BW.jpg (54558 bytes) 1-Erie-3-6-11-BW.jpg (51843 bytes)    

Detroit River Traffic March 2011 -
Michael Turnquist
innovation-3-10-11-mt.jpg (92785 bytes) risley3-4-11-mt.jpg (84560 bytes) algocanada3-1-11-mt.jpg (71217 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives -
Collection of Lou Gerard
carferryWabash-lg.jpg (89321 bytes)
Ann Arbor carferry Wabash smoking it up. Date and location unknown.
ussSouthWorksSChicago-IL-Crawford-lg.jpg (129543 bytes)
Overhead view of U.S.S.South Works at South Chicago IL. with George G. Crawford and unidentified N.M. Paterson boat in the north slip. Date unknown.
whaleback-SouthPark-lg.jpg (113568 bytes)
Whaleback South Park of Nicholson Universal Steamship Co. Date and location unknown.

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