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March 17, 20

Escanaba and Menominee Tuesday - Dick Lund
1-Nik-03-14-11-dl.jpg (32344 bytes)
The tug, Nickelena, breaking ice in the harbor at Escanaba on Monday
2-BMI_192-03-14-11-dl.jpg (33425 bytes)
A new-build crane barge, BMI 192, in the Basic Marine slip
3-PRC-03-14-11-dl.jpg (36163 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke loading ore at the CN Ore Dock with the Joseph H. Thompson in the background
4-PRC-03-14-11-dl.jpg (55655 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke loading
5-JHT-03-14-11-dl.jpg (52452 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson and Joseph H. Thompson, Jr. still in winter lay-up at the C. Reiss north dock
6-EK-03-14-11-dl.jpg (34549 bytes)
Erika Kobasic coming into the harbor on its way to Menominee, MI, where it will assist the tug, Victory, up to Escanaba on Tuesday
7-Vic-03-15-11-dl.jpg (116749 bytes)
Menominee - Tug, Victory, has had its home port name changed from "Menominee, MI" to "Cleveland, OH". The tug was formerly owned by KK Integrated Shipping, but was sold to Grand River Navigation last month. No other changes have been made to the markings on the tug so far.
8-EK-03-15-11-dl.jpg (72514 bytes)
Tug, Erika Kobasic, is on hand to assist the Victory up to Escanaba, MI, where it will be dry-docked
9-Vic-03-15-11-dl.jpg (58659 bytes)
Erika Kobasic pulls the Victory off the dock wall
10-Vic-03-15-11-dl.jpg (65602 bytes)
The Victory is clear of the wall and ready to power up
11-Vic-03-15-11-dl.jpg (66997 bytes)
The Victory heads for the Ogden Street Bridge
12-Vic-03-15-11-dl.jpg (37910 bytes)
Victory passes Menominee North Pier Lighthouse as the Erika Kobasic leads

Menominee Tuesday
- Scott Best
1-VictoryErika-03-15-11-sb.jpg (93224 bytes)
Erika Kobasic leads the Tug Victory down the Menominee River.
2-Erikaice-03-15-11-sb.jpg (109151 bytes)
Close up of Erika Kobasic.
3-Victoryice-03-15-11-sb.jpg (74123 bytes)
Victory approaching the Ogden St Bridge.
4-Victorycleveland-03-15-11-sb.jpg (116157 bytes)
Close up of the new homeport welded on the Victory.

G Tugs move the Manistee from Monroe, Mich. to Toledo, Ohio
Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(4).jpg (77460 bytes) Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(3).jpg (66213 bytes) Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(2).jpg (86099 bytes) Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(5).jpg (65445 bytes) Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(6).jpg (73655 bytes)
Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(1).jpg (51412 bytes) Manistee-gtug-3-14-11-(7).jpg (57008 bytes)      

Joseph L. Block in Escanaba
- Rod Burdick
1jlb_3_13_11_rb.jpg (94662 bytes)
Loading ore at CN

Gary M.  South Baymouth, Ont. Sunday -
James M. Carlson
Gary-M.jpg (78398 bytes) Gary-M-side-view.jpg (85060 bytes)      

James R. Barker opens the Twin Ports shipping season in 2009 -
Duluth Seaway Port Authority
IMG_0134-2009-03-30-James-R.-Baker-1st-out-sm2.jpg (177552 bytes)
She will open the 2011 season Thursday.

Chief Engineer Don "Doc" Boone who died March 6 -
Russ Plumb
Don_Boone.jpg (75040 bytes)        

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