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March 18 - 22, 20

Toledo  Docks - Steven Feher
leea3-21-11-sf.jpg (90231 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha leaving CSX Toledo Coal docks, first boat of the season.
leea3-21-11b-sf.jpg (69571 bytes)      

Martha L. Black Saturday cutting a channel at Kahnawake above Montreal, Quebec -
Kent Malo
MarthaLBlsack3-19-11-km.jpg (69537 bytes)
The Ice was very thin at this point in the Seaway and it seemed to be the same all the way to Kingston, Ontario, and above near Bath, Ont.

James R. Barker opening the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick 
1jrb_3_19_11_rb.jpg (95397 bytes)
Unloading coal into the hopper

Algomarine wintering in Owen Sound - John G. Mackay
algomarineowensound311-jm.jpg (39985 bytes)        

Sturgeon Bay Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-MacGottIND-3-19-11-sb.jpg (57328 bytes)
 Walter J. McCarthy, Edwin H. Gott and Indiana Harbor lined up at Bay Shipbuilding.
2-MacGottIHB-3-19-11-sb.jpg (105966 bytes)
Three 1000 footers lined up neatly behind the office.
3-PRTHJack-3-19-11-sb.jpg (73977 bytes)
Bow of Paul R. Tregurtha and the Herbert C. Jackson.
4-Bolnd-3-19-11-sb.jpg (90671 bytes)
John J. Boland, with Paul R. Tregurtha and Mesabi Miner.
5-AmCrge3-19-11-sb.jpg (91629 bytes)
American Courage and Herbert C. Jackson.
6-Sykes-3-19-11-sb.jpg (76402 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes, Miner, Tregurtha and Anderson.
7-Sgnw-3-19-11-sb.jpg (132498 bytes)
Saginaw in the graving dock.
8-Miner-3-19-11-sb.jpg (98100 bytes)
Mesabi Miner and Paul R. Tregurtha.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Paul Beesley
1-paulmart-03-19-11-pb.jpg (59645 bytes)
 Tug M R Kane doing the bulk of the work pulls the Martin out of the shallow dock assisted by the Jarrett M.  Seahound is on the left hidden by the Kane.
2-paulmart-03-19-11-pb.jpg (71318 bytes)
Kane at rest waiting for orders.  All three tugs came up through Lock 1 this morning.
3-paulmart-03-19-11-pb.jpg (62757 bytes)
At 740 feet the Martin pretty well takes up the entire width of the canal.
4-paulmart-03-19-11-pb.jpg (102770 bytes)
Seahound & Jarrett M work as the stern of the Martin swings to the South.
5-mrkane-03-19-11-pb.jpg (130480 bytes)
 Later in the day the M R Kane moves a small barge up toward Lock 1.
6-jarr-03-19-11-pb.jpg (99746 bytes)
Jarrett M maneuvers below Lock 1.
7-caprog-03-19-11-pb.jpg (75381 bytes)
CCGS Cape Roger starts moving toward Lock 1.  She has been secured below the lock all winter while the shipyard worked on her.
8-caprog-03-19-11-pb.jpg (77384 bytes)
No Name, no funnel markings and none of the other stuff that will soon adorn her hull.
9-caprog-03-19-11-pb.jpg (91763 bytes)
On the way to Lock 1 and the fit-out wall of the shipyard.  Her helicopter hanger was removed and replaced by an aluminum structure that can be seen forward of the blue containers.

Port Weller Saturday
- John McCreery
1-Cape Roger-3-19-11-jm.jpg (412424 bytes)
Cape Roger back at the dry dock after spending the winter below lock 1
2-Cape Roger-3-19-11-jm.jpg (490010 bytes)
Looking better with the tarps removed
3-CapeRoger-PJMartin-3-19-11-jm.jpg (689645 bytes)
Cape Roger and Right Honourable Paul J Martin
4-PaulJMartin-3-19-11-jm.jpg (365521 bytes)
Martin out of the dry dock and looking ready for another season
5-JohnBAird-3-19-11-jm.jpg (698027 bytes)
 John B Aird

Canadian Progress and Everlast at Algonac State Park Saturday -
Don Detloff
ever-19mar11-djd.jpg (47521 bytes) prog-19mar11-djd.jpg (41737 bytes)      

Historical Perspective -
Gerry O.
W.-A.-Boles.jpg (146708 bytes)
Steam tug W. A. Boles.

Barker departs Duluth Thursday -
Brett Larson
barker-3-17-11-br-(2).jpg (53649 bytes) barker-3-17-11-br-(1).jpg (106144 bytes) barker-3-17-11-br-(4).jpg (88515 bytes) barker-3-17-11-br-(3).jpg (91884 bytes)  

Tug Victory in Escanaba
- Rod Burdick
1victddk_3_17_11_rb.jpg (76059 bytes)
On a floating drydock at Basic Marine with a crane barge along side.
2victddk_3_17_11_rb.jpg (59083 bytes)
Another view

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