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March 23, 20

Peter R Cresswell opens 2011 navigation season on the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Cresswell-3-22-11-bb-a.jpg (66770 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell passing through Homer Bridge on her way to Lock 3
2-Cresswell-3-22-11-bb-b.jpg (72325 bytes)
Cresswell angling along the tie up wall below the lock
3-Topper-Presentation-03-22-11-bb.jpg (51576 bytes)
Presentation of the top hat by Kathleen Powell of the St. Catharines museum to Captain Peter Schultz
4-Captain-Peter-Schultz-3-22-11-bb.jpg (69992 bytes)
Captain Schultz posing with the topper
5-Captain-Peter-Schultz-&-Chief.jpg (76506 bytes)
Captain Schultz joined by his long-time chief engineer Harry Wright.
6-Cresswell-03-22-11-bb-c.jpg (73076 bytes)
Ceremony over, Cresswell departs Lock 3 with her cargo of cement clinker from Bowmanville, Ontario
7-Cresswellflags.03-22-11-bb.jpg (42335 bytes)
Colorful flags on Cresswell's mast for the day
8-Cresswellstack-03-22-11-bb.jpg (64413 bytes)
Cresswell stack.  With addition of ULS fleet, the big bear just got bigger
9-Cresswell-03-22-11-bb-d.jpg (61699 bytes)
Cresswell headed to the flight locks-eventual destination is Detroit

Peter R. Cresswell coming through Port Colborne as the first ship through the canal in 2011 - Lorne Hamlin
1-prcresswell-22-3-11-lh.jpg.jpg (128999 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell leaving Lock 8
2-prcresswell-22-3-11-lh.jpg.jpg (81717 bytes)
Approaching Bridge 21
3-prcresswell-22-3-11-lh.jpg.jpg (73062 bytes)
At Port Colborne first in 2011

irst vessel to transit the Seaway, the Netherlands flagged Avonborg with a cargo of windmill parts for Burns Harbor, Indiana - Kent Malo (76040 bytes)
At the Cote Ste Catherine wharf west end. They will secure for the night above Lock 4 at Beauharnois, departing in the morning. (66558 bytes)
Behind the Avonborg is the McAshphalt Marine ATB Victorious and consort John J Carrick, with bunkers for Oswego, New York, first Canadian vessel to enter up bound at St Lambert. The latter will also secure for the evening above lock 4 behind the Avonborg.

Escanaba Activity
- Rod Burdick
1jht_3_13_11_rb.jpg (37078 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson in lay-up, detached from her tug
2jlb_prc_3_17_11_rb.jpg (75183 bytes)
Joseph L. Block and Philip R. Clarke at CN
3prc_3_17_11_rb.jpg (88868 bytes)
Clarke shifting to load ore after Block's departure

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