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March 24, 20

Seaway opening - Murray Blancher
1-Algoeast-03-23-11-mb.jpg (109580 bytes)
Algoeast down at Brockville Ont.
2-Algoeast-03-23-11-mb.jpg (80651 bytes) 3-Avonborg-03-23-11-mb.jpg (90528 bytes)
Avonborg the first boat of the season up at Iroquois Lock
4-Avonborg-03-23-11-mb.jpg (49160 bytes) 5-Avonborg-03-23-11-mb.jpg (81023 bytes)
6-Algoeast-03-23-11-mb.jpg (116197 bytes)
Algoeast the second boat down at Iroquois lock
7-Algoeast-03-23-11-mb.jpg (79042 bytes)      

Bluto, Martha L Black and Avonborg - Dave Bessant
1-Bluto-03-18-11-WDB.jpg (82639 bytes)
Tug Bluto at Hardy Park boat-launch in Brockville last weekend before the Seaway opens
2-Bluto-03-18-11-WDB.jpg (100491 bytes)
Bluto and her barge
3-MarthaLBlack-03-20-11-WDB.jpg (55949 bytes)
Martha L Black passing by on an Icebreaking run before Opening
4-Big503Big551-03-20-11-WDB.jpg (91083 bytes)
 Big 503 up on land for work, supported by Big 551 at the Prescott Elevators
5-MarthaLBlack-03-20-11-WDB.jpg (66980 bytes)
Martha L Black, stern view
6-Avonborg-03-23-11-WDB.jpg (103273 bytes)
Avonborg approaching the lock at Iroquois, carrying wind turbine blades
7-Avonborg-03-23-11-WDB.jpg (86958 bytes) 8-Avonborg-03-23-11-WDB.jpg (74909 bytes)
Tips of the blades protected on the Avonborg, we could see perhaps 55 of them above deck
9-Avonborg-03-23-11-WDB.jpg (87502 bytes)
Avonborg in the lock tied up

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-avonborg-23-03-11-rb.jpg (57000 bytes)
Avonborg in the river below Iroquois Lock.
2-avonborg-23-03-11-rb.jpg (76749 bytes)
She is on her way to Burns Harbor. First freighter of the year in the Seaway.

Toledo Docks
- Steven Feher
leeatoledo3-23-11-sf.jpg (74447 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading at CSX coal dock
ammariner3-23-11-sf.jpg (52405 bytes)
American Mariner under coal machine ready to load after coming out of lay-up at Torco ore dock.

Opening Day Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-prc-03-22-11-pb.jpg (65572 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell eases out of Lock 7.
2-prc-03-22-11-pb.jpg (66008 bytes)
Two firsts.  Cresswell clear of Lock 7 while the Algoeast, the first downbound of the year, slides the wall.
3-east-03-22-11-pb.jpg (60701 bytes)
Algoeast gently approaches Lock 7.
4-chj-03-22-11-pb.jpg (55690 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman clear of Lock 2 upbound toward Lock 3.

First downbound ship of the season, Algoeast passing Crossover Island Wednesday - Stephen Trenton
015.jpg (86485 bytes) 016.jpg (71180 bytes) 017.jpg (81829 bytes)    

Soo webcam - Jerry Masson
hcam2.jpg (37895 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw and MobileBay upbound in Poe Lock Wednesday.

Snow Dunes in Duluth March 17 - Brett  Larson
Barker_3_17_11_032.jpg (97064 bytes) Barker_3_17_11_034.jpg (69335 bytes) Barker_3_17_11_037.jpg (139735 bytes) Barker_3_17_11_038.jpg (106328 bytes)  

Historical Perspective
- John McCreery
2-PeterABWidener-9-22-1982-jm.jpg (69209 bytes)
Peter A B Widener at South Chicago, September 22, 1982
1-CTC-1-9-22-1982-jm.jpg (66701 bytes)
CTC NO. 1 at South Chicago, September 22, 1982

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