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March 25, 20

First boats to the Locks Thursday - Herm Klein
1-PTHC-3-24-11.jpg (77652 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha and the Herbert C. Jackson above 6 Mile Point
2-PRT-3-24-11-HK.jpg (70860 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha
3-HCJ-3-24-11-HK.jpg (80494 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
4-COL-3-24-11-HK.jpg (93853 bytes)
Canadian Olympic

Paul R. Tregurtha and Herbert C. Jackson -
Lee Rowe
paulrtregurtha-3-24-11-lr.jpg (55746 bytes)        

Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Photo-1-Beluga-Fusion-0606-240311.jpg.jpg (43989 bytes)
Beluga Fusion anchored in Montreal before proceeding up the Seaway , March 24, 2011. Her only trip before in the Seaway was in 2006. Note that the lettering Beluga Chartering is no longer printed on her hull.
Photo-2-Ocean-Serge-Genois-240311(B).jpg.jpg (72136 bytes)
Tug Ocean Serge Genois at her base at Montreal-East. 

Toledo Docks -
Steven Feher
leea3-24-11-sf.jpg (75857 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker leaving #2 CSX dock from winter lay-up heading out

Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Rt.Hon.Paul-J-Martin-03-24-11-mb.jpg (94716 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin entering the lock at Iroquois downbound
3-J-W-Shelley-03-24-11-mb.jpg (87299 bytes)
J W Shelley lined up for the lock at Iroquois upbound
2-J-W-Shelley-03-24-11-mb.jpg (40058 bytes)
J W Shelley pilot house

Artist rendering by William Soleau captures the transition between the Col. James M. Schoonmaker and the Willis B. Boyer.
Boyer-art.jpg (25484 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives from the 1960's -
John G. Mackay
ACACIA-mm.jpg (121108 bytes)
USCG Acacia upbound under the Blue Water Bridge.
S-T-CRAPO-mm.jpg (47057 bytes)
S T Crapo downbound at Port Huron.
S-T-CRAPO-mmb.jpg (44399 bytes)
S T Crapo upbound at Port Huron after unloading.
JOHN-W-BOARDMAN-mm.jpg (48441 bytes)
John W Boardman downbound at Port Huron.

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