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March 27, 20

Newly-renamed Hon. James L. Oberstar Saturday at the Soo - Roger LeLievre
Oberstar,-James-3-26-11rl-1.jpg (90057 bytes)
Below Mission Point.
Oberstar,-James-3-26-11rl-2.jpg (59247 bytes)
At Mission Point.
Oberstar,-James-3-26-11rl-3.jpg (49851 bytes)
Closeup of name.
Oberstar,-James-3-26-11rl-5.jpg (52397 bytes)
Passing the moored fleetmate Kaye E. Barker in Soo Harbor.
Oberstar,-James-3-26-11rl-6.jpg (76926 bytes)
Approaching the locks, with USCG Mackinaw and USACOE tug Owen M. Frederick docked at right.
Barker,-Kaye-3-26-11rl-3.jpg (71397 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker moored at the former Carbide Dock Saturday after sustaining ice damage. The tug Missouri is on her bow, perhaps for use as an inspection/repair platform.
Barker,-Kaye-3-26-11rl-2.jpg (68980 bytes) Barker,-Kaye-3-26-11rl-1.jpg (74951 bytes) Jackson,-HC-3-26-11rl-1.jpg (105419 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson on the MacArthur Lock pier.

Toledo Docks Saturday -
Steven Feher
CanadianTransport-3-26-11-sf-(1).jpg (76525 bytes)
Canadian Transport Loading coal at CSX #4 coal machine.
CanadianTransport-3-26-11-sf-(2).jpg (101501 bytes) CanadianTransport-3-26-11-sf-(3).jpg (69086 bytes)
Outbound loaded.

Soo Saturday
 - Herm Klein
1-JVE-3-26-11-HK.jpg (161023 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort and the barge Great Lakes Trader upbound above the locks. 
2-KBM-3-26-11-HK.jpg (74756 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker meets the tug Missouri for assistance making the Carbide Dock.
3-TMO-3-26-11-HK.jpg (93301 bytes)
Tug Missouri.
4-KEB-3-26-11-HK.jpg (87501 bytes)
Kaye E Barker at the Carbide Dock.
5-JLO-3-26-11-HK.jpg (81183 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar up bound at Mission Point on the first trip up since renaming.

Mariatown, Ont. -
Ron Beaupre
1-thalassa-26-03-11-rb.jpg (49327 bytes)
 Thalassa Desgagnes on her first trip of the year passing Mariatown.
2-tundra-26-03-11-rb.jpg (60780 bytes)
Tundra, a new Canfornav ship in the river below Iroquois.
3-tundra-26-03-11-rb.jpg (52582 bytes)
Tundra slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-tundra-26-03-11-rb.jpg (56228 bytes)
Tundra has sugar for Toronto.

St. Clair River at Algonac State Park Saturday -
Don Detloff
morr-26mar11-djd-1.jpg (80835 bytes)
Morro Bay
risl-26mar11-djd-2.jpg (84408 bytes)
Samuel Risley at the Algonac State Park on Saturday afternoon.
mori-26mar11-djd-3.jpg (83083 bytes)
Morro Bay and Samuel Risley passing at the Algonac State Park on Saturday afternoon.
mopr-26mar11-djd-4.jpg (76653 bytes)
Morro Bay passing the Presque Isle. Presque Isle was following the Samuel Risley at the Algonac State Park on Saturday afternoon.
ripr-26mar11-djd-5.jpg (64285 bytes)
Samuel Risley and Presque Isle at the Algonac State Park on Saturday afternoon.
risl-26mar11-djd-6.jpg (65937 bytes)
After escorting the Presque Isle to the Salt Dock, the Samuel Risley headed back down the river. Look closely and you can see something in the ice at the Risley's bow.
risl-26mar11-djd-7.jpg (76914 bytes)
The object in the ice was a kayak and the Samuel Risley stopped to recover it from the ice in front of the Algonac State Park.
risl-26mar11-djd-8.jpg (67494 bytes)
Samuel Risley crew members recovering the kayak from the ice.
risl-26mar11-djd-9.jpg (78503 bytes)
he recovery of the kayak by the Samuel Risley is complete and the cutter continues on down the St. Clair River

First Ore Boat into Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hcj_3_25_11_rb.jpg (79086 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson arriving at the Upper Harbor
2hcj_3_25_11_rb.jpg (105713 bytes)
Loading chutes down

Port of Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-MaritimeTrader-3-25-11-jm.jpg (74550 bytes)
Maritime Trader awaiting her future at pier 8 in the west harbor
2-MaritimeTrader-3-25-11-jm.jpg (116405 bytes)
Bow view at pier 8 which is completely open to the public
3-JWShelley-3-25-11-jm.jpg (39586 bytes)
J W Shelley arriving from her lay up port of Sorel
4-JWShelley-3-25-11-jm.jpg (135878 bytes)
The Shelley in ballast and heading into the harbor for the James Richardson terminal
5-Shelley-MTrader-3-25-11-jm.jpg (124433 bytes)
Shelley with the Maritime Trader at the distant west end of the harbor
6-FishRestock-3-25-11-jm.jpg (86611 bytes)
Ministry of Natural Resources arrives with live fish
7-FishRestock-3-25-11-jm.jpg (76024 bytes)
30,000 brown trout in the tanks are from a fish hatchery near Owen Sound
8-FishRestock-3-25-11-jm.jpg (80236 bytes)
After some sorting,15,000 will be piped into the Burlington Ship Canal
9-FishRestock-3-25-11-jm.jpg (61771 bytes)
A year to 15 months old they run about 6 inches in length
10-FishRestock-3-25-11-jm.jpg (127607 bytes)
5,000 fish run through the pipe in about 2 minutes, the rest of the load destined for 50 Point Conservation Park near Grimsby
11-Shelley-3-25-11-jm.jpg (106038 bytes)
Shelley arrives at Richardson to load for Prescott
12-GCLeitch-3-25-11-jm.jpg (101110 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch deep in the Dofasco slip, unloading ore
13-CSLLaurentien-3-25-11-jm.jpg (77207 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading coal
14-EMcKeil-Seahound-3-25-11-jm.jpg (105692 bytes)
Nadro's tug Seahound moving the Evans McKeil
15-EMcKeil-Seahound-3-25-11-jm.jpg (105010 bytes)
Another view

Hamilton on a sunny Saturday afternoon
- Rodney Aitchison
1-MTrader-3-26-11-ra.jpg (113305 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Pier 8.
2-pier10-3-26-11-ra.jpg (92836 bytes)
New structure at Pier 10.
3-Laurentien-3-26-11-ra.jpg (95508 bytes)
CSL Laurentien loads coke at US Steel.
4-Laurentien-3-26-11-ra.jpg (91594 bytes)
Wider view as coke is quenched.
5-Laurentien-3-26-11-ra.jpg (78759 bytes)
Loading continues as Algowood approaches Burlington Ship Canal with coal for ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

Soo opening day pictures
- Ben & Chanda McClain
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-01.jpg (81489 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson tied up
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-02.jpg (91167 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-03.jpg (83961 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-04.jpg (50233 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-05.jpg (64119 bytes)
Mackinaw breaking ice so the Tregurtha can leave the lock
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-06.jpg (50858 bytes)
Stern of Mackinaw and bow of P. Tregurtha
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-07.jpg (84984 bytes)
Ojibway exiting the lock
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-08.jpg (106898 bytes)
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-09.jpg (84334 bytes)
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-10.jpg (55117 bytes)
Pineglen gave a nice salute and wave
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-11.jpg (82178 bytes)
Snow covered Mesabi Miner
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-12.jpg (87881 bytes)
Stern view
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-13.jpg (98293 bytes)
Alpena at Mission Pt.
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-15.jpg (87439 bytes)
Stern view
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-16.jpg (99717 bytes)
Entering the lock
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-17.jpg (78178 bytes)
Bow view
OpenD-3-25-11-BCM-18.jpg (96694 bytes)
Passing West Pier

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