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March 29, 20

St. Marys River, Monday  -  Roger LeLievre
Can-Olympic--3-28-11rl-1.jpg (84778 bytes)
Canadian Olympic above the Poe Lock.
Can-Olympic--3-28-11rl-2.jpg (55716 bytes)
Still flying her Upper Lakes houseflag.
CSL-Assiniboine-3-28-11rl-1.jpg (107171 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine in the lower river.
CSL-Assiniboine-3-28-11rl-2.jpg (69135 bytes)
Ice on her bow.
CSL-Assiniboine-3-28-11rl-3.jpg (69385 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine upbound at Mission Point.
CSL-Assiniboine-3-28-11rl-4.jpg (83353 bytes)
Stern view.
Katmai-Bay-3-28-11rl-1.jpg (81417 bytes)
USCG Katmai Bay heads home after doing a great job keeping the lower river ice moving.
Ojibway-3-28-11rl-1.jpg (69962 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at Mission Point.
Ojibway3-28-11rl-1.jpg (68569 bytes)
Chilly-looking stern view.
Saguenay--3-28-11rl-1.jpg (77689 bytes)
Saguenay above the locks Wednesday evening.

South Chicago Monday -
Lou Gerard
Calumet-3-28-11-lg795.jpg (115680 bytes)
Calumet, outbound after loading at Beemsterboer, passing through 5 Bridges approaching 95th St.
Calumet-3-28-11lg813.jpg (116396 bytes)
Clear of 95th approaching Ewing Ave bridge.
Calumet-3-28-11-lg817.jpg (74746 bytes)
 Bow detail with some ice in anchor pocket.
Calumet-3-28-11-lg826.jpg (91754 bytes)
Pilot house and stack detail.
Calumet-3-28-11-lg834.jpg (104404 bytes)
Calumet passing under 'J' bridge she heads out of her namesake river.
Calumet-3-28-11-lg847.jpg (77268 bytes)
In Calumet Harbor she heads for the open lake.

First Salties of the year at Toronto
- John McCreery
1-Tundra-3-27-11-jm.jpg (97518 bytes)
Stern of the Tundra protruding from the Redpath Sugar dock
2-Tundra-3-27-11-jm.jpg (69756 bytes)
Bow view with the new unloading device
3-BelugaFusion-3-27-11-jm.jpg (84386 bytes)
Beluga Fusion at pier 51 on March 27
4-BelugaFusion-3-27-11-jm.jpg (99419 bytes)
Closer view shows her name has been painted over. Perhaps a new name forth coming? 

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1lat_3_27_11_rb.jpg (71484 bytes)
Backing away from the ore dock
2lat_3_27_11_rb.jpg (65055 bytes)
Turning to depart

CSL Tadoussac upbound the Detroit River at the Ambassador Bridge -
Ken Borg
CSLTadoussac-3-28-11-kb.jpg (54226 bytes)        

Philip R Clarke in Marquette
- Lee Rowe
PhilipRClarke32811lr.jpg (52134 bytes)        

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