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June  30, 2009

6/30 - Monday at the Soo  - Dave Wobser
1-Soo-6-29-09-djw1.jpg (76772 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound in the early morning
2-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (73959 bytes)
Cedarglen stern view
3-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (69003 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly upbound
4-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (97508 bytes)
Beeghly stern view
5-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (60376 bytes)
Algonova downbound at Mission Point
6-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (75445 bytes)
Algonova stern view
7-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (70256 bytes)
American Integrity downbound
8-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (72760 bytes)
American Integrity meets Cason J. Callaway below Mission Point
9-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (78693 bytes)
Size comparison
10-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (84557 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway upbound
11-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (71398 bytes)
Callaway stern view
12-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (72857 bytes)
Tug G.L. Ostrander/ barge Integrity downbound
13-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (62374 bytes) 14-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (57269 bytes)
J.W. Shelley down bound in the evening
15-Soo-6-29-09-djw.jpg (42645 bytes)
Shelley forward cabins
16-Soo-6-29-09-djw1.jpg (46268 bytes)
Stern cabins
17-Soo-6-29-09-djw1.jpg (57132 bytes)
Stern view

6/30 - Welland Canal
Paul Beesley
1-algocan-6-19-09-pb.jpg (84901 bytes)
Algocanada upbound from Lock 3.
2-algocan-6-19-09-pb.jpg (121237 bytes)
Algocanada passing under the Homer bridge.
3-algosoo-6-19-09-pb.jpg (80335 bytes)
Algosoo departing Lock 3.
4-kelso-6-19-09-pb.jpg (105812 bytes)
CCGS Kelso upbound in the canal.  This ship has replaced CCGS Shark in research work around the lakes.
5-cslnia-6-19-09-pb.jpg (68372 bytes)
CSL Niagara working through the fog below Lock 1.
6-cslnia-6-19-09-pb.jpg (61172 bytes)
CSL Niagara slides into the fog and an unseen Lake Ontario.
7-bro-6-08-09-pb.jpg (63788 bytes)
Bro Alma approaches Homer bridge.
8-cslassin-6-08-09-pb.jpg (76539 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine moving up toward Lock 2.
9-maryh-6-08-09-pb.jpg (57702 bytes)
Mary E Hannah with a special tow.
10-maryh-6-08-09-pb.jpg (80506 bytes)
Nadro’s tug Ecosse as the control tug with the Mary E Hannah tow.
11-maryh-12-08-09-pb.jpg (80469 bytes)
Mary E Hannah tow approaches Lock 3.
12-maryh-11-08-09-pb.jpg (117704 bytes)
Another view of the Ecosse.



6/30 - Detroit River and Veracruz Mexico
Mike Nicholls
ENCHANTERb03062709mn.jpg (41194 bytes)
Enchanter (Panama) downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ENCHANTERs05062709mn.jpg (43413 bytes) ENCHANTERSTENSUOp04062709mn.jpg (42210 bytes) STENSUOMIb06062709mn.jpg (42100 bytes)
Sten Suomi (Norway) upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
STENSUOMIs07062709mn.jpg (35724 bytes)
BBCRHINEb02062809mn.jpg (37050 bytes)
BBC Rhine (Liberia) downbound off Nicholson's Ecorse.
BBCRHINEs03062809mn.jpg (43138 bytes) BONAIb2062409rtn.jpg (49729 bytes)
Bona I at Veracruz, Mexico, ex Reiss Marine and Pacifico I. IMO#7728625.  Departed the lakes in 1997. Rich Nicholls
CANTRELLPATdd01062409rtn.jpg (73182 bytes)
Pat Cantrell, ex Thoroughbred Topper built in 1984 at Bay Shipbuilding (Hull#734) at Veracruz, Mexico. Rich Nicholls

6/30 - Stephan B. Roman unloading Monday in Cleveland at the Essroc Terminal
Bill Kloss
DSCF0310.jpg (107578 bytes)
Stephan B. Roman unloading
DSCF0314.jpg (108475 bytes)
Outbound geese on Cuyahoga River
DSCF0315.jpg (76076 bytes)
Deck crane on Roman
DSCF0316.jpg (86961 bytes)
Romans pilot house
DSCF0319.jpg (90634 bytes)
Stern view
DSCF0306.jpg (128449 bytes)
 Old Coast Guard station on Whiskey Island

6/30 - Monday Maitland to Iroquois
Murray Blancher
1-Canadian-Enterprize-06-29.jpg (43391 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise upbound at Maitland
2-Capt.Henry-Jackman-06-29-.jpg (47826 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman backing away from the Prescott elevator to head upbound
3-Klipper-Kira-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (78995 bytes)
Klipper Kira downbound in Iroquois Lock
4-Klipper-Kira-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (67901 bytes) 5-Algocape-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (77454 bytes)
Algocape downbound at Iroquois
6-Algocape-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (93262 bytes) 7-CSL-Niagara-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (80753 bytes)
CSL Niagara upbound at Iroquois
8-Flintermar-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (96913 bytes)
Flintermar upbound at Iroquois
9-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (79619 bytes)
Algoport downbound at Iroquois
10-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (90864 bytes)

6/30 - Green Bay
 - Scott Best
1-jdleitch-06-29-09-sb.jpg (70261 bytes)
 Done unloading and all tied up Monday evening at Fox River Dock.
2-jdleitch-06-29-09-sb.jpg (71824 bytes)
Another view with pig iron and salt piles.

6/30 - Wednesday the Redhead entered the Soo Locks proceeded by the Tug Missouri
Bob Tuzzolino
Missouri-06-24-09-bt.jpg (108498 bytes)
 Missouri tug in Soo Lock
Redhead-06-24-09-bt.jpg (78413 bytes)
Redhead in Soo Lock


6/30 -
Public Gallery Updates

American Mariner launch



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