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July 1 , 2009

7/1 - Tuesday at the Soo, including the ground breaking ceremony for the new Poe-size lock. - Dave Wobser
1-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (34704 bytes)
Presque Isle heading for the Poe Lock before the crowd arrives
2-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (88117 bytes)
PI entering the Poe
3-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (87069 bytes)
Locks Administration Building decorated for the occasion
4-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (83444 bytes)
Large tent between the Poe and Davis Locks for the ceremonies
5-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (80231 bytes)
Presque Isle almost in the Poe
6-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (42253 bytes)
Operating from the wing
7-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (81211 bytes)
Stern view
8-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (125148 bytes)
Hard hats and shovels at the ready
8A-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (89006 bytes)
Overflow crowd assembled under the tent
9-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (96931 bytes)
USACE Lt. Col. James Davis, Commander Detroit District introduces the dignitaries.
10-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (110230 bytes)
Brig. Gen. John Peabody, Commander Great Lakes and Ohio River Division talks about the history of the Soo Locks.
11-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (70081 bytes)
Indiana Harbor joins the ceremony
12-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (106931 bytes)
John Rowswell, Mayor Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
13-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (91433 bytes)
Hon. Anthony Bosbous, Mayor Sault Ste. Marie,Michigan checks Indiana Harbors progress.
14-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (97420 bytes)
Tribal Chairperson, Joe McCoy. Soo Tribe of Chippewa Indians
15-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (76209 bytes)
Part of the crowd has their attention diverted by Indiana Harbor
16-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (84883 bytes)
Hon. Bart Stupak, U.S. Representative, Michigan
17-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (88683 bytes)
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow
18-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (64711 bytes)
Indiana Harbor takes her leave with a hearty salute
19-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (89053 bytes)
U.S. Senator Carl Levin
20-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (121444 bytes)
The speeches are over and we are ready to dig.
21-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (135672 bytes)
Turning a shovel full to end the ceremonies
22-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (68726 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott arriving too late to join the party.
23-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (47671 bytes)
Joseph H. Block upbound at Mission Point shortly after the ground breaking ended.
24-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (55470 bytes)
Block's stack markings
25-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (84457 bytes)
Stern view
26-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (81322 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin down at Mission Point in the late afternoon.
27-Soo-6-30-09-djw.jpg (69374 bytes)
Martin stern view

7/1 -
St. Lawrence - Trois Rivieres, Quebec - Kent Malo
Algoport6-30-09-kmc.jpg (62525 bytes)
Algoport as she sails down the St Lawrence, at Trois Rivieres, Quebec, to Balboa Panama, after which she will be towed to China for refurbishing.
Algoport6-30-09-km-g.jpg (52852 bytes) Algoport6-30-09-km-k.jpg (62463 bytes)
Captain Clarence Vautier standing on the newly added bridge wing to enable Algoport transit the Panama canal, seen here  from the pilot boat. at Trois Riviers, Quebec.
Algoport6-30-09-km-f.jpg (69632 bytes)
Algoport is due to arrive at Balboa, Panama, July 13, 2009, crew will disembark July 15.
Pineglen6-30-09-km.jpg (72543 bytes)
Pineglen up bound in ballast at Trois Rivieres, Quebec pilot station, pilot boat alongside

7/1 -
Mariatown and Iroquois - Murray Blancher
5-Algoport-06-29-09-MB-.jpg (75412 bytes)
Algoport downbound at Mariatown
4-Lady-of-Dover-06-29-09-MB.jpg (141132 bytes)
 Lady of Dover downbound at Iroquois
2-OXL-Lotus-06-30-09-MB-.jpg (60236 bytes)
OXL Lotus at a distance upbound passing chimney island
3-Saginaw-06-30-09-MB.jpg (73529 bytes)
Saginaw at a distance upbound passing chimney island

1-Chimney-Island-06-30-09-M.jpg (76299 bytes)
Chimney island located west of Crossover island on the river

7/1 - Iroquois Lock
Ron Beaupre
1-flintermar-29-06-09-rb.jpg (93727 bytes)
Flintermar enters Iroquois Lock.
2-flintermar-29-06-09-rb.jpg (93135 bytes)
Heading for the Sault.

7/1 - Welland Canal
 - Paul Beesley
1-feet-6-09-09-pb.jpg (56942 bytes)
Boatwatching at its best.
2-garg-6-09-09-pb.jpg (148239 bytes)
The Garganey’s anchor pocket; it protrudes to prevent the anchor from hitting the hull..
3-spruce-6-09-09-pb.jpg (85203 bytes)
Spruceglen downbound toward Lock 1.
4-cc-6-10-09-pb.jpg (64719 bytes)
 Corpus Christi upbound above Lock 3.
5-cc-6-10-09-pb.jpg (74562 bytes)
Another view of the Corpus Christi.
6-cc-6-10-09-pb.jpg (105674 bytes)
Corpus Christi under the Glendale bridge.
7-kom-6-11-09-pb.jpg (75755 bytes)
Kom downbound below Lock 1.
8-kom-6-11-09-pb.jpg (53176 bytes)
Kom at Port Weller piers outbound to Lake Ontario.

7/1 -
Port Huron/Marysville Tuesday - Bruce Hurd
100_8752.jpg (43993 bytes)
J W Shelley downbound out of Lake Huron with stormy skies in the background.
100_8754.jpg (82660 bytes)
 Tug Sea Robin and Barge upbound off Marysville
100_8757.jpg (102629 bytes)    

7/1 -
Herbert C. Jackson at Marquette's Lower Harbor Shiras Dock - Rod Burdick
1_hcj_6_26_09_rb.jpg (76729 bytes)
Unloading stone
2_hcj_6_26_09_rb.jpg (107387 bytes)
Stern view

7/1 -
Manitowoc departing the Wyandotte Power Plant after unloading a partial load of limestone  - Mike Nicholls
MANITOWOCb08062909mn.jpg (44207 bytes) MANITOWOCs09062909mn.jpg (48574 bytes)      

7/1 -
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American Mariner launch

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