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July 2, 2009

7/2 - Cruise ship Clelia II at the Soo  - Herm Klein
1-Cle-7-1-09-HK.jpg (76296 bytes)
Clelia II up at Mission Point
2-Cle-7-1-09-HK.jpg (76559 bytes) 3-Cle-7-1-09-HK.jpg (84752 bytes)
At the Carbide Dock

7/2 -
Kaministiqua downbound under the Thousand Islands Bridge - Christian Arthur
1-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca1.jpg (82634 bytes)
 Kaministiqua downbound toward TI Bridge.
2-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca.jpg (91536 bytes)
Closer view, Wellesley Is. to the right.
3-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca.jpg (156566 bytes)
Bow under bridge, helipad visible.
4-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca.jpg (83311 bytes)
Close up of superstructure.
5-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca.jpg (88879 bytes)
Straight down on anchor winches.
6-Kam.TIbridge-07-01-09-ca.jpg (53064 bytes)
Looking east, Kam headed toward Alexandria Bay.

7/2 - Welland Canal
 - Bill Bird
1-BristolBayand-barge-7-01-.jpg (104633 bytes)
Bristol Bay with barge downbound at Guard Gate
2-SaginawBristolBay-7-01-09.jpg (65430 bytes)
As Bristol Bay makes the wall above Lock 7 she meets Saginaw which has just left the lock
3-Saginaw-7-01-09-bb-a.jpg (76118 bytes)
Saginaw closeup
4-Saginaw-7-01-09-b-bb.jpg (65631 bytes)
Stern view
5-OxlLotus7-01-09-a-bb.jpg (50491 bytes)
Oxl Lotus departing Lock 7
6-OxlLous-7-01-09-b-bb.jpg (59074 bytes)
Oxl Lotus stern view
7-Canadian-Olympic-7-01-09-.jpg (132458 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound clear of Lock 6 

7/2 -
Port Dover Tug Parade - Gerry O.
1-Peggy-Jane-17-01-09-g.o..jpg (79315 bytes)
Peggy and Murray Scruton's tug Peggy Jane.
2-Vac-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (80432 bytes)
Nadro Marine's Vac all dressed up.
3-CCG-Cape-Lambton-07-01-09.jpg (67216 bytes)
CCG Capr Lambton was not in the parade, but was open for dockside tours.
4-Kailary-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (87553 bytes)
 Kailary outbound.
5-Beachcomber-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (104460 bytes)
6-Leonard-S.-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (86137 bytes)
The only fish tug participating this year was Leonard S. nicely dressed.
9-Heave-Ho-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (95826 bytes)
Heave Ho was the smallest tug in the parade
10-Lef-Dover-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (97203 bytes)
Mike Scuton's Lef-Dover (made from left over parts from his grandfather's scrapyard).
11-Tyler-Perry-07-01-09-g.o.jpg (105843 bytes)
Just outside Port Dover alongside Hwy. 6 I found Tyler Perry sittinig high and dry. he was formerly owned in Port Clinton, OH. Anyone with info on this tug please post it to the info search page.

7/2 -
Canadian Prospector downbound at Soo Locks, with Algowood emerging from locks in the background. July 1. - Ken Wyatt
1-canadianprospector-7-1-09.jpg (96808 bytes)        

7/2 - Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-bbcver-6-24-09-pb1.jpg (61002 bytes)
BBC Vermont inbound Port Weller from Lake Ontario.
2-bbcver-6-24-09-pb1.jpg (251437 bytes)
Part of the cargo on board BBC Vermont.

3-ever-6-21-09-pb1.jpg (65984 bytes)
Everlast & Norman McLeod down toward Lock 1.

4-ever-6-15-09-pb1.jpg (96813 bytes)
5-kira-6-21-09-pb1.jpg (87175 bytes)
Clipper Kira upbound toward Lock 2.
6-rhine-6-16-09-pb1.jpg (76376 bytes)
BBC Rhine upbound with a load of windmills.  One of the 1st loads of the season.

7-wood-6-12-09-pb1.jpg (74740 bytes)
Algowood outbound to Lake Ontario at Port Weller.

8-mrsc-6-24-09-pb1.jpg (75618 bytes)
Pilot boat Mrs. C.  Last season she worked at Port Colborne, this year at Port Weller.

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