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July 3, 2009

7/3 - Oxl Lotus at Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
OxlLotus7-2-09-bh-(4).jpg (79246 bytes)
Tied up at the Bean Dock
OxlLotus7-2-09-bh-(5).jpg (73476 bytes) OxlLotus7-2-09-bh-(3).jpg (76622 bytes) OxlLotus7-2-09-bh-(2).jpg (64160 bytes)
Upbound in the St Clair River after leaving the Bean Dock
OxlLotus7-2-09-bh-(1).jpg (73811 bytes)
OxlLotus7-2-09-bh.jpg (89809 bytes)
Heading toward Lake Huron, her destination was shown as Bay City.

7/3 -
Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-dutchrun-02-07-09-rb1.jpg (55157 bytes)
 Dutch Runner taking the Iroquois Lock on the fly.
2-dutchrun-02-07-09-rb1.jpg (121084 bytes)
Heading up to Oshawa for cargo.

7/3 - Erika Kobasic at the Soo
Herm Klein
1-EKb-7-2-09-HK.jpg (100258 bytes) 2-EKb-7-2-09-HK.jpg (99238 bytes) 3-EKb-7-2-09-HK.jpg (91797 bytes)    

7/3 -
Clelia II Cruise Ship in Houghton, Mich. Thursday - Danielle Adams
1-cleliaii-7-2-09-da.jpg (127663 bytes) 2-cleliaii-7-2-09-da.jpg (72557 bytes)
Docked in Houghton by the Medical Arts Building
3-cleliaii-7-2-09-da.jpg (98651 bytes)
View from the Hancock side.

7/3 - Port Dover
Gerry O.
7-Badger-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (88068 bytes)
8-Southwind-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (99881 bytes)
1-Lac-Manitoba-07-01-09-g.o.jpg (136531 bytes)
Lac Manitoba
2-Konigsburg-and-Loader-No..jpg (95114 bytes)
Workboat Konigsburg rafted to the barge Loader No. 4. Spud barge Mr. Pat and Nadro's Inrepid III astern.
3-Amy-Krysta-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (111932 bytes)
 Hobby tug Amy Krysta
4-Mi-Mar-Lynn-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (44412 bytes)
Mi Mar Lynn returning to port
5---My-Boys-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (50641 bytes)
My Boys homeward bound.
6-Billie-K.-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (128097 bytes)
Billie K. at the dock.
7-Group-pic-07-01-09-g.o.-.jpg (137845 bytes)
Group photo of T James T, Angler and Ironfish
8-Fishfinder-V-07-01-09-g.o.jpg (80514 bytes)
Fishfinder V is "For Sale" but, then again, isn't every boat for sale all the time?
9-Loganville-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (159652 bytes)
Russel-built Loganville
10-Frisky-07-01-09-g.o..jpg (98743 bytes)
Dave Mathew's tug Frisky in the fore; looking upstream to the Nadro yard on the right and Harry Gamble's scrapyard on the left.

7/3 - June traffic in the Welland Canal
 - Paul Beesley
9-mtrad-6-12-09-pb.jpg (63433 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound toward Lock 2.
10-cslnia-6-19-09-pb.jpg (95452 bytes)
CSL Niagara leaving Lock 1.
 11-jdl-6-19-09-pb.jpg (65937 bytes)
John D Leitch downbound.
12-stolt-6-12-09-pb.jpg (107925 bytes)
Mrs C changing pilots on the Stolt Kite below Lock 1.
13-mrsc-6-12-09-pb.jpg (107296 bytes)
Mrs C returning to her dock in Port Weller.
14-mtrad-6-12-09-pb.jpg (86787 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound.

7/3 - Saginaw River
Todd Shorkey
1-greyfox-7-2-09-ts-a.jpg (70105 bytes)
Greyfox downbound Thursday afternoon at Smith Park in Essexville
2-greyfox-7-2-09-ts-b.jpg (88701 bytes)
Another view
3-greyfox-7-2-09-ts-c.jpg (99643 bytes)
Stern view

7/3 -
Michipicoten loading ore in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mich_6_27_09_rb.jpg (112498 bytes)
Bow view
2_mich_6_27_09_rb.jpg (103922 bytes)
Stern view
3_mich_7_1_09_rb.jpg (102254 bytes)
Full view on the north side of the ore dock

7/3 - Tuesday at the Soo
- Dave Wobser
1-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (57686 bytes)
USCGC Buckthorn downbound at Mission Point in the early morning 
2-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (51146 bytes)
Cruise ship Clelia II upbound at Mission Point
3-Soo-7-2-09-djw.jpg (57463 bytes)
"Flying wing" port side stack
4-So-7-1-09-djw.jpg (55634 bytes)
Stern view
5-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (58887 bytes)
 Clelia II headed for Bondar Pavilion, in Soo Ontario, to unload passengers into buses to go to Mackinaw Island.
6-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (72594 bytes)
Canadian Progress down bound in Soo Harbor
7-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (69063 bytes)
Progress stern view
8-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (76159 bytes)
Clelia II leaving Bondar headed for the Carbide Dock in Soo Michigan
9-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (58072 bytes)
Turning to head for the Carbide Dock
10-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (70319 bytes)
Safely tied up
11-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (66615 bytes)
Wide view
12-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (63225 bytes)
Algoisle upbound at Mission Point
13-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (41744 bytes)
Flying her flags for Canada Day
14-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (52488 bytes)
Stern accommodations block
15-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (49821 bytes)
Algoisle stern view
16 -Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (61024 bytes)
H. Lee White upbound in Soo Harbor passing Clelia II
17-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (75846 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley heading to Soo, Ontario
18-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (70963 bytes)
Buses return the passengers in the early evening
19-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (71829 bytes)
Clelia II entering the MacArthur Lock
20-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (84223 bytes)
Forward deck crew at work
21-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (38565 bytes)
Pilot and captain at the wing controls
22-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (80157 bytes)
Teak decks
23-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (60347 bytes)
Outboard powered Zodiacs on the top deck
24-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (108508 bytes)
Outdoor stern lounge not much fun in the cold rain
25-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (36985 bytes)
Passengers viewing the locking process
26-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (51776 bytes)
More passengers brave the cold rain up front
27-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (66212 bytes)
Enclosed tender in the stern davits
28-Soo-7-1-09-djw.jpg (76616 bytes)
Leaving the Mac headed for the Keweenaw Peninsula

7/3 - Alpena
 - Ben & Chanda McClain
TallshipAlp-7-1-09-01.jpg (78477 bytes)
Alpena leaving
TallshipAlp-7-1-09-02.jpg (68250 bytes) TallshipAlp-7-1-09-03.jpg (75990 bytes)
Alpena with tall ships
TallshipAlp-7-1-09-04.jpg (81553 bytes)
Nina & Pinta coming in
TallshipAlp-7-1-09-05.jpg (108871 bytes)
TallshipAlp-7-1-09-06.jpg (92174 bytes)

7/3 - Brockville
 - Dave Bessant
1-Flinterduin-07-01-09-WDB.jpg (73532 bytes)
Flinterduin sounding off trying to get through all the boats on the water during the fireworks display at 10:15  pm Canada Day at Brockville.
2-Flinterduin-07-01-09-WDB.jpg (19963 bytes)
lights on

7/3 -
Historical Perspectives - 50 years ago July 3 1959 - Ray Hillary            
The Royal Yacht Britannica with Queen Elizabeth II on board passed up the St Clair River bound for a visit to Sarnia while on her tour of the newly opened St Laurence Seaway. She was escorted by the USCG cutter Mackinaw and a Canadian destroyer. Photos taken just below the south tip of Stag Island in the Canadian channel of the St Clair River. 1-Brit-july0359-rch.jpg (93601 bytes) 2-Mack-july0359-rch.jpg (85843 bytes) 3-dest-july0359-rch.jpg (80042 bytes)  

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