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July 5 , 2009

7/5 - Saginaw River  - Todd Shorkey
1-zeus-7-4-09-ts-a.jpg (87273 bytes)
Zeus at Dow Chemical
2-zeus-7-4-09-ts-b.jpg (111899 bytes)
Another view
3-zeus-7-4-09-ts-c.jpg (64238 bytes)
Tug & barge

7/5 -
Calumet  at Macatawa July 1  - Kelly Schaap
2008-219.jpg (68880 bytes)        

7/5 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor  - Tom Caine
1-Quebecois-6-30-09-tc.jpg (73227 bytes)
Quebecois unloading at Holcim St. Lawrence Cement Dock
2-Ehgott-7-2-09-tc.jpg (76253 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott departing CN Missabe Ore Docks
3-Algoisle-7-3-09-tc.jpg (113254 bytes)
Algoisle loading taconite pellets at CN Missabe

7/5 - Marquette
Lee Rowe
PathfinderPearsonLR07020907.jpg (80237 bytes)
Robert S Pearson and Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder outside the harbor.
RSPearsonLR07020907.jpg (74928 bytes)
Robert S Pearson approaching the dock
DAnnPathfinderLR07020907.jpg (62684 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder approaching the dock
DAnnPathfinderLR07020921.jpg (92246 bytes)
Wide view

7/5 -
St .Lambert Lock canal on July 2  - Michel St-Denis
1-Tugs-Whitby-Greta-MSD.jpg (144071 bytes)
Tugs Whitby & Greta V upbound at the entrance of St. Lambert Lock Canal
2-Tugs-Whitby-Greta-MSD.jpg (182242 bytes)      

7/5 - Welland Canal, June 2009
Paul Beesley
1-cedar-6-27-09-pb.jpg (71036 bytes)
Cedarglen & Montrealais pass just above Lock 1 early in the morning.
2-enchant-6-28-09-pb.jpg (77680 bytes)
Enchanter at the Homer Bridge.
3-load-6-26-09-pb.jpg (76456 bytes)
Fairload upbound above Lock 1.
4-load-6-26-09-pb.jpg (48767 bytes)
The load on the Fairload; a Fractionator.
5-leda-6-26-09-pb.jpg (75540 bytes)
Federal Leda downbound toward Lock 1.
6-leda-6-26-09-pb.jpg (48805 bytes)
Wonderful day for a Canal transit.
7-mont-6-27-09-pb.jpg (154730 bytes)
Montrealais in Lock 1 ready to lower.
8-flint-6-30-09-pb.jpg (67918 bytes)
Flintermar on her way up past the shipyard in Port Weller.
9-mobile-6-26-09-pb.jpg (145959 bytes)
The ATON barge being pushed by the USCGC Mobile Bay.  Can anyone tell us what the flags mean?
10-rhine-6-29-09-pb.jpg (93701 bytes)
BBC Rhine and Mrs. C. exchanging pilots below Lock 1.
11-rhine-6-29-09-pb.jpg (65019 bytes)
BBC Rhine and her former name, Beluga Gratification.
12-konin-6-28-09-pb.jpg (74832 bytes)
Koningsborg after leaving Lock 7.
13-clel-6-28-09-pb.jpg (84411 bytes)
Clelia II leaving Lock 7.
14-mont-6-27-09-pb.jpg (44533 bytes)
Montrealais early in the morning above Lock 1.

7/5 -
Maxima with a load of windmill blades upbound at Port Colborne on June, 24  - Dick and Carol Hamlet
PICT0514.jpg (71358 bytes)        

7/5 - Sarah Desgagnes in 
IJmuiden, The Netherlands July 2 - Peter Beentjes by way of John van der Doe.
sarahdesgagnesv.jpg (66533 bytes) sarahdesgagnesa.jpg (84911 bytes)      

7/5 -
William G. Mather with billboard lettering in Cleveland on July 3 - Bill Kloss
DSCF0388.jpg (73206 bytes)        

7/5 - Historical Perspectives
 - South American in Duluth. E.C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection. Date unknown
img104.jpg (67601 bytes) img103.jpg (88249 bytes) img101.jpg (59434 bytes)    

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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