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July 6, 2009

7/6 - Sunday at Welland Canal  - Bill Bird
1-CSLAssiniboineCSLLaurenti.jpg (111418 bytes)
As CSL Assiniboine departs Lock 4 east CSL Laurentien is leaving Lock 5 west
2-CSLAssiniboine-RtHonPaulJ.jpg (59874 bytes)
Passing entry above Lock 3 as CSL Assiniboine slides along wall and Rt.Hon Paul J Martin departs lock
3-CSLLaurentien-7-05-09-bb.jpg (101845 bytes)
CSL Laurentien about to enter Lock 7
4-EnglishRiver-7-5-09-bb.jpg (63829 bytes)
Awaiting train traffic to clear the bridges at the base of the flight locks, English River creeps out of Lock 3.
5-Griffon-7-9-05-bb.jpg (63125 bytes)
CCGC Griffon being refitted at Seaway Marine
6-Limnos-7-5-09-a-bb.jpg (76603 bytes)
CCGC Limnos raised in Lock One
7-Lock1Bridge-7-5-09-bb.jpg (127037 bytes)
As bridge raises, water drips from underneath as bottom of bridge is partly submerged.
8-Limnos-7-5-09-b-bb.jpg (96927 bytes)
Stern shot of Limnos-will spend the night at Port Colborne.  

7/6 -
Port Huron Sunday  - Bruce Hurd
100_8803.jpg (76990 bytes)
Fairload docked at the Bean Dock in Port Huron
100_8809.jpg (84069 bytes)
BBC Vermont leaving Sarnia's Government dock
100_8813.jpg (52652 bytes)
Quebecois downbound north of the bridge
100_8818.jpg (62100 bytes)
Salty Maxima downbound north of the bridge

7/6 - Iroquois Lock
Ron Beaupre
1-dutchrun-05-07-09-rb.jpg (81757 bytes)
Dutch Runner leaving Iroquois Lock bound for Halifax.
2-dutchrun-05-07-09-rb.jpg (75359 bytes)
Dutch Runner has cargo from Oshawa.

7/6 -
Dutch Runner downbound at Crossover Island  - Murray Blancher
1-Dutch-Runner-07-05-09-MB-.jpg (92532 bytes)

7/6 -
Army Corp of Engineers' Tugs and Barges at Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick
1_armycorp_7_2_09_rb.jpg (96281 bytes)
Secured at the Merchandise Dock

7/6 - Saginaw River
Todd Shorkey
1-jmarie-7-4-09-ts-a.jpg (77370 bytes)
Jill Marie and her barge of fireworks.  This was one of three different launch points for Bay City's big show.

7/6 - Recent Welland Canal
Paul Beesley
1-oxl-7-01-09-pb.jpg (85737 bytes) 2-oxl-7-01-09-pb.jpg (127538 bytes) 3-oxl-7-01-09-pb.jpg (91281 bytes) 4-brist-7-01-09-pb.jpg (86683 bytes) 5-brist-7-01-09-pb.jpg (104529 bytes)

7/6 -
July 4 on the Niagara River  - Paul Beesley
1-jet4-7-04-09-pb.jpg (155304 bytes)
Four jetboats at Devilís Hole.  One in the background is going down through the rapids, the others are preparing to move up the river.
2-jet14-7-04-09-pb.jpg (145180 bytes)
 Heading up through Devilís Hole.
3-jet4-7-04-09-pb.jpg (160777 bytes)
Then you turn around and head down.  Guaranteed to get the passengers wet.
4-jet14-7-04-09-pb.jpg (178634 bytes)
 Another jetboat heading up.  The shore behind is the US side of the river.
5-jet14-7-04-09-pb.jpg (168623 bytes)
 No need for a passport to enjoy this ride.  It leaves from both the Canadian & US sides.
6-jet16-7-04-09-pb.jpg (144074 bytes)
The Niagara river runs fast here.  It takes lots of power to get up through Devilís Hole.
7-jet11-7-04-09-pb.jpg (163547 bytes)
 If for some reason you do not wish to get wet you can go in this boat.
8-jet11-7-04-09-pb.jpg (152262 bytes)
It might be a dry boat but you still get the great ride through the rapids.
9-jet5-7-04-09-pb.jpg (177413 bytes)
   Boat 5 going up river.  These boats can do well over 30 knots in flat water.
10-jet5-7-04-09-pb.jpg (163752 bytes)
Boat 5 coming down and soaking the passengers.

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