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July 7 , 2009

7/7 - Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
2-greyfox-7-6-09-ts-b.jpg (77374 bytes)
SCS Greyfox outbound Sunday morning at Smith Park.
3-ljkuber-7-6-09-ts-a.jpg (43179 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound Monday morning at Liberty Bridge
4-ljkuber-7-6-09-ts-b.jpg (62176 bytes)
 Moore-Kuber stern view
6-busch-7-6-09-ts-b.jpg (54207 bytes)
 Tug Gregory J. Busch at the Consumers Energy dock with a barge load from the OXL Lotus
7-algoway-7-6-09-ts-a.jpg (70681 bytes)
Algoway outbound at the Essroc dock
8-algoway-7-6-09-ts-b.jpg (64499 bytes)        

7/7 -
Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Prt-7-6-09-tc.jpg (85617 bytes)
 Paul R. Tregurtha departing Duluth Harbor at Aerial Bridge
2-Awcan-7-6-09-tc.jpg (98735 bytes)
 Agawa Canyon loading taconite at CN Missabe
3-Densull-7-6-09-tc.jpg (85695 bytes)
Denis Sullivan inbound approaching Duluth piers.
4-Alder-7-6-09-tc.jpg (92463 bytes)
USCGC Alder on St. Louis River

7/7 - St. Marys Challenger's new stack markings
1-Challenger-7-6-09-bk.jpg (40090 bytes)
Over the past week the Port City Steamship Co. stack logo was installed in Muskegon.

7/7 - July 7 at Brockville
 - Dave Bessant
1-SichemBeijing-07-06-09-WD.jpg (116132 bytes)
Sichem Beijing downbound
2-SichemBeijing-07-06-09-WD.jpg (43044 bytes)
Sichem Beijing stack
3-SichemBeijing-07-06-09-WD.jpg (76650 bytes) 4-SichemBeijing-07-06-09-WD.jpg (90308 bytes)
Stern view
5-CaptHenryJackman-07-06-09.jpg (71510 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman upbound
6-CaptHenryJackman-07-06-09.jpg (62902 bytes) 7-CaptHenryJackman-07-06-09.jpg (70575 bytes) 8-CaptHenryJackman-07-06-09.jpg (68894 bytes)
Stern view with waverunners
9-Sundancers-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (91170 bytes)
Sundancer convention
10-SeaFoxII-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (108882 bytes)
Sea Fox II tour boat tied up at Blockhouse

7/7 - Caribou Isle in Brockville
- Dave Bessant
1-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (135715 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Caribou Isle docked in Brockville during Riverfest
2-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (114811 bytes)
Caribou Isle Bow
3-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (142273 bytes)
Coming out of the forward hatch
4-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (111438 bytes)
Contents of forward hatch
5--CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (47040 bytes)
Coat of Arms and Ships Bell
6-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (108984 bytes)
Caribou Isle speedboat
7-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (92842 bytes)
Dining room and whiteboard shopping list including "Know Your Ships '09"
8-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (61178 bytes)
9-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (110910 bytes)
Stern Entrance / exit
10-CaribouIsle-07-05-09-WDB.jpg (118577 bytes)
Caribou Isle stern view

7/7 - Detroit Traffic
Mike Nicholls
THOMPSONJOSHb02070309mn.jpg (34713 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson and Jr upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
THOMPSONJOSHs03070309mn.jpg (39442 bytes) CLINTONb05070309mn.jpg (72898 bytes)
Clinton downbound in the Amherstburg Channel.
CLINTONs06070309mn.jpg (66566 bytes) FEDERALYOSHINOb1070509mn.jpg (39238 bytes)
Federal Yoshino upbound on the Fighting Island Channel.

7/7 - Welland Canal
 - Paul Beesley
1-flint-7-02-09-pb.jpg (77519 bytes)
Flinterduin upbound toward Lock 3.
2-flint-7-02-09-pb.jpg (81979 bytes)
Flinterduin at the Homer bridge.
3-ontar-7-03-09-pb.jpg (98072 bytes)
Algontario at Bridge 21, Port Colborne.
4-ontar-7-03-09-pb.jpg (69095 bytes)
Algontario down toward Lock 1.
5-pros-7-03-09-pb.jpg (88519 bytes)
Fleetmates Canadian Prospector & Canadian Transport pass between locks 1 & 2.
6-tranr-7-03-09-pb.jpg (81177 bytes)
Canadian Transport continues upbound.
7-ris-7-04-09-pb.jpg (80272 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Samuel Risley downbound in the canal.
8-ris-7-04-09-pb.jpg (77327 bytes)
 Another view of the Risley downbound.
9-yosh-7-04-09-pb.jpg (79718 bytes)
Federal Yoshino upbound toward Lock 2.
10-yosh-7-04-09-pb.jpg (85958 bytes)
Federal Yoshino upbound toward Lock 2.

7/7 - McKeeSons/Invincible in long term lay up at Mittal Steel docks on Cuyahoga River
Bill Kloss
DSCF0607.jpg (71836 bytes)        

7/7 - Historical Perspectives
 - E.C. Carlson photos,  Carl Fredericks collection
EGSeubert-00-00-00-ec.jpg (55373 bytes)
Edward G. Seubert leaving Duluth
Buckeye-00-00-00-ec.jpg (99134 bytes)
Buckeye entering Duluth, date unknown.

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