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July 8, 2009

7/8 - Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Searob-7-7-09-tc.jpg (115490 bytes)
Sea Robin fueling at Murphy Dock
2-Searob-7-7-09-tc.jpg (89599 bytes)
Sea Robin out of the notch at Hallett 8
3-Cantrans-7-7-09-tc.jpg (86343 bytes)
Canadian Transport approaching turning buoy outbound
4-Indhbr-7-7-09.jpg (71568 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at SMET
5-Canolym-7-7-09-tc.jpg (86446 bytes)
Canadian Olympic approaching Murphy Fuel Dock after backing the entire distance from the C.Reiss Coal Dock in upper harbor
6-Holly-7-7-09-tc.jpg (82150 bytes)
Hollyhock tied up at gate to Fraser drydock #2
7-Holly-7-7-09-tc.jpg (87605 bytes)
Hollyhock closeup
8-Lakegu-7-7-09-tc.jpg (80616 bytes)
Lake Guardian turning at Port Terminal
9-Lakegu-7-7-09-tc.jpg (99881 bytes)
Lake Guardian closeup
10-Canolym-7-7-09-tc.jpg (128163 bytes)
Canadian Olympic fueling at Murphy

7/8 - Buffalo, N.Y.
 - Brian W.
1-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (113939 bytes)
The Rebellion Tug & Barge Company's Shenandoah is seen pulling into the fuel dock at the Erie Basin.
2-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (79999 bytes)
Captain Curt Muma is seen in this view lowering the masts and radar for passage under the lift bridges of the Buffalo River.
3-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (195162 bytes)
Here we see the engine room on the Shenandoah as seen from the main deck.
4-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (133807 bytes)
The tug is approaching the Michigan St. Bridge under a storm light sky.
5-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (90980 bytes)
Maumee unloading at the Sand Supply Company Landing.
6-Shenandoah-7-7-09-BW.jpg (186429 bytes)
The tug Shenandoah is now on the way back down river at the Ohio St. Bridge.

7/8 - Detroit River
Mike Nicholls
SENATORb03070709mn.jpg (71489 bytes)
Senator downbound off of Rivard Plaza, Detroit, MI.
SENATORs04070709mn.jpg (75552 bytes) POINTCTRPTIIs13070709mn.jpg (72992 bytes)
Point Counterpoint II at Dieppe Park, Windsor, ON.
POINTCTRPTII09070709mn.jpg (67554 bytes) POINTCTRPTIIb08070709mn.jpg (62279 bytes)
ALOUETTESPIRITb14070709mn.jpg (54752 bytes)
Alouette Spirit and Wilf Seymour loading salt at Ojibway.
SEYMOURWILFs150707090mn.jpg (50097 bytes) ALOUETTESPIRITs16070709mn.jpg (51584 bytes)    

7/8 -
Penetanguishene, Ontario - Allen Vary
Still-Watch.jpg (59876 bytes)
Still Watch, ex. CCG Ville Marie, ex. Heavenbound.
Prescotont.jpg (72039 bytes)
Georgian-Queen.jpg (75615 bytes)
Georgian Queen, ex. Murray Stewart, ex. David Richard

7/8 -
Tug Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_da_path_7_2_09_rb.jpg (101856 bytes)
Unloading coal at the Upper Harbor
2_da_path_7_2_09_rb.jpg (102885 bytes)
Close up

7/8 - Edward G. Seubert Boiler Inspection Record
- John van der Doe
scan0001.jpg (411251 bytes)
I salvaged this booklet during the scrapping of the ship in Windsor. I found it in the chief engineers cabin.
scan0002.jpg (105384 bytes)

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