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July 9, 2009

7/9 -Green Bay  - Dick Lund
1-Cal-07-08-09-dl.jpg (74570 bytes)
Calumet at the mouth of the Fox River
2-Cal-07-08-09-dl.jpg (70140 bytes)
Coming under Tower Drive Bridge
3-Cal-07-08-09-dl.jpg (73733 bytes)
Making the turn for the Main Street Bridge above Western Lime
4-Cal-07-08-09-dl.jpg (85342 bytes)
Through the Main Street Bridge heading for the Walnut Street Bridge
5-Cal-07-08-09-dl.jpg (87670 bytes)
Turning to make the line-up for the Walnut Street Bridge

7/9 - Green Bay
Scott Best
1-calumet-07-08-09-sb.jpg (114040 bytes)
Passing through the Walnut St Bridge downtown.
2-calumet-07-08-09-sb.jpg (95589 bytes)
Heading up to Georgia Pacific, Great Lakes Trader at C Reiss in background.
3-calumet-07-08-09-sb.jpg (107363 bytes)
Turning to enter the slip at Georgia Pacific.

7/9 - Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Manist-7-08-09-BCM-001.jpg (88193 bytes)
Manistee unloading stone with coast guard boat
Manist-7-08-09-BCM-002.jpg (126569 bytes) Manist-7-08-09-BCM-003.jpg (119067 bytes)
bringing in the boom
Manist-7-08-09-BCM-004.jpg (86345 bytes)
backing up
Manist-7-08-09-BCM-005.jpg (78548 bytes)
passing by with a shot from the bow thruster

7/9 -
Duluth Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Angfedyo-7-8-09-tc.jpg (75266 bytes)
Anglian Lady and Federal Yoshino at Hallett 5
2-Anglian-7-8-09-tc.jpg (73825 bytes)
Anglian Lady stern view
3-Anglian-7-8-09-tc.jpg (70272 bytes)
Anglian Lady awaiting loading of barge
4-Fedyosh-7-8-09-tc.jpg (67560 bytes)
Federal Yoshino loading bentonite

7/9 - Iroquois Lock
 - Ron Beaupre
1-niagara-08-07-09-rb-0021.jpg (67675 bytes)
Niagara Spirit has a very rare load of containers.
2-niagara-08-07-09-rb.jpg (63011 bytes)
Tony Mackay has lost her McKeil stripes and stack markings.
3-maxima-07-07-09-rb.jpg (85800 bytes)
Maxima departs the Lakes with a load from the Soo.

7/9 -
Rochester, New York July 8 - T. Brewer
100_1876.jpg (100091 bytes)
The Stephen B. Roman inbound from Lake Ontario on the Genesee River.

7/9 - Mississagi departed Toledo Kraft dock at 2030 Tuesday evening
 - Jim Byrne
1-mississ-7-7-09-jb.jpg (99949 bytes)
Mississagi clearing the CSX bridge in Toledo.
2-mississ-7-7-09-jb.jpg (83904 bytes)
Mississagi outbound out bound off Midwest Terminals.

7/9 -
Welland Canal, July 7 -Paul Beesley
1-grmar-7-07-09-pb.jpg (72704 bytes)
 Grande Mariner upbound above Lock 3 with the Sea Eagle II in the background.
2-kam-7-07-09-pb.jpg (66477 bytes)
Kaministiqua with her bow-thruster flashed up approaching the wall below Lock 1, Port Weller.
3-bridge-7-07-09-pb.jpg (216320 bytes)
Maintenance on the Glendale bridge.  The bridge was raised very slowly to allow the workers to apply grease to the track; the Grande Mariner waited patiently for the lift.
4-jbaird-7-07-09-pb.jpg (64124 bytes)
John B. Aird down from Lock 3 while the Capt. Henry Jackman works her way toward the lock.
5-truck-7-07-09-pb.jpg (102515 bytes)
Fuel truck waiting below Lock 1 for a downbounder.  The ship was delayed because of a power outage along the canal.
6-queb-7-07-09-pb.jpg (69549 bytes)
Quebecois & Kaministiqua meet below Lock 1.
7-seagle-7-07-09-pb.jpg (80743 bytes)
Sea Eagle II & St Marys Cement II leaving Lock 4 of the Flight locks.

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