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July 10, 2009

7/10 - Hamilton, Ont. Wednesday  - John McCreery
1-FederalYukon-7-08-09-jm.jpg (119562 bytes)
Federal Yukon arriving from Sorel
2-FedYukon-7-08-09-jm.jpg (93421 bytes)
Federal Yukon approaching pier 14 assisted by the tug Vigilant I
3-Algoisle-7-08-09-jm.jpg (111567 bytes)
Algoisle at Dofasco with the Hamilton Energy alongside
4-CanLeader-7-08-09-jm.jpg (100459 bytes)
Canadian Leader in lay up at pier 10
5-MarTrader-7-08-09-jm.jpg (156701 bytes)
Maritime Trader at pier 26
6-Shelley-7-08-09-jm.jpg (70589 bytes)
J W Shelley arriving in ballast from Sorel
7-Shelley-7-08-09-jm.jpg (78525 bytes)
Bow view at the piers with onlookers
8-Algoisle-Shelley-7-08-09-.jpg (105492 bytes)
Passing the out bound Algoisle
9-Shelley-MT-7-08-09-jm.jpg (91359 bytes)
Shelley backing past fleet mate to reach her loading dock at James Richardson
10-Algoisle-7-08-09-jm.jpg (120517 bytes)
Out bound Algoisle headed back to Duluth

7/10 - Brockville, Ont. on Wednesday -
Dave Bessant
1-FederalMiramichi-07-08-09.jpg (74726 bytes)
Federal Miramichi upbound
2-FederalMiramichi-07-08-09.jpg (89102 bytes) 3-FederalMiramichi-07-08-09.jpg (53828 bytes)
Federal Miramichi stack and markings
4-FederalMiramichi-07-08-09.jpg (90946 bytes)
5-Algocape-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (60487 bytes)
Algocape upbound in the morning
6-Algocape-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (54322 bytes)
7-Algocape-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (201972 bytes)
8-RadiumYellowknife-07-08-0.jpg (102929 bytes)
Tug Radium Yellowknife with no barge downbound
9-RadiumYellowknife-07-08-0.jpg (108143 bytes) 10-RadiumYellowknife-07-08-.jpg (101996 bytes)
11-TonyMackayRY-07-08-09-WD.jpg (65384 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay approaching Brockville with Radium Yellowknife eastbound in the distance
12-TonyMackayRY-07-08-09-WD.jpg (57273 bytes)
Barge Niagara Spirit of McKeil Marine being pushed by Tug Tony Mackay
13-TonyMackay-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (73793 bytes)
Niagara Spirit loaded with containers
14-TonyMackay-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (79309 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay stack and close up
15-TonyMackay-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (76511 bytes)
16-TonyMackay-07-08-09-WDB.jpg (84135 bytes)
Stern view

7/10 - Alpena, Mich.
 - Ben & Chanda McClain
1.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (88584 bytes)
Manistee passing the lighthouse
2.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (91185 bytes)
Tied up, boom out
3.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (59846 bytes)
Close up of name
4.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (102966 bytes)
Unloading salt
5.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (75247 bytes)
View aft
6.-Maniste-BCM-7-9-09.jpg (80718 bytes)

7/10 - Marquette, Mich.
 - Luke Archer
1-Michipicoten-7-9-09-la.jpg (84410 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving at LS&I
2-Michipicoten-7-9-09-la.jpg (98013 bytes)
Michipicoten beginning to load
3-Michipicoten-7-9-09-la.jpg (84515 bytes)
Michipicoten head on
4-Pathfinder-7-9-09-la.jpg (62935 bytes)
Pathfinder's bow Pathfinder
5-Pathfinder-7-9-09-la.jpg (108002 bytes)
wide view Michipicoten and Pathfinder together at the dock with crewman and Boatnerd Kevin Davis working the lines of the Pathfinder.
6-Pathfinder-7-9-09-la.jpg (83343 bytes) 7-AmryCore-7-9-09-la.jpg (72411 bytes)
Army Corps working around the break wall
8-Pathfinder-7-9-09-la.jpg (73718 bytes)
Pathfinder trimming off the load
9-HCJackson-7-9-09-la.jpg (72912 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson backing in the lower harbor past the old ore dock.
10-HCJackson-7-9-09-la.jpg (79585 bytes)
Backing in to unload
11-HCJackson-7-9-09.jpg (82780 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson begins unloading.  


7/10 - Detroit River
 - Mike Nicholls
DELAWAREb19070909mn.jpg (78615 bytes)
R/V Delaware scanning the bottom of the Wyandotte Channel.
CLELIAIIb04070909mn.jpg (44285 bytes)
Clelia II (Malta) downbound off of Nicholson's Ecorse.
CLELIAIIs11070909mn.jpg (48304 bytes) DETROITb13070909mn.jpg (64118 bytes)
Rail barge Detroit scrapping continues in Dean's Slip in La Salle, ON.
ALGOSARb15070909mn.jpg (35467 bytes)
Algosar upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ALGOSARs17070909mn.jpg (50350 bytes) STCLAIRVb18070909mn.jpg (59582 bytes)
Bob-Lo Island ferry St Clair V crossing to Bob-Lo Island.

7/10 -
Robert S. Pierson loading ore in Marquette 7/2 - Rod Burdick

7/10 -
John J Boland loading ore in Escanaba on Thursday  - Lee Rowe
1_rsp_7_2_09_rb.jpg (149821 bytes)
Scenic view
  JJBolandLR07090905.jpg (87855 bytes)    

7/10 - Welland Canal
Eric Holmes
1-Reblynn-07-09-2009-eh.jpg (84706 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and barge A397 above Lock 3
2-Reblyn-07-09-2009-eh.jpg (106482 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn
3-Reblyn-07-09-2009-eh.jpg (145792 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and barge A397 under Bridge 5.
4-Niagara-07-09-2009-eh.jpg (115394 bytes)
Brig Niagara at Port Weller.

7/10 -
Manitowoc unloading at Ontario Stone in Cleveland   - Bill Kloss
DSCF0716.jpg (118964 bytes)        

7/10 - Saginaw River
Todd Shorkey
1-superior-7-9-09-ts-a.jpg (81371 bytes)
 Tug Superior with two barges headed outbound at the Dow Chemical dock
2-superior-7-9-09-ts-b.jpg (117159 bytes)
Tug close up
3-superior-7-9-09-ts-c.jpg (159577 bytes)
Stern view

7/10 - Dublin Sea launched by Marinette Marine June 26 for K-Sea - Dick Lund
1-DS-07-01-09-dl.jpg (56306 bytes)
Marinette Marine's huge crane is still attached to the pilothouse of the Dublin Sea on July 1, five days after its launch
2-DS-07-01-09-dl.jpg (80825 bytes)
Stern view close-up
3-DS-07-01-09-dl.jpg (79848 bytes)
4-DS-07-01-09-dl.jpg (62554 bytes)
Close-up of the new pilothouse

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