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July 11, 2009

7/11 - Friday at the Soo - Greg Barber
1-CMBeeghly-7-10-09-GB.jpg (55515 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly Upbound on a perfect evening
3-Jackson-Beeghly-7-10-09-G.jpg (67586 bytes)
Beeghly meeting the Jackson
4-HCJackson-7-10-09-GB.jpg (51311 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound
5-HCJackson-7-10-09-GB.jpg (67818 bytes)  

7/11 -
St Lawrence Seaway Kahnawake July 10- Kent Malo
Greenwing7-10-09-km.jpg (78834 bytes)
Greenwing upbound for Toronto, Ont. July 10.
Greenwing7--10-09-km-b.jpg (91136 bytes) Fairload7-10-09-km.jpg (95667 bytes)
Jumboship Fairload downbound for Montreal
Fairload7-10-09-km-d.jpg (39763 bytes)
Jumboship logo on the funnel of the Fairload.
Fairload7-10-09-km-c.jpg (66533 bytes)

7/11 -
Welland Canal – July 9 & 10 - Paul Beesley
1-fedmir-7-09-09-pb.jpg (64346 bytes)
Federal Miramichi upbound in the Canal at old bridge 10.
2-fedmir-7-09-09-pb.jpg (91173 bytes)
Past old bridge 10.
3-clel-7-10-09-pb.jpg (69686 bytes)
Clelia II on her way to tie up below Lock 1 to retrieve her sightseeing passengers.
4-fedyuk-7-09-09-pb.jpg (52565 bytes)
Federal Yukon passing the “Don’t straddle the small bike” sign.
5-fedyuk-7-09-09-pb.jpg (84154 bytes)
Federal Yukon upbound with the Homer bridge open for her.

7/11 -
Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-Barbara-Andrie-7-10-2009-.jpg (91544 bytes)
 A huge line of trucks can be seen backed up on the International Peace Bridge in the background as the Barbara Andrie is passing by.
2-Barbara-Andrie-7-10-2009-.jpg (64050 bytes)
Tug in the notch of the A-390 while transiting the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo. The passenger boat Miss Buffalo II is passing by in the Niagara River in the distance.
3-Barbara-Andrie-7-10-2009-.jpg (78877 bytes) 4-Barbara-Andrie-7-10-2009-.jpg (62635 bytes)
Maneuvering through the markers on their way to the lake via the Black Rock Canal Entrance Channel. The Buffalo Intake Crib (the "Roundhouse") can be seen off to the left in the distance.

7/11 - Green Bay
 - Scott Best
1-LJK-07-10-09-sb.jpg (67353 bytes)
Done unloading and fueling, note boom swung out over the river about 30 min before departure.
2-LJK-07-10-09-sb.jpg (79448 bytes)
Turning around in the East River turning basin.
3-LJK-07-10-09-sb.jpg (91598 bytes)
Heading through the RR bridge and departing the Fox River.

7/11 -
50th anniversary ceremony at Eisenhower Lock in Massena, New York - Michael Folsom
1-Seaway-Flag-7-10-09-mf.jpg (85760 bytes)
Seaway Anniversary flag flies on the USCGC Mobile Bay
2-Mobile-Bay-7-10-09-mf.jpg (115865 bytes)
USCGC Mobile Bay sits in the Eisenhower Lock for ceremony
3-Robinson-Bay-7-10-09.jpg (128829 bytes)
SLSDC tug Robinson Bay in the Eisenhower Lock while Flintermar waits on the wall
4-Collister-7-10-09-mf.jpg (45497 bytes)
Collister "Terry" Johnson, Jr.
5-Eisenhower-7-10-09-mf.jpg (48598 bytes)
Susan Eisenhower, Dwight Eisenhower's granddaughter addresses the crowd
6-Flintermar-7-10-09-mf.jpg (83737 bytes)
Flintermar enters the Lock following the festivities

7/11 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Anglian-7-10-09-tc.jpg (82600 bytes)
Anglian Lady and PML 9000 outbound
2-Anglian-7-10-09-tc.jpg (76202 bytes) 3-Anglian-7-10-09-tc.jpg (102348 bytes) 4-Anglian-7-10-09-tc.jpg (66198 bytes)
Anglian Lady and PML 9000 making turn in East Gate Basin into Superior Front Channel

7/11 - Clipper Leader passing Brockville downbound
- Dave Bessant
1-ClipperLeader-07-10-09-DB.jpg (94922 bytes) 2-ClipperLeader-07-10-09-WD.jpg (81884 bytes) 3-ClipperLeader-07-10-09-WD.jpg (69259 bytes)    

7/11 - Paul R. Tregurtha stopped off Marysville Friday night
Bruce Hurd
100_8846.jpg (79667 bytes)        

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