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July 13, 2009

7/13 - Saguenay (former Lake Superior) upbound for Beauharnois upper lock. - Robert Goulet
Saguenay.jpg (73165 bytes)        

7/13 - Detroit River
Mike Nicholls
CRESSWELLPETERRWYVTs0307120.jpg (53737 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell with tugs Vermont & Wyoming off Nicholson's Slip in Ecorse.
CRESSWELLPETERRs21071209mn.jpg (50277 bytes)
Cresswell unloading at St. Marys Cement in the Rouge River.
AGAWACANYONb05071209mn.jpg (37857 bytes)
Agawa Canyon upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel, Detroit River.
AGAWACANYONs07071209mn.jpg (38118 bytes) THUNDERCAPEb08071209mn.jpg (114623 bytes)
Thunder Cape in the Livingstone Channel.
THUNDSERCAPEs10071209mn.jpg (101055 bytes) FEDERALMIRAMICHIs18071209mn.jpg (49648 bytes)
Federal Miramichi (Antigua) at Morterm in Windsor.
INTERGITYb11071209mn.jpg (38513 bytes)
Integrity downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
INTERGITYs12071209mn.jpg (29688 bytes) ALGOWAYb19071209mn.jpg (42674 bytes)
Algoway unloading at the Brennen Street Dock on the Rouge River.
PUSHHOGb22071209mn.jpg (119179 bytes)
Tug Push Hog in the Rouge River.
GRANDEMARINERb02071009mn.jpg (50208 bytes)
Grande Mariner at Bishop Park in Wyandotte Saturday.
GRANDEMARINERs01071009mn.jpg (68076 bytes) FEDERALYOSHINOb03071109mn.jpg (43694 bytes)
Federal Yoshino (Panama) downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
FEDERALYOSHINOs04071109mn.jpg (43634 bytes)
DYKERLASSb06071109mn.jpg (76714 bytes)
Ex fish tug Dyker Lass downbound in the Amherstburg Channel.
DYKERLASSs08071109mn.jpg (80042 bytes) ALGOWOODb09071109mn.jpg (39597 bytes)
Algowood downbound off the Rouge Short-cut canal.
ALGOWOODs10071109mn.jpg (40965 bytes)  

7/13 -
UP Freighter Traffic - Alex and Max Mager
1-Jackson-7-11-09-AM.jpg (64807 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson in Marquette
2-Jackson-7-11-09-AM.jpg (84656 bytes)
Another View
3-Ojibway-7-11-09-AM.jpg (73937 bytes)
Ojibway at Mission Point
5-Ojibway-7-11-09-AM.jpg (90072 bytes)
Toward the locks
4-Ojibway-7-11-09-AM.jpg (70066 bytes)
Up Close
6-Ojibway-7-11-09-AM.jpg (98190 bytes)
 Entering the locks

7-Ojibway-7-11-09-AM.jpg (103188 bytes)
Raised and into Lake Superior
8-Montrea-7-11-09-AM.jpg (65680 bytes)
9-Montrea-7-11-09-AM.jpg (71141 bytes)
Entering the locks
10-Montre-7-11-09-AM.jpg (89599 bytes)
Stern View
11-Pathfi-7-11-09-AM.jpg (58814 bytes)
Pathfinder at Mission Point
12-Pathfi-7-11-09-AM.jpg (82552 bytes)
Stern View
13-Burns-7-11-09-AM.jpg (89018 bytes)
Burns Harbor
14-YaFord-7-11-09-AM.jpg (113233 bytes)
Yankcanuck next to the EM Ford
15-BYFord-7-11-09-AM.jpg (72306 bytes)
Burns Harbor passing the two
16-Burns-7-11-09-AM.jpg (56074 bytes)
Burns Harbor at Mission Point
17-Burns-7-11-09-AM.jpg (91538 bytes)
Stern View

7/13 -
Algocape upbound at nine mile point Saturday - Greg Barber
1-Algocape-7-11-09-GB.jpg (54471 bytes)        

7/13 -
Sturgeon Bay - Scott Best
1-stbay-07-11-09-sb.jpg (120093 bytes)
Tugs Samuel D Champlain and Corpus Christi docked at BayShip.
2-stbay-07-11-09-sb.jpg (93381 bytes)
Innovation rafted to American Courage and John Sherwin.
3-stbay-07-11-09-sb.jpg (101927 bytes)
(L to R) Mesabi Miner, American Spirit, Adam E Cornelius and Joe Block.

7/13 -
Tug G.L. Ostrander and Barge Integrity depart St. Joseph July 9
_7090032c.jpg (47854 bytes)
_7090033c.jpg (77056 bytes) _7090035c.jpg (74628 bytes) _7090038c.jpg (121174 bytes) _7090039c.jpg (63165 bytes)
_7090041c.jpg (96241 bytes) _7090080c.jpg (98473 bytes) _7090081c.jpg (105015 bytes) _7090085c.jpg (49327 bytes) _7090102c.jpg (57654 bytes)
_7090120c.jpg (105854 bytes)        

7/13 -
G Tug Vermont on the Rouge River July 12. - Ron Piskor
1-vt-7-12-09-rp.jpg.jpg (138978 bytes)
The Vermont pushing against the Algoway’s port side to position it for unloading stone.
2-vt-7-12-09-rp.jpg.jpg (135755 bytes)
Vermont  approaching the Jefferson Street Drawbridge.
3-vt-7-12-09-rp.jpg.jpg (149215 bytes)
With it's work done ,Vermont heads downstream on the Rouge toward it’s home slip as Zug Island’s D Furnace looms in the background.

7/13 - Escanaba Sunday -
Lee Rowe
JHThompsonLR07120902.jpg (60371 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson/Jr. departing Escanaba
WJMcCarthyLR07120902.jpg (113911 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy loading ore.
GLTraderLR071209.jpg (67956 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce VanEnkevort in layup.

7/13 - Thursday Ojibway loaded wheat at Thunder Bay Terminals.
- Dave McCarville
1-Ojibway-9-7-09-dm.jpg (91124 bytes)
The Ojibway at Thunder Bay Terminals dock Thursday.
2-Ojibway-9-7-09-dm.jpg (56527 bytes)
 The Ojibway's deck crane at work with Thunder Bay's "Sleeping Giant" in the background. 

7/13 - Marquette
Luke Archer
1-CMBeeghly-7-11-09-la.jpg (96606 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly at LS&I ore dock.
2-CMBeeghly-7-11-09-la.jpg (77065 bytes)
New exhaust pipes and missing Leslie Tyfons from stack due to her recent repowering.
3-CMBeeghly-7-11-09-la.jpg (59014 bytes)
Bow view with new Interlake Steamship Co. lettering in one line.
4-CMBeeghly-7-11-09-la.jpg (35768 bytes)
Wide view of the Beeghly loading.  

7/13 -
Recent Escanaba Activity - Rod Burdick
1_jlb_7_7_09_rb.jpg (106372 bytes)
Joseph L. Block waiting to load ore
2_jht_7_7_09_rb.jpg (152348 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson in lay-up at the North Reiss Dock

7/13 -
Grande Mariner upbound at Port Huron  - Bruce Hurd
100_8882.jpg (75169 bytes) 100_8884.jpg (78497 bytes)      

7/13 -
Sunday at Welland  - Bill Bird
1-Crowd-7-12-09-bb.jpg (94306 bytes)
Crowd strung out along Bridge at Lock 2 to view cruise ship Clellia II
2-BristolBay-7-12-09-a-bb.jpg (61797 bytes)
Tandem lockage with USCG Bristol Bay pushing barge.
3-BristolBay-7-12-09-b-bb.jpg (61854 bytes)
Bristol Bay closeup
4-BristolBay-7-12-09-c-bb.jpg (54472 bytes)
BBQ smoking on stern of Bristol Bay
5-Cllelia-II-7-12-09-a-bb.jpg (81352 bytes)
Clellia II exiting Lock 2
6-Cllellia-II-7-12-09-b-bb.jpg (59046 bytes)
Close up
7-Clellia-II-7-12-09-c-bb.jpg (39890 bytes)
Pilot and captain on bridge
8-ClelliaII-7-12-09-d-bb.jpg (50008 bytes)
Just crew on board as passengers disembarked at Lock One to tour Niagara Falls.  They would rejoin ship at Lock 7
9-Clellia-II-7-12-09-e-bb.jpg (57580 bytes)
Stern view   
10-FederalYoshino-7-12-09-a.jpg (82138 bytes)
11-FederalYoshino-7-12-09-b.jpg (79154 bytes) 12-Quebecois-7-12-09-bb.jpg (75042 bytes)      

7/13 -
Tug Superior and barge working to get free just below Cheboyganing Creek.  - Todd Shorkey
1-superior-7-12-09-ts-a.jpg (95421 bytes)
A log cause the barge to become stuck on the muddy bank
2-superior-7-12-09-ts-b.jpg (118349 bytes) 3-superior-7-12-09-ts-c.jpg (93352 bytes)
Free from the bank
4-superior-7-12-09-ts-d.jpg (159131 bytes)
Pulling for the lake

7/13 -
Welland Canal Traffic - Bob Dowson
1.fedyo-07-12-09-bd.jpg (107594 bytes)
Federal Yoshino below Lock 2
2.fedyo-07-12-09-bd.jpg (78563 bytes)
Stern view
3.stav-07-12-09-bd.jpg (86122 bytes)
Stavrodromi at Port Colborne
4.stav-07-12-09-bd.jpg (51640 bytes)
Old name
5.stav-07-12-09-bd.jpg (75124 bytes)
Stern view
6.algo-07-12-09-bd.jpg (102230 bytes)
Algonova at Lock 2
7.algo-07-12-09-bd.jpg (88257 bytes)
Stern view

7/13 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Lakesu-7-11-09-tc.jpg (87523 bytes)
Tug Lake Superior and retired dipper dredge Gaillard
2-Essay-7-11-09-tc.jpg (136758 bytes)
Tug Essayons
3-Aminteg-7-11-09-tc.jpg (84874 bytes)
American Integrity at Port Terminal for repairs
4-Aminteg-7-11-09-tc.jpg (74219 bytes)
American Intergrity repair crew
5-Aminteg-7-11-09-tc.jpg (84614 bytes)
American Intergrity stern
6-Edgarb-7-11-09-tc.jpg (91534 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer approaching High Bridge
7-Edgarb-7-11-09-tc.jpg (71352 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer crew
1-holly-7-11-09-tc.jpg (89797 bytes)
Hollyhock in Drydock no. 2 at Fraser Shipyard
2-Aminteg-7-11-09-tc.jpg (94813 bytes)
American Integrity loading at SMET 7-11-09
3-Kaye-7-11-09-tc.jpg (74713 bytes)
Kaye E Barker at Fraser Shipyard
4-Wally-7-11-09-tc.jpg (110411 bytes)
Fraser workboats Wally Kendzora and Maxine Thompson
5-Wallymt-7-11-09-tc.jpg (110972 bytes)
 Fraser workboats and tug Rueben Johnson (G-Tug Buffalo, 1912) in background

7/13 - USCG Mobile Bay was involved with the 50th anniversary celebrations at Eisenhower Lock
 - Ron Beaupre 
1-mobilebay-12-07-09-rb.jpg (124341 bytes)
USCG Mobile Bay pushes barge CGB 12002
2-mobilebay-12-07-09-rb.jpg (111909 bytes)
Through Iroquois Lock.

7/13 - John G. Munson enters Sandusky Sunday
Mark Demaline
1-Jgmunson-7-12-09-md.jpg (75994 bytes)
The John G Munson enters Sandusky harbor, with Cedar Point as a backdrop.

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