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July 14, 2009

7/14 - Calumet river July 13 - Tom Kort
3-srmayC-7-13-09-tk.jpg (75041 bytes)
Cement unloading facility
2-stmayrC-7-13-09-tk.jpg (95939 bytes)
Tug Prentiss Brown in the notch
1-stmaryC-7-13-09-tk.jpg (74985 bytes)
St. Mary Conquest bow
6-canadianE-7-13-09-tk.jpg (99463 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise loading coal on the west side of the river.
5-canadianE-7-13-09-tk.jpg (103554 bytes)
Seems like a lot of work to load this way.
4-canadianE-7-13-09-tk.jpg (71055 bytes) 8-catherineD-7-13-09-tk1.jpg (84419 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes
7-catherineD-7-13-09-tk.jpg (64754 bytes)    

7/14 -
Ship Traffic Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Saguenay-7-12-09-jm.jpg (67965 bytes)
Saguenay, the former lake Superior, arrives from Montreal.
2-HamEnergy-7-12-09-jm.jpg (104634 bytes)
The Hamilton Energy follows her in.
3-Saguenay-7-12-09-jm.jpg (76302 bytes)
Saguenay heading for Stelco
4-Saguenay-7-12-09-jm.jpg (63368 bytes)
Tug approaches, Canadian Leader in background.
5-Saguenay-7-12-09-jm.jpg (67866 bytes)
Omni Richelieu stands by to assist the Saguenay.

7/14 - Algolake inbound Hamilton Harbor
- Eric Holmes
1-AlgoLake-07-13-2009-eh.jpg (81505 bytes) 2-AlgoLake-07-13-2009-eh.jpg (112473 bytes)      

7/14 - Duluth
 - Ed Labernik
1-AmCentury-7-12-09-el.jpg (84803 bytes)
American Century lines up with the Duluth Ship Canal
2-AmCentury-7-12-09-el.jpg (91907 bytes)
Bow View, Duluth Ship Canal
3-AmCentury-7-12-09-el.jpg (94616 bytes)
Stern View, Duluth Ship Canal

7/14 -
Brig Niagara in Kingston Sunday - Tom Rutledge
niagara-at-sunset-kingston-.jpg (109504 bytes)        

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