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July 15, 2009

7/15 - Detroit River and Lake St Clair Traffic - Alex and Max Mager
1-MunSoo-7-15-09-AM.jpg (74410 bytes)
John G Munson being followed by the Algosoo
2-Munson-7-15-09-AM.jpg (81795 bytes)
3-Munson-7-15-09-AM.jpg (73727 bytes)
Another View
4-Munson-7-15-09-AM.jpg (76387 bytes)
Stern View
5-Algosoo-7-15-09-AM.jpg (84464 bytes)
6-MunSoo-7-15-09-AM.jpg (73622 bytes)
Following the Munson
7-Algosoo-7-15-09-AM.jpg (92446 bytes)
Stern View
8-Saginaw-7-15-09-AM.jpg (83962 bytes)
9-Saginaw-7-15-09-AM.jpg (76657 bytes)
Stern View
10-TreSag-7-15-09-AM.jpg (79334 bytes)
Passing the Paul R Tregurtha
11-Tregur-7-15-09-AM.jpg (71900 bytes)
12-Tregur-7-15-09-AM.jpg (75074 bytes)
Stern View
13-Tregur-7-15-09-AM.jpg (83273 bytes)
 Headed toward downtown Detroit
14-Jackso-7-15-09-AM.jpg (80886 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson
15-Jackso-7-15-09-AM.jpg (89126 bytes)
Stern View
16-DPrncs-7-15-09-AM.jpg (102671 bytes)
Party boat, Detroit Princess
17-DPrncs-7-15-09-AM.jpg (103317 bytes)
Into the sunset
18-GldCup-7-15-09-AM.jpg (69319 bytes)
Gold Cup races in the Detroit River

7/15 -
Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-amar-7-12-09-md.jpg (90128 bytes)
Algomarine laid up in Point Edward.
2-cuy-7-12-09-a-md.jpg (67327 bytes)
Cuyahoga in the north slip for repairs.
3-cuy-7-12-09-b-md.jpg (83599 bytes)
Afternoon view.
4-cuy-7-12-09-c-md.jpg (57839 bytes)
Night view.
5-sag-9-13-09-md.jpg (84999 bytes)
Saginaw up bound at Vantage Point.
6-kam-7-13-09-a-md.jpg (66161 bytes)
Kaministiqua down bound at 1 & 2.
7-kam-7-13-09-b-md.jpg (70550 bytes)
Down at Vantage Point
7/15 - Welland Canal July 11/13 - Paul Beesley
1-nova-7-11-09-pb.jpg (101334 bytes)
Algonova after leaving Lock 1 passing the John Spence.
2-flint-7-11-09-pb.jpg (79822 bytes)
Flinterduin downbound toward Lock 1.
3-front-7-11-09-pb.jpg (59305 bytes)
 Frontenac downbound toward Lock 1 on a day of frequent thunderstorms.
4-yosh-7-11-09-pb.jpg (81945 bytes)
 Federal Yoshino.  Those sailors who have never been on the Seaway before must consider this trip one of the more interesting.
5-spenc-7-11-09-pb.jpg (94997 bytes)
John Spence and barge.
6-oxl-7-11-09-pb.jpg (95384 bytes)
  OXL Lotus below Lock 1 with the pilot boat and USCGC Bristol Bay in background.
7-stav-7-11-09-pb.jpg (63037 bytes)
Stavrodromi upbound from Lock 3.  This ship is certainly built for navigation in ice-covered waters.  I wonder if she has ever been through the Northern Sea Route?
8-stav-7-11-09-pb.jpg (115345 bytes)
Stavrodromi at the Glendale bridge.
9-mt-7-11-09-pb.jpg (57757 bytes)
 Maritime Trader, now out of layup, upbound from Lock 1.
10-lauren-7-11-09-pb.jpg (81388 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound from Lock 2.

7/15 - Gordon C Leitch upbound at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-gcleitch-14-07-09-rb.jpg (60571 bytes)
With ore for Hamilton from Sept Iles.
2-gcleitch-14-07-09-rb.jpg (60029 bytes)      

7/15 - Vega Desgagnes downbound at Brockville Tuesday evening
 - Dave Bessant
1-VegaDesgagnes-07-14-09-WD.jpg (81561 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes all decked out in new paint at Brockville
2-VegaDesgagnes-07-14-09-WD.jpg (72991 bytes)
3-VegaDesgagnes-07-14-09-WD.jpg (67941 bytes)
4-VegaDesgagnes-07-14-09-WD.jpg (55080 bytes)
Stern view

7/15 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Indhrb-7-13-09-tc.jpg (45190 bytes)
Indiana Harbor
2-Indhrb-7-13-09-tc.jpg (68691 bytes) 3-Indhrb-7-13-09-tc.jpg (101015 bytes) 4-Prt-7-13-09-tc.jpg (81531 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha
5-Prt-7-13-09-tc.jpg (97022 bytes)
Close up of the coal loader
6-Alder-7-13-09-tc.jpg (96721 bytes) 7-Bhsmi-7-13-09-tc.jpg (111394 bytes)      

7/15 -
Superior, Wisconsin  - Tom Caine
1-Adame-7-14-09-tc.jpg (87518 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius on a rainy evening at General Mills Elevator S

7/15 -
Goderich July 13 - Bruce Douglas
Ag-Canyon713bdouglas.jpg (119119 bytes)
Agawa Canyon
Algoway71309douglas.jpg (121554 bytes)
Tadoussa713bdouglas.jpg (178131 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac remains in lay-up

7/15 -
Marquette Activity - Luke Archer
1-HCJackson-7-14-09-la.jpg (71036 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson head on at ore dock.
2-HCJackson-7-14-09-la.jpg (70458 bytes)
Leslie 425 and 300 whistles painted black on the stack.
3-HCJackson-7-14-09-la.jpg (79323 bytes)
Wide view at the ore dock.
4-HCJackson-7-14-09-la.jpg (92164 bytes)
Full view of the ore dock with the Jackson and the coal hopper.

7/15 -
Army Corp of Engineers' Tug Billmaier and Barge H.J. Schwartz at Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick
1_corpcmb_7_11_09_rb.jpg (124920 bytes)
Departing the Merchandise Dock with Charles M. Beeghly at the ore dock
2_corpmqt_7_11_09_rb.jpg (74297 bytes)
Moving to work on the Upper Harbor breakwall


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