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July 16, 2009

7/16 - Recent Marquette  - Lee Rowe
HCJacksonLR07140903.jpg (107353 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loading at Marquette
HCJacksonLR07140909.jpg (68783 bytes)
Jackson backing away from the dock
CMBeeghlyLR07152009_0010.jpg (74730 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly.
BlueHeronLR07150903.jpg (175651 bytes)
 Blue Heron

7/16 -
Duluth traffic for Wednesday July 15 - Travis Chadwick
1-cornelius7-15-09tc.jpg (95961 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius backing out of General Mills dock in Superior with a load of grain for Buffalo.
2-ehgott-7-15-09-tc.jpg (65671 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott heading toward Duluth ship canal and ultimately for DMIR for taconite.
3-undaunted7-15-09tc.jpg (75497 bytes)
Close up of tug Undaunted.
4-undaunted7-15-09tc.jpg (78426 bytes)
Barge Pere Marquette 41and tug Undaunted departing Duluth with a load of scrap.

Traffic in Duluth Monday night and into Tuesday morning

1-jbarker-7-14-09-tc.jpg (59176 bytes)
James R. Barker fueling at Murphy Fuel Dock. She loaded coal at Midwest Energy Terminal after Paul R. Tregurtha and Departed Tuesday morning.
2-tregurtha7-14-09tc.jpg (66547 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha loading at SMET.

7/16 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine

1-Perem-7-15-09-tc.jpg (60612 bytes)
Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 in front channel
2-Perem-7-15-09-tc.jpg (77929 bytes)
Undaunted closeup
3-Perem-7-15-09-tc.jpg (72714 bytes)
 Undaunted/Pere Marquette approaching turning buoy
4-Adame-7-15-09-tc.jpg (77182 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius backing from General Mills "S"
5-Adame-7-15-09-tc.jpg (90341 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius starboard view
6-Adame-7-15-09-tc.jpg (72155 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius backing toward East Gate
7-Gott-7-15-09-tc.jpg (88988 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott passing Duluth waterfront
8-Aecvque-7-15-09-tc.jpg (66393 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius on Lake Superior with Vista Queen
9-Vistaq-7-15-09-tc.jpg (77359 bytes)
Vista Queen
10-Gtugdk-7-15-09-tc.jpg (111568 bytes)
G-Tug Dock
11-Ehgott-7-15-09-tc.jpg (66893 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott docking at Murphy with strong west wind
12-Alder-7-15-09-tc.jpg (97734 bytes)
USCGC Alder under Aerial Bridge
13-Alder-7-15-09-tc.jpg (73010 bytes)
Alder closeup
14-Alder-7-15-09-tc.jpg (83789 bytes)
Alder off Coast Guard Station

7/16 - Welland Canal, July 14-
Paul Beesley
1-kum-7-14-09-pb.jpg (96097 bytes)
Federal Kumano leaving Lock 7.  On the wall opposite is a pleasure craft waiting to lock down.  Quite the difference in size.
2-kum-7-14-09-pb.jpg (166278 bytes)
 The ice horn on the Federal Kumano.  This protects the rudder if the ship has to go astern in ice, as long as the rudder is amidships.
3-halcy-7-14-09-pb.jpg (119709 bytes)
Pleasure craft Halcyon at the Homer bridge.  She went down the canal with 2 other craft.
4-dream-7-14-09-pb.jpg (174147 bytes)
Howie's Dream approaching Lock 2 downbound.  She was in company with Halcyon & SCS Grayfox.
5-kam-7-14-09-pb.jpg (87656 bytes)
Kaministiqua down toward Lock 1.
6-gfox-7-14-09-pb.jpg (138073 bytes)
SCS Grayfox downbound at the Homer bridge.  The 120-foot Gray Fox is a decommissioned Navy torpedo recovery ship.
7-gfox-7-14-09-pb.jpg (79214 bytes)
SCS Grayfox approaching Lock 2 downbound.  From April through November the Sea Cadets operate this ship.
8-gfox-7-14-09-pb.jpg (132374 bytes)
SCS Grayfox in the chamber of Lock 2.  The Grayfox is based in Port Huron, MI.

7/16 - Fairport Harbor Activity July 15
Robert Hunter
1-Thompson-7-15-9-rh.jpg (74879 bytes)
Thompson unloading stone at Sidleys
2-Algolake-7-15-9-rh.jpg (72523 bytes)
Algolake astern of the Thompson. Tight fit to load salt, the Algolake has to move forward and back to accommodate the stationary loader
3-Algolake-7-15-9-rh.jpg (103264 bytes)
Algolake taking on salt at the Morton Dock

7/16 - Hamilton
John McCreery
1-FedFuji-7-15-09-jm.jpg (57604 bytes)
The Federal Fuji is still in port and is taking on a load of scrap metal at pier 12. The Gordon C Leitch arrived  in the afternoon of the 15th with a load of ore from Sept Iles for delivery to Dofasco.
2-FedFuji-7-15-09-jm.jpg (120566 bytes)
Federal Fuji loading scrap metal at pier 12.
3-GCLeitch-7-15-09-jm.jpg (70082 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch arriving with ore from Sept Iles.
4-GCLeitch-7-15-09-jm.jpg (67303 bytes) 5-GCLeitch-7-15-09-jm.jpg (65908 bytes)
Bow view at the entrance to the Burlington Piers.
6-GCLeitch-7-15-09-jm.jpg (68432 bytes)
Stern view

7/16 - Historical Perspectives
Four Patterson Ships at Midland, Ontario Simcoe Elevator in 1970's. - Vern Sweeting
4-pattersons---Midland-On-1.jpg (30821 bytes)
 In order from dock are Comeaudoc, Senator of Canada, Paterson and, Quedoc
4-pattersons---Midland-On-2.jpg (73546 bytes)      

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