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July 18, 2009

7/18 - Sarnia / Point Edward  - Marc Dease
1-fron-7-15-09-a-md.jpg (80544 bytes)
Frontenac upbound at Vantage Point.
2-fron-7-15-09-b-md.jpg (94249 bytes)
Following the American Integrity into Lake Huron.
3-cal-7-15-09-a-md.jpg (81864 bytes)
Calumet upbound at Vantage Point.
4-cal-7-15-09-b-md.jpg (74667 bytes)
Following the Frontenac and American Integrity into Lake Huron.
5-cape-7-15-09-a-md.jpg (54313 bytes)
Morning rush hour on Lake Huron.
6-cape-7-15-09-b-md.jpg (66608 bytes)
Algocape down bound at 1 & 2.

7/18 - Interlake on the Rouge River with pellets for SeverStal
 -Chuck Wagner
1-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (114127 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson backing out of the boat slip after unloading.
2-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (116092 bytes)

3-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (108948 bytes)
Finishing her turn.
Lined up for the Dix Ave Bridge
4-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (108455 bytes)
Waiting for a train.
5-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (124561 bytes)
Passing through the raised NS bridge.
6-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (95623 bytes)
Approaching the Jefferson Ave. bridge.
7-HCJ-07-07-09-cw.jpg (89938 bytes)
Entering the Detroit River.
8-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (112739 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly heading up the Rouge to unload at SeverStal.
9-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (93311 bytes)
Last car for a long CSX stack train.
10-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (94784 bytes)
Waiting for the NS bridge to open.
11-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (140049 bytes)
Bridge opening.
12-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (84867 bytes)
Approaching the Dix Ave. bridge.
13-CMB-07-17-09-cw.jpg (106051 bytes)
Turning into the boat slip.
14-GLT-07-07-09-cw.jpg (120379 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Superior on the Detroit River.
15-SAS-07-07-09-cw.jpg (84781 bytes)
Tug Jane Ann IV / Barge Sarah Spencer in lay-up.

7/18 - F
riday at Brockville - Murray Blancher
1-OXL-Lotus-07-17-09-MB-.jpg (92257 bytes)
OXL Lotus downbound
2-OXL-Lotus-07-17-09-MB-.jpg (66379 bytes) 3-OXL-Lotus-07-17-09-MB-.jpg (101131 bytes) 4-Federal-Fuji=07-17-09-MB-.jpg (76557 bytes)
Federal Fuji downbound at Brockville
5-Federal-Fuji-07-17-09-MB-.jpg (79850 bytes)

7/18 - Stavrodomi in Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-stavrodomi-16-07-09-rb.jpg (66637 bytes)
She has a load from Sarnia for San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2-stavrodomi-16-07-09-rb.jpg (69303 bytes)      

7/18 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Quebec-7-16-09-tc.jpg (86308 bytes)
Quebecois backing from CN Missabe
2-Quebec-7-16-09-tc.jpg (58715 bytes)
 Quebecois backing in North Channel off CN Dock 5
3-Quebec-7-16-09-tc.jpg (71423 bytes)
Quebecois in South Channel approaching High Bridge

7/18 -
H Lee White loading ore in Escanaba on Friday - Lee Rowe
HLWhiteLR07170902.jpg (100572 bytes)
H Lee White at the ore dock, wide view
HLWhiteLR07170905.jpg (94317 bytes)
Bow view

7/18 -
Duluth / Superior April 5, 2003 - Paul Beesley
1-olym-4-05-03-pb.jpg (141305 bytes)
Canadian Olympic entering the ice off Superior. 
2-prog-4-05-03-pb.jpg (108770 bytes)
Canadian Progress entering ice off Superior. 
3-light-4-05-03-pb.jpg (79113 bytes)
The lighthouse at Superior, WI.  Notice the man on the ice to the left.
4-indhbr-4-05-03-pb.jpg (170066 bytes)
Indiana Harbor outbound from Superior. 
5-sundew-4-05-03-pb.jpg (62408 bytes)
USCGC Sundew working the ice outside Superior.  Ice conditions were tough for a few days. 

7/18 - Winter lay-up in Superior, 1960's
.  E.C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection.
img008.jpg (68760 bytes) img025.jpg (63918 bytes) img035.jpg (69453 bytes)    

7/18 - Historical Perspective
- Royal yacht Britannia passing by Marysville, July 1959. Photos by Ralph Butler III
1-Mackinaw-07-59-rb.jpg (54493 bytes)
The Mackinaw leading the royal procession.
2-Brittania-07-59-rb.jpg (93380 bytes)
Spectators line the shore as the Britannia passes.
3-Brittania2-07-59-rb.jpg (74302 bytes)
Profile of the Britannia.
4-FF258-07-59-rb.jpg (71922 bytes)
Canadian destroyer No. 258 is H.M.C.S. Kootenay. bringing up the rear.

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