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July 20, 2009

7/20 - Sykes in Escanaba - Ben & Chanda McClain
Sykes-7-18-09-BCM-01.jpg (75140 bytes)
Inbound for Escanaba
Sykes-7-18-09-BCM-02.jpg (57788 bytes)
Approaching the dock
Sykes-7-18-09-BCM-03.jpg (68596 bytes)
Tied up
Sykes-7-18-09-BCM-04.jpg (68023 bytes)
Loading ore

7/20 -
Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
Kurt-Paul-0909-190709-RBMTL.jpg (63642 bytes)
Recently built Kurt Paul at Sorel-Tracy before heading for Oshawa.
Le-Bateau-Mouche-190709-RBM.jpg (138751 bytes)
Tour boat Le Bateau Mouche in Montreal at the Old Port leaving for one of its regular harbor cruises.
Niagara-visit-Mtl-190709-RB.jpg (129203 bytes)
Tall ship Niagara open for visitors in the Old Port of Montreal.
Umiak-I-190709RBMTL.jpg (64046 bytes)
Umiak I laid up in Montreal since June 28.

7/20 -
Algoport transited the Panama Canal Saturday evening - from webcam of Port in Miraflores Lock
Algoport_southbound-Panama-.jpg (5997 bytes)
Algoport is heading to China for a new forebody.

7/20 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Jrbark-7-19-09-tc.jpg (82942 bytes)
James R. Barker entering Lake Superior
2-Belemo-7-19-09-tc.jpg (83570 bytes)
Beluga Emotion at General Mills A
3-Prt-7-19-09-tc.jpg (65084 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha at SMET
4-Kayeb-7-19-09-tc.jpg (73510 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker at Fraser Shipyard
5-Elrye-7-19-09-tc.jpg (85727 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson at Fraser
6-Stclair-7-19-09-tc.jpg (81663 bytes)
St. Clair at Fraser
7-Presq-7-19-09-tc.jpg (93585 bytes)
Presque Isle at CN Missabe
1-Wjmc-7-17-09-tc.jpg (77029 bytes)
Walter J, McCarthy Jr. backing to SMET
2-Wjmc-7-17-09-tc.jpg (59702 bytes)
McCarthy backing, American Integrity trimming
3-Wjmc-7-17-09-tc.jpg (90625 bytes)
Integrity finishing trim, McCarthy waiting for berth
4-Wjmc-7-17-09-tc.jpg (74900 bytes)
Integrity departing SMET
5-Amint-7-17-09-tc.jpg (64629 bytes)
Integrity fueling before departing Duluth
1-Alpena-7-18-09-tc.jpg (58084 bytes)
 Alpena entering Duluth Harbor with American Century in background at Murphy Dock
2-Alpena-7-18-09-tc.jpg (69761 bytes)
Alpena and J A W Iglehart at Lafarge Superior
3-Alpena-7-18-09-tc.jpg (79738 bytes)
Alpena and Iglehart transferring cargo ashore
4-Jbfor-7-18-09-tc.jpg (82807 bytes)
J B Ford awaiting her fate
5-Belug-7-18-09-tc.jpg (82084 bytes)
Beluga Emotion entering Duluth Harbor for General Mills A
6-Clelia-7-18-09-tc.jpg (72757 bytes)
Clelia II lifeboat and insignia

7/20 -
Welland Canal Traffic - Bob Dowson
1.diastar-19-07-09-bd.jpg (69926 bytes)
Diamond Star downbound at Lock 2
2.diastar-19-17-09-bd.jpg (75008 bytes)
Stern view

7/20 -
Herbert C. Jackson at Marquette's Lower Harbor Shiras Dock - Rod Burdick
1_hcj_7_14_09_rb.jpg (92552 bytes)
Arriving to unload stone
2_hcj_7_14_09_rb.jpg (74775 bytes)
Wide view

7/20 - Bath, Ontario
Murray Blancher
1-English-River-07-19-09-MB.jpg (87679 bytes)
English River at anchored off Bath On.
2-Canadian-Enterprise-07-19.jpg (85057 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise at Lafarge plant
3-Canadian-Enterprise-07-19.jpg (87684 bytes) 4-Canadian-Enterprise-07-19.jpg (93285 bytes)  

7/20 - Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (132370 bytes)
The Adam E Cornelius is unloading at the General Mills Frontier Elevator as seen from the Watson Basin while on board Miss Buffalo II.
2-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (65134 bytes)
The unloading rig is discharging grain from Duluth-Superior into the receiving hopper at General Mills.
3-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (91679 bytes)
 The bow of the Cornelius taken from the City Ship Canal looking North towards the Buffalo Skyway Bridge.
4-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (87084 bytes)
Apparently Canadian geese are also boatnerds, and are coming by to get a better look at the "A-Corn", or maybe they just like to eat the free grain that blows over the side of the ship
5-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (82991 bytes)
Here is a view showing just how much room the Cornelius takes up in the City Ship Canal since there is very little "good water" between her and the pleasure boat docks on the west Side of the channel.
6-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (109478 bytes)
This shot shows a close up of the stern house as we pass by.
7-A.E.-Cornelius-7-19-09-BR.jpg (100251 bytes)
The final photo shows the unusual shape of the aft structure and the overhang of the bridge.

7/20 -
Ojibway and Cuyahoga in Owen Sound - Wayne Brown
1-Ojib-7-12-9-wb.jpg (76400 bytes)
Ojibway unloading at grain elevator on July 12
2-Cuya-7-14-9-wb.jpg (67854 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading salt on July 14
3-Cuya-7-14-9-wb.jpg (97706 bytes) 4-Cuya-7-14-9-wb.jpg (81090 bytes)  

7/20 -
Brockville and Beauharnois - Dave Bessant
1-Algowood-07-15-09-WDB.jpg (72878 bytes)
 Algowood upbound at Brockville
2-Algowood-07-15-09-WDB.jpg (80343 bytes)
Waveriders at Algowood's stern
3-Algowood-07-15-09-WDB.jpg (82774 bytes) 4-Algowood-07-15-09-WDB.jpg (75597 bytes) 5-USGovtvessel-07-15-09-WDB.jpg (81392 bytes)
U S Government vessel very close to Brockville shoreline
6-CatherineDesgagnes-07-19-.jpg (93527 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes downbound
7-CatherineDesgagnes-07-19-.jpg (78209 bytes) 8-MaritimeTrader-07-19-09-W.jpg (31047 bytes)
Maritme Trader exiting Beauharnois lock, eastbound to Montreal

7/20 - Goderich
B. Douglas
CapeDiscovery71709bdouglas.jpg (90793 bytes) Jackman71709bdouglas.jpg (86465 bytes) Tadoussac7-17-09bdouglas.jpg (92878 bytes)    

7/20 - S
aturday in Muskegon  - Luke Lidgard
1-PHT-7-18-09-ll.jpg (123645 bytes)
Paul H. Townsend from the museum ship LST-393
2-StMC-7-18-09-ll.jpg (68686 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger with new stack colors
3-SMCPHT-7-18-09-ll.jpg (70826 bytes)
 Both the St. Marys Challenger and the Paul H. Townsend in lay-up
4-PHT-7-18-09-ll.jpg (73178 bytes)
Paul H. Townsend side profile
5-Duluth-7-18-09-ll.jpg (113248 bytes)
Tug Duluth
6-NOAA-7-18-09-ll.jpg (88919 bytes)
NOAA research vessel Laurentian

7/20 - Lake Huron and Detroit River -
Jeff Maiwald
DSC_0195.jpg (73289 bytes)
12 miles north of Port Sanilac MI.
TimSDool7.14.09.jpg (68794 bytes) DorthyanneTadoussac6.21.08.jpg (71262 bytes) DorthyAnne16.21.08.jpg (97051 bytes) CSLTadoussac6.21.08.jpg (64335 bytes)
Buffalo.May31.08.jpg (58941 bytes)
Detroit River May 31.
PhilipRClarke.May.31.08.jpg (115472 bytes) philipRclarke3May.31.08.jpg (84703 bytes) FederalNakagawaMay31.08.jpg (86031 bytes)  

7/20 -
Manistee arriving Green Bay Saturday evening - Scott Best
1-manistee-07-18-09-sb.jpg (88091 bytes)
Clearing the first of three rail road Bridges.
2-Manistee-07-18-09-sb.jpg (86459 bytes)
Passing downtown and approaching the Mason St Bridge.
3-manistee-07-18-09-sb.jpg (90811 bytes)
Stern view clear of Mason St, heading towards the second bridge.

7/20 -
Algoisle goes into layup in Hamilton - Bill Bird
1-Algoisle-7-18-09-a-bb.jpg (62811 bytes)
Algoisle entering Burlington Ship Canal
2-Algoisle-7-18-09-b-bb.jpg (111425 bytes)
Stern view
3-Algoisle-7-18-09-c-bb.jpg (55915 bytes)
With a puff of smoke, Algoisle makes sharp port wheel into Hamilton harbour
4-Algoisle-7-19-09-d-bb.jpg (81462 bytes)
Assisted by Nadro tugs Ecosse on bow and Viligant 1 on stern, Algoisle is turned 180 degrees.
5-Algoisle-7-18-09-e-bb.jpg (74409 bytes)
Ecosse and Vigilant 1 helping push Algoisle across harbor, passing Dofasco dock
6-Algoisle-7-18-09-f-bb.jpg (55664 bytes)
Algoisle nearing berth-to be rafted against Canadian Provider for temporary layup expected to last two months. Canadian Progress, meanwhile unloading coal at Dofasco.    


7/20 - Recent Detroit River Traffic
Mike Nicholls
BEEGHLYCHASMb10071709mn.jpg (34536 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly upbound off Sterling Fuels.
BEEGHLYCHASMs11071709mn.jpg (33776 bytes) ALGOWOODb13071709mn.jpg (31056 bytes)
Algowood upbound off Zug Island.
ALGOWOODs14071709mn.jpg (36514 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb01071809mn.jpg (38311 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
CRESSWELLPETERRs02071809mn.jpg (35928 bytes) DIAMONDSTARb05071809mn.jpg (36570 bytes)
Diamond Star upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
DIAMONDSTARs07071809mn.jpg (43006 bytes) SHEILAKAYEb01071409mn.jpg (85264 bytes)
Sheila Kaye in the Rouge River.
ALGOCAPEb01071509mn.jpg (37914 bytes)
Algocape in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ALGOCAPEs02071509mn.jpg (47334 bytes) LIMNOSb05071609mn.jpg (59946 bytes)
Limnos in Amherstburg.
LIMNOSs03071609mn.jpg (72485 bytes)

7/20 - Mapleglen departing Milwaukee high bridge 1999
under the command of Capt. R. Metz
MapleglendepartMilwaukeePie.jpg (48429 bytes)        

7/20 -
Meldrum Bay downbound on the St. Marys River 4-10-80 - Jacob Northup Collection
Meldrumbay-4-10-80-jn.jpg.jpg (65958 bytes)        

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