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July 25 - 26, 2009

7/26 - Charles M. Beeghly on the Rouge River July 24 - Ron Piskor
1-cmb-7-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (56057 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly approaching the Jefferson Avenue drawbridge.
2-cmb-7-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (119219 bytes)
The Beeghly having cleared the Conrail drawbridge prepares to pass the Peter R. Creswell as the Creswell swings its stern to port to allow the Beeghly through.
3-cmb-7-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (117724 bytes)
Having made it by the Creswell the Beeghly is seen clearing the Wabash Railroad drawbridge.
4-cmb-7-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (104538 bytes)
A Beeghly crew member radios starboard clearances to the pilothouse as they pass through the Fort Street drawbridge.
7/26 - St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Federal-Maas-72509rl.jpg (63506 bytes)
Federal Maas below Mission Point.
JacksonOjibway-72509rl.jpg (75295 bytes)
Ojibway supplies Herbert C. Jackson
Jackson-Ojibway72509rl.jpg (79793 bytes) Ojibway-Jackson--72509rl.jpg (68970 bytes) Kurt-Paul-72509rl.jpg (58990 bytes)
Kurt Paul at the Purvis dock

TregurthaLeeA-72509rl.jpg (62583 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha above Nine Mile.


7/26 -
Presque Isle loading at Stoneport Saturday - Steve Worm
presqueislestoneportjuly09-.jpg (99338 bytes)        

7/26 - Marquette -
 Lee Rowe
MichipicotenLR07230901.jpg (79848 bytes)
Michipicoten at the dock, fog visible beyond the dock.
MichipicotenLR07230903.jpg (103185 bytes)
MichipicotenLR07230906.jpg (88724 bytes)
Appears to have had painting done on cabins.
MichipicotenLR07250902.jpg (34569 bytes)
Michipicoten departing.
AECorneliusLR07250902.jpg (66153 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius unloading coal
AECorneliusLR07250905.jpg (102090 bytes)
Stern view 

7/26 -
Michipicoten arriving in fog at Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick
1_mich_7_23_09_rb.jpg (54765 bytes)
Moving along the ore dock
2_mich_7_23_09_rb.jpg (68427 bytes)
Bow view

7/26 -
St. Clair River - Matt Lemon
ST.CAR_SHOW.jpg (84848 bytes)
Amphicar ride at the St. Clair Car Show.
ST.CAR_SHOW1.jpg (93613 bytes)      

7/26 -
Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-star-7-15-09-pb.jpg (105263 bytes)
Diamond Star upbound at Bridge 11, Jul 15.
2-wood-7-16-09-pb.jpg (74285 bytes)
Algowood upbound toward Homer Bridge, Jul 16.
3-eng-7-23-09-pb.jpg (65793 bytes)
BBC England leaving Lock 7, Jul 23.
4-eng-7-23-09-pb.jpg (70191 bytes)
Upbound at Thorold
5-eship-7-23-09-pb.jpg (68877 bytes)
Eships Eagle upbound above Lock 3, Jul 23.
6-maas-7-23-09-pb.jpg (68517 bytes)
Federal Maas upbound above Lock 3, Jul 23.
7-maas-7-23-09-pb.jpg (100228 bytes)
At the Glendale bridge.
8-knut-7-23-09-pb.jpg (64533 bytes)
Pascale Knutsen upbound above Lock 1, Jul 23.  She is now registered in Aberdeen Scotland.
9-knut-7-23-09-pb.jpg (72727 bytes)
Approaching Lock 2.


7/26 -
Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Maas-07-22-09-MB-.jpg (94924 bytes)
Federal Maas upbound at Iroquois Lock July 22
2-Federal-Maas-07-22-09-MB-.jpg (120003 bytes) 3-Federal-Maas-07-22-09-MB-.jpg (97718 bytes) 1-Sichem-Newyork-07-25-09-M.jpg (80925 bytes)
Sichem Newyork downdbound at Iroquois
 2-Sichem-Newyork-07-25-09-M.jpg (79303 bytes)
3-Sichem-Newyork-07-25-09-M.jpg (94698 bytes) 4-Montrealais-07-25-09-MB-.jpg (92394 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at Iroquois

7/26 - Calixe upbound in Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-caliste-24-07-09-rb.jpg (78429 bytes)
Built in 1986
2-calixe-24-07-09-rb.jpg (88400 bytes)
She is 193 feet long.

7/26 -
Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine
1-Mccar-7-25-09-tc.jpg (70445 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy at SMET
2-Quebe-7-25-09-tc.jpg (113745 bytes)
Quebecois at CN Missabe
3-Quebe-7-25-09-tc.jpg (136110 bytes)
Quebecois close up
4-Mccar-7-25-09-tc.jpg (64721 bytes)
McCarthy leaving SMET
5-Atlan-7-25-09-tc.jpg (72093 bytes)
Atlantic Huron rounding Port Terminal for SMET
6-Mccar-7-25-09-tc.jpg (99453 bytes)
McCarthy approaching turning buoy
7-Mccar-7-25-09-tc.jpg (86149 bytes)
McCarthy close up
8-Mccar-7-25-09-tc.jpg (78954 bytes)
McCarthy rounding turning buoy

7/26 -
Saginaw unloading in Cleveland July 21 - Allen Seremak
Saginaw-7-21-09-as.jpg (99161 bytes)        

7/26 - Jet Speed IV
Mac Mackay
1-jetexpressIV-7-25-09-mm.jpg (64319 bytes)
The high speed catamaran Jet Speed IV left Halifax July 25 en route to her home port of Lorain, Ohio. The boat was en route from New Jersey and stopped in Halifax for a few hours only.

7/26 - Friday in Brockville Ontario -
Dave Bessant
1-Fen-07-24-09-WDB.jpg (64309 bytes)
Fen upbound approaching Blockhouse Island Brockville
2-Fen-07-24-09-WDB.jpg (84063 bytes)
Fen in front of Morristown NY and Brockville ON
3-Fen-07-24-09-WDB.jpg (77742 bytes) 4-Fen-07-25-09-WDB.jpg (61659 bytes) 5-Fen-07-24-09-WDB.jpg (101578 bytes)
6-FenGeneralBrockIII-07-24-.jpg (85833 bytes)
Fen with one of the two Brockville tour boats, the General Brock III
7-BelugaElegance-07-24-09-W.jpg (66872 bytes)
Beluga Elegance downbound around 8 pm approaching Brockville
8-BelugaElegance-07-24-09-W.jpg (87449 bytes) 10-BelugaElegance-07-24-09-.jpg (99513 bytes)  

7/26 - Saturday at Blockhouse Island, Brockville, Ontario -
Dave Bessant
1-GeneralBrockIII-07-25-09-.jpg (94049 bytes)
The General Brock III, a tour boat in Brockville
4-MaritimeTrader-07-25-09-W.jpg (96666 bytes)
Two old girls, Maritime Trader and an even older antique motor car.
5-MaritimeTrader-07-25-09-W.jpg (79363 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound
8-SichemNewYork-07-25-09-WD.jpg (65758 bytes)
Sichem New York approaching Brockville
9-SichemNewYork-07-25-09-WD.jpg (66411 bytes)
11-SichemNewYork-07-25-09-W.jpg (87130 bytes)
Dive boat with divers waving to crew onboard Sichem New York
12-SichemNewYork-07-25-09-W.jpg (73273 bytes)
Sichem New York exhibiting different stack markings to Fen yesterday, also of Eitzen Chemical
15-Montrealais-07-25-09-WDB.jpg (60685 bytes)
Montrealais downbound as well
16-Montrealais-07-25-09-WDB.jpg (65795 bytes) 17-OuterLimits-07-25-09-WDB.jpg (84212 bytes)
Speedy Cigarette boat

7/26 -
Le Havre, France. May 8/09 - Paul Beesley
1-freed-5-08-09-pb.jpg (66078 bytes)
Crude oil tanker Aegean Freedom leaving LeHavre. She was built in 2003, is 244 m (800 ft) long and has deadweight tonnage of 106074. Not an overly large ship by todayís standards.
2-barent-5-08-09-pb.jpg (97067 bytes)
Trailing suction hopper dredger Barent Zanen off the French coast.
3-ham-5-08-09-pb.jpg (103358 bytes)
Trailing suction hopper dredger Ham 317 off the French coast. 4.
4-lock-5-08-09-pb.jpg (119900 bytes)
One of the locks in Le Havre. This lock is to overcome the tides in the harbor and gives access to a basin. You can see the height of high water in the lock. Tides here are very large, over 8 m (26 ft) at spring tides.
5-heve-5-08-09-pb.jpg (129699 bytes)
Trailing suction hopper dredger La Heve in the lock at Le Havre. The La Heve is 70 m (230 ft) long and 12.8 m (42 ft) wide so the lock is a good size.
6-light-5-08-09-pb.jpg (330991 bytes)
There is a buoy depot here, and this large buoy is sitting on the dock. I suspect it is/was used to replace a light ship somewhere.
7-norms-5-08-09-pb.jpg (81444 bytes)
Two of LD Lines ferries passing in the harbor. As you can see the harbor is busy. There were over 20 ships in the anchorage this day.
8-spirit-5-08-09-pb.jpg (85782 bytes)
Ferry Norman Spirit leaving her dock en route to England. Again, notice the tide marks around the harbor.
9-voyag-5-08-09-pb.jpg (66844 bytes)
Ferry Norman Voyager backs into her dock. The trip from Le Havre, France to Portsmouth, UK takes a mere 5-1/2 hours.
10-buoyboat-5-08-09-pb.jpg (134289 bytes)
A small buoy tender at the base.
11-ramona-5-08-09-pb.jpg (106800 bytes)
Ramona, a small tanker, one of many ships anchored off Le Havre.
12-pilot-5-08-09-pb.jpg (146654 bytes)
Pilot boats in Rouen, which is right across the harbor from Le Havre; which has its own pilot boats.
13-tugs-5-08-09-pb.jpg (110600 bytes)
The two tugs that assisted the Aegean Freedom out of the harbour. They appear to be racing home for coffee, the one on the left going astern.
14-anto-5-08-09-pb.jpg (96868 bytes)
RT Antonie at the bow of the Aegean Freedom.
15-nuba-5-08-09-pb.jpg (77260 bytes)
Safmarine Nuba, a new container ship, inbound.
16-gir-5-08-09-pb.jpg (106793 bytes)
SD Gironde at the stern of the Aegean Freedom.
17-vlaan-5-08-09-pb.jpg (142860 bytes)
Vlaanderen XXI, another trailing suction hopper dredge, outside Le Havre. While searching for info about these dredges I came upon a 'dredgenerd' website, Bert Visserís Directory of Dredgers:
18-stern-5-08-09-pb.jpg (112863 bytes)
Tanker Weichselstern anchored outside. She is currently registered in the UK but operated by Rigel Schiffahrt, Bremen, Germany.

7/26 -
Beechglen taken by Bob Cambell on Georgian Bay 1993 Capt. R. Metz
ship.jpg (62981 bytes)        

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