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July 27, 2009

7/27 - Karen Andrie and barge Endeavor upbound on the St. Clair River - George Lee
Karen-Andrie.jpg (48456 bytes) Karen-Andrie-stern.jpg (62860 bytes)      

7/27 -
Alder in the lower St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Alder-72609-1.jpg (52612 bytes)        

7/27 - Marblehead Ohio
- Bob Vincent
RSPierson,7-26-09-bv.jpg (114252 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading stone in Marblehead Ohio

7/27 -
Milwaukee - David Borzymowski
1-scort-7-26-09-db.jpg (101721 bytes)
Stewart Cort-still laid up in Milwaukee
2-jmunson-7-26-06-db.jpg (74390 bytes)
John Munson anchored off Milwaukee
3-hlwhite-7-26-09.jpg (62074 bytes)
H Lee White unloading coal in Milwaukee's inner harbor
4-jackman-7-26-09-db.jpg (115003 bytes)
Capt Jackman unloading in the outer harbor of Milwaukee
5-jackman-7-26-09-db.jpg (98225 bytes)
Wide view-Captain Jackman unloading in the outer harbor of Milwaukee
6-kamquistina-7-26-09-db.jpg (89861 bytes)
Kaministiqua loading grain in Milwaukee's inner harbor
7-jmunson-7-26-09-db.jpg (43849 bytes)
John Munson Inbound to Milwaukee
8-jmunson-7-26-09-db.jpg (80801 bytes)
John Munson off Milwaukee on the hook.

7/27 -
Presque Isle at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain
Presq-7-25-09-BCM-01.jpg (67158 bytes)
Bow view
Presq-7-25-09-BCM-02.jpg (71369 bytes)
Rainbow over the Presque Isle
Presq-7-25-09-BCM-03.jpg (56444 bytes) Presq-7-25-09-BCM-04.jpg (85495 bytes)
Presq-7-25-09-BCM-05.jpg (75264 bytes)
Presq-7-25-09-BCM-06.jpg (52167 bytes)        

7/27 -
Robert S Pierson prepares to depart Cleveland on Sunday morning - Mark Demaline
Rspierson-7-26-09-md-jpg.jpg (112247 bytes)        

7/27 - St. Lawrence River
 - Rene Beauchamp
Coriolis-II-250709-RBMTL.jpg (77828 bytes)
On Saturday, the research vessel Coriolis II upbound on the St. Lawrence River off Sorel-Tracy.
Jacques-Cartier-250709-(A)R.jpg (114803 bytes)
On Saturday, the excursion vessel Jacques Cartier upbound on the Richelieu River at Sorel-Tracy. In the background, Kathryn Spirit laid up. Note new hull color. The tugs are Jarrett M and Bonnie B III

7/27 -
Cedar Beach, Ont. along the canal bank - John van der Doe
Amaco--Wisconsin-(2).jpg (129668 bytes) Amaco--Wisconsin-(3).jpg (141592 bytes) Amaco--Wisconsin-(5).jpg (109767 bytes) Amaco--Wisconsin-(8).jpg (142524 bytes) Life-boat-Amaco--Wisconsin-.jpg (126246 bytes)

7/27 - Iroquois Lock and Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-chemtrans-26-07-09-rb.jpg (70936 bytes)
Chemtrans Weser is entering Iroquois Lock on her first trip into the Great Lakes.
2-chemtrans-26-07-09-rb.jpg (65264 bytes)
She was built in South Korea last year.
3-markborg-26-07-09-rb.jpg (46293 bytes)
Markborg passing Federal Yukon at Mariatown.
4-radium-26-07-09-rb.jpg (61032 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife with BIG 551 has engine trouble and is headed for the nearest dock.

7/27 -
Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-clipp-07-26-09-pb.jpg (94820 bytes)
ASI Clipper at her berth in Port Weller.  In the background, Clelia II and Algocanada.  Jul 26/09.
2-sbr-07-26-09-pb.jpg (88925 bytes)
Stephen B Roman in bound toward Lock 1.  Jul 26/09.
3-prince-07-25-09-pb.jpg (80093 bytes)
Niagara Prince downbound from Lock 2.  Jul 25/09.
4-clel-07-26-09-pb.jpg (84533 bytes)
Clelia II disgorging passengers below Lock 1.  The passengers take a Wine tour as well as a tour of Niagara Falls and the Welland canal.  The ship picks them up again at Lock 7 and continues toward the upper lakes.  Jul 26/09.
5-srb-07-26-09-pb.jpg (82855 bytes)
Stephen B Roman passes the Algocanada.  The Roman is upbound toward Lock 1.  The Canada is tied up for repairs to her bow thruster.  Jul 26/09.

7/27 -
Soo Photos, Apr 25, 2003 - Paul Beesley
1-laur-4-25-03-pb.jpg (75798 bytes)
CSL Laurentien & Presque Isle passing at Pte Louise north of the Soo. 
2-laur-4-25-03-pb.jpg (84749 bytes)
CSL Laurentien upbound at Pte Louise north of the Soo. 
3-olden-4-25-03-pb.jpg (97326 bytes)
 Helena Oldendorff downbound at Parisienne. 
4-mak-4-25-03-pb.jpg (114522 bytes)
Makeevka upbound above the Soo locks. 
5-mak-4-25-03-pb.jpg (89440 bytes)
6-gem-4-25-03-pb.jpg (83963 bytes)
Island Gem at Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. 
7-miss-4-25-03-pb.jpg (141308 bytes)
Missouri locking upbound.
8-qued-4-25-03-pb.jpg (96692 bytes)
Quedoc, with the old Halco stack markings showing along with the Paterson markings, waiting for the torch in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. 
9-blough-4-25-03-pb.jpg (52047 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Lime Island. 
10-bucky-4-25-03-pb.jpg (106688 bytes)
USCGC Buckthorn at Sawmill Pt buoy depot on the St Mary's river.

7/27 - Aerial views of Buffalo
 - Dan Syrcher
01elevators-ds-7-26-09.jpg (134714 bytes)
This is a general picture of the Elevator "District" in Buffalo.
02-English-RVR-ds-7-26-09.jpg (96101 bytes)
The English River at LaFarge sitting very low in the water.
03Gateway-ds-7-26-09.jpg (121280 bytes)
A ship unloading coal at the Gateway Terminal.
04Gateway-ds-7-26-09.jpg (86405 bytes)
Still a lot of coal to unload.

7/27 -
Lake Superior near Duluth - Tom Caine
1-Llsmi-7-26-09-tc.jpg (53883 bytes)
Kahlenburg-powered R/V L.L. Smith (U. of Wisconsin, Superior) returning to Duluth
2-Llsmi7-26-09-tc.jpg (70149 bytes)
L.L. Smith

7/27 -
Duluth / Superior (complementing Paul Beesley's photos 7/18/09) - Tom and Nic Caine 
1-Sund-4-5-03-tc.jpg (59505 bytes)
.Samuel Risley backing into ice at Superior entry to break out Sundew and open Duluth-Superior Harbor
2-Sunris-4-05-03-tc.jpg (67168 bytes)
.Risley makes quick work of backing through ice
3-Rissun-4-5-03-tc.jpg (62601 bytes)
Sundew freed by Risley
4-Ris-4-5-03-tc.jpg (65536 bytes)
Samuel Risley
5-Ris-4-5-03-tc.jpg (71919 bytes)
Can anyone spot Paul Beesley?
6-Sund-4-5-09-tc.jpg (67336 bytes)
Sundew widening track
7-Ris-4-5-03-tc.jpg (74703 bytes)
Don't try this at home.
8-Indhbr-4-5-03-tc.jpg (93576 bytes)
Indiana Harbor assisted by G-tug Kentucky making turn to Superior piers

7/27 - Former Great Lakes vessels in Panama -
Kent Malo
Pacific-Trader.jpg (75867 bytes)
Centario Trader (ex Texaco Chief), both were seen recently at Balboa, Panama.
Centario-Trader-(ex-Saturn).jpg (127173 bytes)
Pacific Trader  (ex Saturn) at Balboa, Panama,



7/27 -
Cleveland Photos -  Kent Gurney
1-Fra-1-24-09-KG.jpg (88981 bytes)
Tug John Francis entering the Port of Cleveland 
2-Cel-7-24-09-KG.jpg (140720 bytes)
The Cleveland fire boat, Anthony J. Celebreeze, testing equipment in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Great Lakes Museum of Science and Industry, North Coast Harbor.
3-Apa-7-24-09-KG.jpg (123346 bytes)
Former Coast Guard tug Apalachee being refurbished and turned into a museum ship.
4-Cle-7-24-09-KG.jpg (117081 bytes)
The tug Cleveland, in the notch of barge Cleveland Rocks, unloading stone.
5-Sea-7-24-09-KG.jpg (116311 bytes)
St. Mary's Cement II unloading along the Cuyahoga River.  Tug Sea Eagle II is in the notch.
6-McK-7-24-90-KG.jpg (147573 bytes)
McKee's Sons and tug Invincible docked at the Mittal Steel Mill on the Cuyahoga River.

7/27 -
Detroit River - Mike Nichols
STECLAIREs02072409mn.jpg (62559 bytes)
Ste Claire at Nicholson's.
STECLAIREs03072409mn.jpg (66208 bytes) DETROITs04072409mn.jpg (41847 bytes)
Barge Detroit at La Salle, ON.
FEDERALYUKONb14072409mn.jpg (46984 bytes)
Federal Yukon (Hong Kong) downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
FEDERALYUKONs15072409mn.jpg (43692 bytes)
BEEGHLYCHARLESMb18072409mn.jpg (42729 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly & J W Westcott II downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
BEEGHLYCHARLESMs19072409mn.jpg (54206 bytes) KELSOb07072509mn.jpg (73711 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Kelso at Amherstburg.
KELSOs06072509mn.jpg (88387 bytes) CAPEDUNDASb10072509mn.jpg (39173 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Cape Dundas in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
SEAROBINHUGHb21072409mn.jpg (43473 bytes)
Sea Robin and Hugh upbound off Belanger Park, River Rouge,
SEAROBINb24072409mn.jpg (54760 bytes) SEAROBINs26072409mn.jpg (55767 bytes) HUGHSEAROBINs29072409mn.jpg (47363 bytes) HUGHs28072409mn.jpg (44340 bytes)

HUGHb25072409mn.jpg (43233 bytes)
PIERSONROBERTSb01072509mn.jpg (43342 bytes)
Robert S Pierson downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
PIERSONROBERTSs02072509mn.jpg (33877 bytes) ALGOLAKErainbows12072509mn.jpg (30885 bytes)
Algolake with a rainbow.

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