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July 28, 2009

7/28 - Presque Isle unloading stone in Huron, Ohio on Monday - Rex Cassidy
1-PIsle-7-27-09-rc.jpg (70439 bytes)
Full view with Huron Lime Plant
2-PIsle-7-27-09-rc.jpg (81442 bytes)
Close up of unloading
3-PIsle-7-27-09-rc.jpg (58108 bytes)
Bow shot from west breakwall
4-PIsle-7-27-09-rc.jpg (64923 bytes)
Tug Detail
5-PIsle-7-27-09-rc.jpg (65522 bytes)
Huron Lighthouse

7/28 - Soo -
Roger LeLievre
BeeghlyCM-72709rl.jpg (72369 bytes) BeeghlyCM72709rl.jpg (55311 bytes) Ojibway-72709rl.jpg (56354 bytes)    

7/28 -
Adam E. Cornelius at Marquette's Lower Harbor - Rod Burdick
1_aec_7_25_09_rb.jpg (99475 bytes)
Arriving to unload coal
2_aec_7_25_09_rb.jpg (69184 bytes)
Turning in the harbor
3_aec_7_25_09_rb.jpg (104522 bytes)
Backing toward the Shiras Dock
4_aec_7_25_09_rb.jpg (74244 bytes)
Departing later in the day after unloading coal

7/28 - Demolen and Veler alongside Russell Island discharging dredged spoil -
George Lee
Demolen,-Veler.jpg (101381 bytes)        

7/28 -
Edwin H Gott upbound at the Livingstone Crossing, Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
GOTTEDWINHb02073609mn.jpg (64865 bytes)        

7/28 - Hamilton Energy outbound Hamilton Harbor -
Eric Holmes
1-Henergy-07-27-2009-eh.jpg (64471 bytes) 2-Hamenergy-07-27-2009-eh.jpg (92394 bytes)      

7/28 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
2-RSPeirson,7-27-09-bv.jpg (77017 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson being loaded with coal
1-RSPeirson,7-27-09-bv.jpg (109827 bytes)
Coal for the Canadian Soo.

7/28 -
Monday the Bristol Bay and Mackinaw came to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival - Don Geske
GrandHaven-7-27-09-DG.jpg (111258 bytes)        

7/28 -
Karen Andrie out of the notch at the SEM Materials dock, Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-kandrie-7-27-09-ts-a.jpg (95984 bytes)        

7/28 -
Arctic Voyage of the Camilla Desgagnes - Frederic Dugay
Breevort7-26-09e.jpg (62851 bytes)
Breevort as seen from the Camilla Desgagnes
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09b.jpg (100207 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes with tugs aboard, these little tugs push the loaded barges to shore, stacked empty barges can be seen just astern of the tugs,
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09c.jpg (49656 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes following a CCGS It may have been the Terry Fox
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09h.jpg (62789 bytes)
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09g.jpg (114188 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes being unloaded via tug and barge, there are no docking facilities for large vessels,
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09i.jpg (81902 bytes)
Iquliut, Capitol of Nunavut, as seen from the deck of the Camilla Desgagnes
CamillaDesgagnes7-26-09.jpg (67626 bytes)
Umivjag, another community served by the Camilla Desgagnes.

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