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July 29, 2009

7/29 - St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Lambert-Spirit-72809.jpg (59333 bytes)
Barge Lambert Spirit
Purvis-Tugs.jpg (86756 bytes)
Purvis tugs Martin E. Johnson, Adanac and Wilfred M. Cohen
PurvisWJIsaac-72809.jpg (92742 bytes)
Tug W.J. Isaac Purvis (the former Joyce B. Gardiner) getting new colors at the Purvis dock in Sault, Ont.
JacksonHC72809-7.jpg (112731 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson enters the MacArthur Lock.
7/29 - Welland Canal July 27 - Paul Beesley
1-weser-7-27-09-pb.jpg (99364 bytes)
Chemtrans Weser, built in 2008, upbound at Port Robinson.
2-weser-7-27-09-pb.jpg (86994 bytes)
Chemtrans Weser upbound at Port Robinson meeting a downbound laker. 
3-cuya-7-27-09-pb.jpg (68124 bytes)
Cuyahoga after leaving Lock 1.  Canadian Progress on the wall waiting for the lock.  CCGS Griffon at the shipyard. 
4-cuya-7-27-09-pb.jpg (87167 bytes)
Cuyahoga on her way to Lock 2.
5-engriv-7-27-09-pb.jpg (65302 bytes)
English River downbound toward Lock 1. 
6-engriv-7-27-09-pb.jpg (58414 bytes) Another view of the English River. 7-mark-7-27-09-pb.jpg (91226 bytes)
Markborg entering the canal at Port Weller Piers, Lake Ontario. 
8-mark-7-27-09-pb.jpg (76568 bytes)
Markborg and Mrs C approaching the Piers from the lake.  The canal pilot has already been put on board the ship. 

7/29 -
Duluth/ Superior vessel traffic for July 27 -28  - Travis Chadwick
1-jbarker-7-28-09-tc.jpg (102470 bytes)
James R. Barker backing towards Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
2-jbarker-7-28-09-tc.jpg (88832 bytes)
 Superstructure close-up as she passes under the Blatnik Bridge.
3-jbarker-7-28-09-tc.jpg (61638 bytes)
Close up of wheelhouse.
4-creswell7-28-09tc.jpg (104897 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell arriving on a rare trip to Duluth.
5-creswell7-28-09tc.jpg (116830 bytes)
Another view.
6-creswell7-28-09tc.jpg (82574 bytes)
Close- up of superstructure- on her way to DMIR for taconite.

7/29 -
Tuesday at Brockville - Dave Bessant
1-Houghton-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (86146 bytes)
Tug Houghton out of Kingston
2-Houghton-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (107219 bytes)
Close up of Houghton
3-HoughtonJohnSpence-07-28-.jpg (90534 bytes)
Houghton  downbound passing John Spence
4-JohnSpence-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (78103 bytes)
Tug John Spence pushing McAsphalt 401
5-JohnSpence-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (76367 bytes)
John Spence close up
6-Algosoo-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (56207 bytes)
Algosoo downbound
7-Algosoo.07-28-09-WDB.jpg (52053 bytes)
Algosoo bow
8-Algosoo-07-28-09-WDB.jpg (83400 bytes)
Algosoo stern view

7/29 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Calumet,7-28-09-bv.jpg (140361 bytes)
Aft view
2-Calumet,7-28-09-bv.jpg (95158 bytes)
Stack and pilot house
3-Calumet,7-28-09-bv.jpg (92168 bytes)
Forward view, loading for Muskegon

7/29 - Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-spence-28-07-09-rb.jpg (77326 bytes)
John Spence passes CSL Assiniboine
2-spence-28-07-09-rb.jpg (63638 bytes)
John Spence pushing barge McAsphalt 401 up the river.

7/29 -
Tuesday afternoon Grand Haven   - Don Geske
StMarysConquest-7-28-09DG.jpg (71935 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest and downtown Grand Haven
PrentissBrown-7-28-09-DG-b.jpg (80894 bytes)
Tug Prentiss Brown

7/29 - Marquette -
Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR07270901.jpg (92781 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha bow view at the dock.
LATregurthaLR07270908.jpg (120080 bytes)
Wide view, waiting to load

7/29 - Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Integlg-7-28-09-BCM-01.jpg (61944 bytes)
Lake Guardian out in the bay
Integlg-7-28-09-BCM-02.jpg (82413 bytes)
Integrity coming in

7/29 -
Edwin H. Gott entering the St Clair River at Sarnia June 13 - Roland Marissen.
from-L18-twice-020.jpg (61106 bytes)        

7/29 - Public Gallery Updates

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