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August 2, 2009

8/2 - Duluth-Superior Friday - Tom Caine
1-Presq-7-31-09-tc.jpg (69983 bytes)
Presque Isle finished fueling and waiting for berth at CN
2-Presq-7-31-09-tc.jpg (63361 bytes)
Presque Isle at Murphy
3-Presq-7-31-09-tc.jpg (73199 bytes)
Presque Isle at Rice's Point
4-Presq-7-31-09-tc.jpg (97435 bytes)
Presque Isle at High Bridge
5-Adame-7-31-09-tc.jpg (74804 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius loading at General Mills Elevator "S" Friday
6-Presque-7-31-09-tc.jpg (103165 bytes)
Presque Isle under the chutes at CN Missabe and Canadian Olympic under the shuttle conveyors
7-Adame-7-31-09-tc.jpg (108048 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at Elevator "S"
8-Adame-7-31-09-tc.jpg (84098 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius trimming at dusk
9-Huck-7-31-09-tc.jpg (129531 bytes)
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, 2009

8/2 -
Duluth-Superior Thursday - Tom Caine
1-Amerce-7-30-09-tc.jpg (69627 bytes)
American Century working off dock at SMET
2-Edwin-7-30-09-tc.jpg (60376 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott ready to load taconite at CN Missabe
3-Amerce-7-30-09-tc.jpg (85336 bytes)
American Century outbound at Cargill
4-Johnj-7-30-09-tc.jpg (77012 bytes)
John J. Boland arriving with limestone inside Duluth piers
5-Johnj-7-30-09-tc.jpg (67180 bytes)
 What happened to the Boland?
6-Johnj-7-30-09-tc.jpg (67093 bytes)
John J. Boland and American Century meeting on 2 whistles
7-Johnj-7-30-09.jpg (69051 bytes)
John J, Boland fueling at Murphy dock
8-Johnj-7-30-09-tc.jpg (76503 bytes)
John J. Boland heading for Superior Front Channel and Graymont Superior
9-Walter-7-30-09-tc.jpg (88671 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy arriving Duluth piers
10-Walter-7-30-09-tc.jpg (70926 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy in piers

8/2 -
Algoway arrived in Lorain, Ohio Friday evening - Jim Bobel
1-Algoway-7-31-09-JCB.jpg (82442 bytes)
Passing the jewel of Lorain and entering the inner harbor
2-Algoway-7-31-09-JCB.jpg (68246 bytes)
Stern view, entering the Black River as a couple of local fisherman watch her pass.
3-Algoway-7-31-09-JCB.jpg (65583 bytes)
Heading up the  Black River
4-Algoway-7-31-09-JCB.jpg (98348 bytes)
The bow starting under the Charles Berry Bacule Bridge.
5-Algoway-7-31-09-JCB.jpg (86691 bytes)
Stern view, passing under the Charles Berry Basile Bridge.

8/2 -
Soo - Lee Rowe
FrontenacLR073009_08.jpg (54755 bytes)
Frontenac approaching Mission Point
FrontenacLR073009_17.jpg (77693 bytes) KurtPaulLR073009_04.jpg (74765 bytes)
Kurt Paul waiting at Purvis dock for the Federal Maas to leave the Export Dock
Ojibway073009_10.jpg (57409 bytes)
Ojibway approaching the Mac Lock
Ojibway073009_15.jpg (64491 bytes)
More Ojibway
PCresswellLR073009_04.jpg (51336 bytes)
Peter Cresswell at Mission Point on a cloudy day.

8/2 - Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre
1-jette-01-08-09-rb.jpg (61799 bytes)
A new ship from Denmark, Jette Theresa, upbound
2-theresa-01-08-09-rb.jpg (63899 bytes)
She flies the Q flag to indicate she is a healthy ship.
3-jette-01-08-09-rb.jpg (71991 bytes)
First trip into the Great Lakes for Jette Theresa.
1-jetexpress-31-07-09-rb.jpg (60300 bytes)
Jet Express IV is on her delivery trip from New Jersey to Lake Erie.
2-jetexpress-31-07-09-rb.jpg (68725 bytes)
This will be a new service to Put In Bay and Kelley's Island.

8/2 - Hamilton
 - Eric Holmes
1-Mtrader-07-31-2009-eh.jpg (48016 bytes)
Maritime Trader inbound to Hamilton Harbor
2-Mtrader-07-31-2009-eh.jpg (98539 bytes)
Under the Burlington lift Bridge
3-Mtrader-07-31-2009-eh.jpg (59161 bytes)
Maritime Trader stern view
4-Jospirit-07-31-2009-eh.jpg (83378 bytes)
Jo Spirit inbound to Hamilton Harbor
5-Jospirit-07-31-2009-eh.jpg (74308 bytes)
Stern view

8/2 - Detroit River
Mike Nicholls
INTRGRITYb02073009mn.jpg (43483 bytes)
Integrity & G L Ostrander downbound off Great Lakes Steel.
INTEGRITYs03073009mn.jpg (37507 bytes) QUEBECOISs01073109mn.jpg (40593 bytes)
Quebecois off Nicholson's Ecorse.
CANADIANPROSPECTORb05073309.jpg (42500 bytes)
Canadian Prospector upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
CANADIANPROSPECTORs06073009.jpg (43408 bytes)
JACKSONHERBERTCb02073109mn.jpg (43977 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
JACKSONHERBERTCs03073109mn.jpg (44291 bytes) KATMAIBAYb05073109mn.jpg (41411 bytes)
Katmai Bay downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
MARTINPAULJRTHONb14073109mn.jpg (42846 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin at Ojibway Salt Dock.
MARTINPAULJRTHONb12073109mn.jpg (38091 bytes)
MARTINPAULJRTHONs11073109mn.jpg (57882 bytes) MARTINPAULJRTHONs09073109mn.jpg (50477 bytes) STORMONTs16073109mn.jpg (69545 bytes)
Stormont at Morterm.
LACMANITOBAb20073109mn.jpg (71972 bytes)
Lac Manitoba at Morterm.
LACMANITOBAs18073109mn.jpg (75698 bytes)

8/2 - Thousand Island
Murray Blancher
1-Thousand-Islander-IV-07-3.jpg (91492 bytes)
Gananoque Boatlines Thousand Islander IV departing the dock in Gananoque Friday

8/2 -
Earl D. - a 1950's fishing tug originally registered in Tobermory.  If you have details on the builder or the history of the tug please post to the Search page
earl3.jpg (108920 bytes)
Earl D making an entrance in the Toronto Islands
DSC_0003_4.jpg (110819 bytes)
Earl as found in Jarvis
IMG_5680.jpg (112441 bytes)
New earl under way

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