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August 3, 2009

8/3 - Canadian Enterprise Arriving in Goderich, Ontario - Philip Nash
1-CdnEnterprise-01-08-09-pn.jpg (81380 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise backing into the Sifto Salt dock in Goderich, Ontario with help from MacDonald Marine tugs
2-MacDonTugs-01-08-09-pn.jpg (109051 bytes)
Tugs Ian Mac, Debbie Lyn  and Donald Bert assist the Canadian Enterprise.
3-IanMac-01-08-09-pn.jpg (122106 bytes)
Tug Ian Mac.
4-DebbieLyn-01-08-09-pn.jpg (88990 bytes)
Tug Debbie Lyn.
5-DonaldBert-01-08-09-pn.jpg (96644 bytes)
Tug Donald Bert.
6-CdnEnterprise-01-08-09-pn.jpg (98845 bytes)
Tugs making the final push to the dock.
7-CdnEnterprise-01-08-09-pn.jpg (75053 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise arrives at the dock.
8-Goderich-01-08-09-pn.jpg (56529 bytes)
Loading spout positioned over the cargo hold and ready to load salt.
9-CSLTad-01-08-09-pn.jpg (79045 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac at lay-up in Goderich.

8/3 - Port Huron,
August 2 -
Bruce Hurd
PetrochemSupplierb8-2-09.jpg (71520 bytes)
Tug Corpus Christi pushing the new tank barge Petrochem Supplier. These are owned by U.S. Shipping Company
PetrochemSupplier8-2-09.jpg (86190 bytes)
Delivery trip off the lakes
yachtlindalou8-2-09.jpg (54485 bytes)
Yacht Linda Lou anchored off Lake Huron cut buoy 3,

8/3 - Welland Canal
 July 30- Paul Beesley
1-ent-7-30-09-pb.jpg (87427 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise in Lock 1. 
2-nav-7-30-09-pb.jpg (83774 bytes)
Canadian Navigator upbound from Lock 8, Port Colborne. 
3-nav-7-30-09-pb.jpg (118411 bytes)
Canadian Navigator upbound at bridge 21, Port Colborne. 
4-simm-7-30-09-pb.jpg (112210 bytes)
CCGC Simmonds upbound at Port Robinson. 
5-crow-7-30-09-pb.jpg (138693 bytes)
D W Crow upbound at Port Robinson. 
6-sand-7-30-09-pb.jpg (97967 bytes)
Empire Sandy upbound at Port Robinson. 
8-jba-7-30-09-pb.jpg (69368 bytes)
John B Aird upbound at Port Robinson. 
9-jba-7-30-09-pb.jpg (71556 bytes) 10-niag-7-30-09-pb.jpg (101790 bytes)
Brig Niagara upbound at Port Colborne. 
11-niag-7-30-09-pb.jpg (124670 bytes)
Brig Niagara approaching the dock at Port Colborne. 
12-se2-7-30-09-pb.jpg (117376 bytes)
Sea Eagle 2 upbound at bridge 21, Port Colborne. 
13-swimm-7-30-09-pb.jpg (134720 bytes)
Swimming in Port Colborne before the Niagara arrives. 
14-cape-7-28-09-pb.jpg (73988 bytes)
Algocape downbound toward Lock 1.  Jul 28/09.
15-cape-7-28-09-pb.jpg (66279 bytes)
Algocape downbound toward Lock 1.  Jul 28/09.

8/3 -
Algoeast transiting Livingstone Channel  - Keith Norling
1-Algoeast-1-Detroit-River-.jpg (93159 bytes)
Algoeast entering Livingstone channel
2-Algoeast-2-Livingstone-Ch.jpg (77980 bytes)
In the channel
3-Algoeast-stern-Detroit-Ri.jpg (118372 bytes)
Stern view
4-Detroit-River-Light-Algoe.jpg (56791 bytes)
Algoeast and the Detroit River Light
6-Detroit-River-Light-2-2Au.jpg (110609 bytes)
Detroit River Light

8/3 -
Duluth -  Tom Caine
1-Clelia-8-1-09-tc.jpg (84713 bytes)
Clelia II at Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center Dock
2-Presq-8-1-09-tc.jpg (127459 bytes)
Presque Isle loading Taconite after unloading limestone at CN Missabe
3-Clelia-8-1-09-tc.jpg (58712 bytes)
Clelia II departing Duluth with a rain shower closing in
4-Clelia-8-1-09-tc.jpg (76689 bytes)
Clelia II departing Duluth piers

8/3 -
Maumee in Gladstone - Rod Burdick
1_maumee_8_2_09_rb.jpg (74715 bytes)
Unloading salt
2_maumee_8_2_09_rb.jpg (128029 bytes)
Bow view

8/3 - Detroit River
 - Mike Nicholls
CAPEDUNDASb02080209mn.jpg (70526 bytes)
Cape Dundas upbound behind Fighting Island. August 2
CAPEDUNDASs03080209mn.jpg (60949 bytes) AMERICANMARINERb05080209mn.jpg (32670 bytes)
American Mariner upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel. August 2
AMERICANMARINERs06080209mn.jpg (43382 bytes) BIONICb02080109mn.jpg (82135 bytes)
Hotte Marine's Bionic upbound off of La Salle, Ontario. August 1
BIONICs03080109mn.jpg (67105 bytes)        

8/3 -
Joseph L. Block at Cedarville - Ben & Chanda McClain
JBlck-8-1-09-BCM-01.jpg (76318 bytes)
Tied up at Cedarville dock
JBlck-8-1-09-BCM-02.jpg (84538 bytes)
JBlck-8-1-09-BCM-03.jpg (101234 bytes) JBlck-8-1-09-BCM-04.jpg (79437 bytes)
leaving the dock
JBlck-8-1-09-BCM-05.jpg (71319 bytes)
stern view departing

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