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August 6 - 7, 2009

8/7 - Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-lacvan-06-08-09-rb.jpg (65827 bytes)
Lac Vancouver pushing barge Beaver Neptune up the Seaway at Mariatown.
2-lacvan-06-08-09-rb.jpg (104942 bytes)
This tug appears to be a wreck. Could it be one of the McNally tugs lost on the coast of Labrador?
3-lacvan-06-08-09-rb.jpg (86727 bytes)
 Lac Vancouver sporting her new wheelhouse and McNally Marine colors.
4-lacvan-06-08-09-rb.jpg (107848 bytes)
Another view of the wrecked tug.
5-lacvan-06-08-09-rb.jpg (107037 bytes)
Another view of Lac Vancouver without her old smokestack.
6-canprosp-06-08-09-rb.jpg (66826 bytes)
Canadian Prospector takes a load of grain from Thunder Bay to Baie Comeau.

8/7 -
Iroquois Lock - Dave Bessant
1-CanadianProspector-08-06-.jpg (88096 bytes)
Canadian Prospector leaving the Iroquois Locks downbound
2-LacVancouver-08-06-09-WDB.jpg (116827 bytes)
Lac Vancouver tied up at Iroquois
3-LacVancouver-08-06-09-WDB.jpg (146123 bytes)
Lac Vancouver barge content
4-LacVancouver-08-06-09-WDB.jpg (142594 bytes)
Lac Vancouver
5-LacVancouver-08-06-09-WDB.jpg (138651 bytes)
Lac Vancouver and speedy s/y Fazisi on her way to Kingston and then Chicago. The Fazisi is a maxi type 82' racing yacht owned by the Polish Yachting Association of North America.
6-LacVancouver-08-06-09-WDB.jpg (114887 bytes)
Lac Vancouver close up

8/7 -
Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick
1_sag_8_2_09_rb.jpg (97922 bytes)
Saginaw, bow view arriving at the ore dock
2_sag_8_2_09_rb.jpg (115535 bytes)
Saginaw at the ore dock
3_da_path_8_2_09_rb.jpg (71165 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder backing into the Lower Harbor Shiras Dock
4_da_path_8_2_09_rb.jpg (75853 bytes)
Unloading stone after sunset

8/7 -
Marquette - Lee Rowe
RSPiersonLR08060903.jpg (110953 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at the dock waiting to load.
RSPiersonLR08060907.jpg (90665 bytes)
Pierson departing


8/7 -
J W Shelley downbound passes Montreal landmarks - Ken Goslett
1-JWShelley-080609kg.jpg (84826 bytes)
Leaving the St. Lambert Lock, the gateway to the Seaway.
2-JWShelley-080609kg.jpg (95361 bytes)
With the former U.S. pavilion from Expo '67, the Montreal World's Fair, in the background.
3-JWShelley-080609kg.jpg (90503 bytes)
With the Olympic Stadium tower looming in the background.
4-JWShelley-080609kg.jpg (88110 bytes)
Stern view with the Port of Montreal and the Olympic Stadium as a backdrop.

8/6 -
Maumee in Cleveland - Jeff Birch
1-maumee-8-5-09-jb.jpg (104707 bytes)
Tug Iowa made up and waiting.
2-maumee-8-5-09-jb.jpg (101632 bytes)
Finishing off-load.
3-maumee-8-5-09-jb.jpg (115780 bytes)
4-iowa-8-5-09-jb.jpg (170399 bytes)
Tug Iowa
5-maumee-8-5-09-jb.jpg (85229 bytes)
Looking directly at the stern.
6-maumee-8-5-09-jb.jpg (87738 bytes)  

8/6 - Goderich -
Bruce Douglas
JohnBAird38509Douglas.jpg (55764 bytes)
John B. Air loading
JohnBAird8509BDouglas.jpg (63190 bytes) JohnBAird2-8509Douglas.jpg (123747 bytes) Tadousssac809b-Douglas.jpg (95532 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac

8/6 -
Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Gordo-8-5-09-tc.jpg (92269 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch outbound with taconite at SMET
2-Gordo-8-5-09-tc.jpg (84414 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch at General Mills Elevator "S"
3-Walter-8-5-09-tc.jpg (64392 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy at Port Terminal undergoing repairs
4-Feder-8-5-09-tc.jpg (75438 bytes)
Federal Elbe at Cenex Harvest States 2
5-Walter-8-5-09-tc.jpg (56884 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy with Antikeri at Peavey in the background

8/6 - Blockhouse Island Wednesday evening -
Dave Bessant
1-Frontenac-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (108015 bytes)
 Frontenac approaching Brockville, downbound.
2-Frontenac-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (83047 bytes) 3-Frontenac-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (107352 bytes) 4-Frontenac-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (142255 bytes)
A 1974 Cadillac hearse and the Frontenac
5-Frontenac-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (69527 bytes)
Frontenac stern view
6-Pochard-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (62167 bytes)
Pochard approaching Blockhouse Island upbound
7-ExcaliburElvis-08-05-09-W.jpg (177700 bytes)
While waiting for Pochard, along comes an Excalibur, previously owned by Elvis' bodyguard.
8-Pochard-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (86856 bytes) 9-Pochard-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (126454 bytes)
Pochard bow pushing a wall of water
10-Pochard-08-05-09-WDB.jpg (93409 bytes)
Stern view

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