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August 9, 2009

8/9 - Boatnerd Detroit River Cruise - Boatnerd Staff
Saturday more than 50 Boatnerds boarded the Friendship out of Portofino's in Wyandotte for a 4-hour cruise on the Detroit and Rouge Rivers. In spite of the sometimes driving rain, there was some boat traffic and sights to see.

Braving the weather on the upper deck

Warmer and drier down below

Former Boblo boat Ste. Claire getting some restoration work done.

Columbia looks abandoned

The former luxury steam yacht Helene

Sarah Spencer laid up in the original Rouge River entry

Jane Ann IV

John G. Munson down bound in the Detroit River

Bow profile

Stern shot

Heading into the driving rain and haze

J. W. Westcott mail boat and headquarters

Detroit Fire Dept's Curtis Randolph

Here comes the Westcott with a delivery

Pizza lunch coming aboard

Algoeast up bound in the river

St. Marys Cement II waiting to unload when the rain stops

Stern view of Sea Eagle II

Part of the Gaelic Towing Co. fleet

More Gaelic tugs

Canadian Progress waiting for us to clear the Rouge so she can enter

CSL Assiniboine loading salt across the river

Catching a few winks on the way home

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