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August 10, 2009

8/10 - Point Edward/Sarnia traffic  - Marc Dease
1-acan-7-31-09-md.jpg (77289 bytes)
Algocanada in the north slip at Point Edward.
2-prc-7-31-09-md.jpg (58812 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound at 1 & 2.
3-prt-8-04-09-md.jpg (65746 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha upbound at 1 & 2.
5-cpro-8-04-09-b-md1.jpg (64913 bytes)
Canadian Prospector lining up the Point Edward range lights after meeting the Tregurtha.
6-pine-8-09-09-a-md.jpg (72373 bytes)
Tugs Menasha and Sandra Mary assist the Pineglen's departure from the elevator at Sarnia.
7-pine-8-09-09-b-md.jpg (58365 bytes)
Away from the dock.
8-pine-8-09-09-c-md.jpg (69574 bytes)
Stern into the north slip as the tug's turn her.
8/10 - Duluth Superior  - Tom Caine
1-Jdleit-8-9-09-tc.jpg (128602 bytes)
John D. Leitch loading taconite at CN Missabe on Sunday
1-Markb-8-7-09-tc.jpg (86020 bytes)
Markborg loading bentonite at Hallett 5 Friday
2-Markb-8-7-09-tc.jpg (84508 bytes)
Markborg at Hallett 5
3-Jrbark-8-7-09-tc.jpg (63873 bytes)
James R. Barker departing SMET
4-Jrbark-8-7-09-tc.jpg (78661 bytes)
James R. Barker heading for turning buoy
5-Donge-8-7-09-tc.jpg (106615 bytes)
Dongeborg at Peavey Connor's Point
6-Donge-8-7-09-tc.jpg (104878 bytes)
Dongeborg bow, American Victory stern in background
7-Donge-8-7-09-tc.jpg (109125 bytes)
Dongeborg at Peavey, J. A. W. Iglehart in background
8-Mount-8-7-09-tc.jpg (100213 bytes)
tug Mount McKay
1-Fedel-8-6-09-tc.jpg (79660 bytes)
Federal Elbe loading at Cenex Harvest States Elevator Aug. 6
2-Vking-8-6-09-tc.jpg (87185 bytes)
Vista King entering Howard's Pocket
3-Vking-8-6-09-tc.jpg (61727 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr., Vista King and Paul R. Tregurtha at or near SMET
4-Mccar-8-6-09-tc.jpg (62510 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. trimming and Paul R. Tregurtha waiting for berth
5-Prt-8-6-09-tc.jpg (70256 bytes)
Near Paul R. Tregurtha's blind spot
6-Prt-8-6-09-tc.jpg (73088 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha docking at SMET
7-Prt-8-6-09-tc.jpg (125180 bytes)
Tregurtha's deckhands getting lines out
8-Algoca-8-6-09-tc.jpg (113122 bytes)
Algocape loading taconite at CN
9-Antic-8-6-09-tc.jpg (74797 bytes)
Antikeri at Peavey Connors Point
10-Indian-8-6-09-tc.jpg (79853 bytes)
Indiana Harbor docking at Lakehead Pipeline
11-Algoc-8-6-09-tc.jpg (99796 bytes)
Algocape outbound at Rice's Point

8/10 -
Welland Canal Traffic from August 4 - 7 - Michel Gosselin
1-pel-4-08-09-mg-a.jpg (79800 bytes)
Pelee Flyer I tied below lock 1
2-pel-4-08-09-mg-b.jpg (89675 bytes)
bow view
3-car-4-08-09-mg.jpg (69175 bytes)
Caribbean and Lucia heading toward lock 1
4-ind-6-08-09-mg-a.jpg (81400 bytes)
Indian Maiden is leaving 1
5-ind-6-08-09-mg-b.jpg (115517 bytes)
Side view
6-ind-6-08-09-mg-c.jpg (127265 bytes)
Stern view
7-pel-6-08-09-mg-c.jpg (131508 bytes)
Side view of Pelee Flyer I
8-bbc-6-08-09-mg.jpg (88096 bytes)
BBC England is in lock 3
9-bbc-6-08-09-mg.jpg (90347 bytes)
stern view
10-john-7-08-09-mg.jpg (44689 bytes)
John B. Aird is about to enter lock 7
11-cle-7-08-09-mg-a.jpg (86594 bytes)
Clelia II is tied up above lock 7 and getting to discharge passengers.
12-cle-7-08-09-mg-b.jpg (93548 bytes)
 bow view

8/10 - BBC England and Algosea
- Dave Bessant
1-BBCEngland-08-07-09-WDB.jpg (85765 bytes)
BBC England approaching Brockville downbound
2-BBCEngland-08-07-09-WDB.jpg (98723 bytes) 3-BBCEngland-08-07-09-WDB.jpg (78819 bytes) 4-BBCEngland-08-07-09-WDB.jpg (65614 bytes) 5-Algosea-08-07-09-WDB.jpg (73983 bytes)
Algosea upbound past Blockhouse Island

8/10 - Recent Toledo
CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-LATregurtha-8-7-09-bv.jpg (84813 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha
2-LATregurtha-8-7-09-bv.jpg (72214 bytes)
Loading for Duluth
3-Assiniboine-8-7-09-bv.jpg (90048 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
4-Assiniboine-8-7-09-bv.jpg (78471 bytes)
Unloading ore at Torco
1-HCJackson,8-6-09-bv.jpg (73861 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson under the coal loader
1-Laurentien-8-9-09-bv.jpg (110009 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
2-Laurentien-8-9-09-bv.jpg (126362 bytes)
Part load, heading to Sandusky for the other half
3-Laurentien-8-9-09-bv.jpg (52468 bytes)
After Sandusky, heading for Hamilton

8/10 - Soo Thursday
Herm Phillips
IMG_1589.jpg (65193 bytes)
Saginaw in lower Soo Harbor
IMG_1626.jpg (67878 bytes)
Canadian Navigator down at Six mile.

8/10 -
Charles M Beeghly in at Marquette on Friday afternoon - Lee Rowe
CMBeeghlyLR08070903.jpg (139719 bytes)        

8/10 - Mariatown and Iroquois
 - Ron Beaupre
1-bbcengland-07-08-09-rb.jpg (70682 bytes)
BBC England passing Mariatown with grain from Cenex Harvest elevators bound for Valletta.
2-bbcengland-07-08-09-rb1.jpg (72403 bytes)
She was built in 2003 and launched as Ile De Reunion.
1-clipperaya-08-08-09-rb.jpg (87509 bytes)
Clipper Aya departing Iroquois Lock.
2-clipperaya-08-08-09-rb.jpg (87452 bytes)  

8/10 -
Metro Beach, Lake St. Clair - Andrew Severson
FHyden-8-7-09-ANS.jpg (87686 bytes)
Fischer Hayden is using Metro Beach's south marina as a staging area for working out in the shipping channel. The have made red buoy #30 a permanent marker now.
FischerH-8-7-09-ANS.jpg (112182 bytes)
Fischer Hayden &  Hanna Avery out bound the Black Creek (Metro Beach)
Bouy30-8-6-09-ANS.jpg (119142 bytes)
Red buoy # 30 being trucked out of Metro Beach.
Manitowoc-8-2-09-ANS.jpg (95514 bytes)
Manitowoc up bound  Detroit River.

8/10 -
Robert S. Pierson in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_rsp_8_4_09_rb.jpg (153275 bytes)
 Loading ore, view from the lakeshore
2_rsp_8_4_09_rb.jpg (127166 bytes)
Stern view at the ore dock
3_rsp_8_4_09_rb.jpg (88962 bytes)
Departing the ore dock
4_rsp_8_6_09_rb.jpg (133389 bytes)
Scenic view on the north side of the ore dock

8/10 -
St. Clair, Mich. and Detroit River Aug. 8 - Nathan Nietering
1-GCLeitch-8-7-2009-nn.jpg (51104 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch downbound passing the St. Clair Inn
2-GCLeitch-8-7-2009-nn.jpg (51777 bytes)
Unique pilot house
3-GCLeitch-8-7-2009-nn.jpg (59912 bytes)
After end, including the mammoth funnel
4-GCLeitch-8-7-2009-nn.jpg (55499 bytes)
Stern with Lambton Generating Station in the background
5-Laurentian-7-2009-nn.jpg (63908 bytes)
CSL Laurentian downbound approaching the Ambassador Bridge from aboard the tourboat Diamond Queen
6-Saginaw-7-2009-nn.jpg (108746 bytes)
The Saginaw passes the Hiram Walker and Sons Distillery in Windsor on a recent downbound passage
7-ChemtransWeser-7-2009-nn.jpg (77406 bytes)
Saltie Chemtrans Weser is downbound, with Capt. Henry Jackson unloading stone in the distance
8-ChemtransWeser-7-2009-nn.jpg (90037 bytes)
Chemtrans Weser passing the Frontenac, which has just departed with Windsor West stone dock
9-Beeghly-7-2009-nn.jpg (82560 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly on a recent upbound run from Severstal Steel
10-Beeghly-7-2009-nn.jpg (69569 bytes)
Since it's conversion to diesel, no more steam Tyfon horns here!

8/10 - Brockville at Blockhouse Island
 - Dave Bessant
1-BagotvilleLacVancouver-08.jpg (94594 bytes)
Tug Bagotville pulling with Tug Lac Vancouver pushing upbound past Brockville
2-Bagotville-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (86932 bytes)
3-LacVancouver-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (88157 bytes) 4-ClipperAyaLacVancouver-08.jpg (92700 bytes)
Clipper Aya downbound with Lac Vancouver passing her to the west
5-ClipperAya-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (86204 bytes)
6-ClipperAya-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (93124 bytes) 7-CoveIsle-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (98396 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cove Isle assisting at the Poker Run
8-CaribouIsle-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (86354 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard vessel Caribou Isle coming from the west to assist too
9-MyWay-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (99056 bytes)
The highlight of the Poker Run, a 50 ft Outerlimits cat with twin Turbines owned by Bill Tomlinson called "My Way"
10-CoveIsleCaribouIsle-08-0.jpg (96238 bytes)
Cove Isle and Caribou Isle together
11-CoveIsle-08-08-09-WDB.jpg (73808 bytes) 12-MaritimeTrader-08-08-09-.jpg (78987 bytes)
Maritime Trader about to thread the needle through all these vessels
13-MaritimeTrader-08-08-09-.jpg (77075 bytes)
Maritime Trader sounded a salute first and then a Danger signal too
16-StillNeedsNoName-08-08-0.jpg (75429 bytes)
"Still Needs No Name" and the Poker Run Helicopter

8/10 -
Buffalo - Dan Syrche
1-K.-Andre-8-7-09-ds.jpg (79514 bytes)
The Barbara Andre was coming through the North Entrance.
2-k.-Andre-08-07-09-ds.jpg (77588 bytes) 3-K.-Andre-08-07-09-ds.jpg (83296 bytes)
City of Buffalo in the background with the Erie Basin Marina tower on the left.
4-K.-Andre-08-07-09-ds.jpg (62206 bytes) 5-tugs-08-07-09-ds.jpg (113686 bytes)
The Jaclyn and the West Wind tugs tied up on the Buffalo River along Ganson Street with the Great Northern [ADM] Elevator on the left.
6-Sprit-Of-Buffalo-08-07-09.jpg (44604 bytes)
Spirit of Buffalo entering the Buffalo River with the Light House on the left.


8/10 - Detroit River
Mike Nicholls
JOANVb11080709mn.jpg (55569 bytes)
Hotte Marine's tug Joan V upbound off La Salle, ON.
JOANVs12080709mn.jpg (51236 bytes) INNOVATIONb16080709mn.jpg (51798 bytes)
Barge Innovation and tug Samuel De Champlain downbound the Detroit River just before turning in the Lafarge Springwells Dock.
CHAMPLAINSAMUELDEb18080709m.jpg (52575 bytes) CHAMPLAINSAMUELDEs19080709m.jpg (50679 bytes)
INNOVATIONs20080709mn.jpg (46655 bytes) tugbargeb24080709mn.jpg (57836 bytes)
Small tug & barge downbound off Cobo Hall.
tugb25080709mn.jpg (70213 bytes)    

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