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Historical Perspectives - Skip Saum

These pictures are from my Mom's side of the family; St. Clair, MI.  A couple of generations sailed the Lakes.  The on-deck shots were taken before my Mom and Dad married.  My Dad, working for the Michigan State Highway Dept., was working on replacing the bridge that crossed the Pine River in St. Clair.  She was a Senior in high school and met my Dad crossing the bridge to and from school. They married.

My Dad traveled all over the state, and loved "up north".  He started taking my Mom to the Soo to catch family members on the different boats (most sailed for Interlake) as they locked through.  That's when the photos of the Straights and pre-war Soo were taken.

The color shots (Soo & Welland Canal) were taken by me just after my high school graduation in the 60's.
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Betty C, Tahquamenon tour boat

Freighters leaving the Davis and Sabin Locks

West end coffer dam for the new Poe Lock

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