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August 11, 2009

8/11 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Leea-8-10-09-tc.jpg (71235 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha unloading at C. Reiss Coal Dock
2-Sund-8-10-09-tc.jpg (90574 bytes)
Retired museum ship USCGC Sundew in Minnesota Slip
3-Presq-8-10-09-tc.jpg (108794 bytes)
Presque Isle discharging limestone at CN Missabe
4-Leea-8-10-09-tc.jpg (70683 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loading coal at SMET

8/11 -
Salties in the Welland Canal August 9 - John McCreery
1-Citadel-8-09-09-jm.jpg (103815 bytes)
Citadel departing lock 6 upbound
2-Citadel-8-09-09-jm.jpg (107053 bytes)
After cast off she is informed she will have to moor again below lock 7, to await the downbound Clipper Loyalty - a last minute change of plan
3-Citadel-8-09-09-jm.jpg (98824 bytes)
Seaway workers taking her lines
4-Citadel-8-09-09-jm.jpg (70159 bytes)
Looking a little perplexed by the change in order
5-Citadel-8-09-09-jm.jpg (77215 bytes)
Citadel stern view
6-CLoyalty-8-09-09-jm.jpg (90730 bytes)
 Bow view of the Clipper Loyalty above lock 7
7-CLoyalty-8-09-09-jm.jpg (71012 bytes)
Another view
8-CLoyalty-8-09-09-jm.jpg (71630 bytes)
Stern view of the Clipper Loyalty approaching lock 7 downbound

8/11 -
Quebecois and Canadian Navigator - August 9 - John McCreery
1-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (62265 bytes)
Quebecois departing lock 1 with a cement cargo for Duluth
2-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (55812 bytes)
Profile between locks 1 and 2
3-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (61745 bytes)
Stern view
4-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (89672 bytes)
Approach to lock 2
5-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm-.jpg (66355 bytes)
Close up
6-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (130696 bytes)
Under the Glendale Bridge
7-Quebecois-8-09-09-jm.jpg (74960 bytes)
 Days end approach to the twin flights
8-CanNav-8-09-09-jm.jpg (58094 bytes)
Canadian Navigator departing lock 1 in ballast for Goderich
9-CanNav-8-09-09-jm.jpg (104962 bytes)
Approaching lock 7
10-CanNav-8-09-09-jm.jpg (80394 bytes)
Stern view
11-CanNav-8-09-09-jm.jpg (102722 bytes)
Meeting Clipper Loyalty above lock 7

8/11 -
Cason J. Calloway loading at Stoneport - August 9 -  Steve Worm
cason-j-calloway-007.jpg (93244 bytes) cason-j-calloway-009.jpg (105965 bytes) cason-j-calloway-011.jpg (72152 bytes) cason-j-calloway-013.jpg (76081 bytes) cason-j-calloway-014.jpg (131013 bytes)

8/11 -
Cuyahoga loading at Cargill Salt in Cleveland - Bill Kloss
DSCF1765(1).jpg (102364 bytes) DSCF1768.jpg (114184 bytes)
Close up of salt loader and A Frame boom support.

8/11 -
Gananoque  - Murray Blancher
1-Thousand-Ialander-V-08-10.jpg (101748 bytes)
Thousand Islander V departing the dock
2-Thousand-Islander-II-08-1.jpg (154506 bytes)
Thousand Islander II taking a break at the dock at Gananoque

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