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Historic Inland Steel - John Meyer

I served one summer aboard the L.E. Block as a deckhand. These pictures were taken in July 1970 on Kodachrome film using a Nikon F camera.
01-L.E.-Block-07-15-1970-jh.jpg (83377 bytes)
This first photo shows one of the watchman. I don't remember his name, but he was a doctoral student from Berkeley who was trying to stay in school as long as possible to keep his 2S draft deferment. This was a summer job for him.
02-L.E.-Block-07-15-1970-jh.jpg (68528 bytes)
This shows the forward part of the ship somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan on our way up to Port Arthur. Most of our trips that summer were to Port Arthur, but we also made two trips to Duluth.

03-L.E.-Block-07-15-1970-jh.jpg (79139 bytes)
This is the first mate (don't remember his name) operating the steam winch as we went through the Sioux locks. I'm not sure why I was on deck and taking pictures because usually they put me over the edge on a bosun's chair and I then handled the lines on the dock to secure the ship. Once I put the lines over the dock cleats, the mate would pull the lever you see in the picture and that would cause the steam winch to tighten the steel lines and move the ship snug against the dock.
04-L.E.-Block-07-15-1970-jh.jpg (77462 bytes)
This photo was taken a few seconds after the previous photo, and shows the after section of the ship and one of the buildings at the locks.
05-L.E.-Block-07-15-1970-jh.jpg (83085 bytes)
This photo shows one of the deckhands. His name was Toby and as I remember he had worked for most of his career in the mines, and decided he wanted more air and light.
40-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (111859 bytes) 41-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (77457 bytes) 42-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (93722 bytes) 43-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (86436 bytes) 44-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (93093 bytes)
45-L.E.-Block1970-JHM.jpg (75407 bytes)        
L.E. Block in 1937 and Philip D. Block in 1947 - These older photos were taken by my father and his mother.
01-L.E.-Block1935-jhm.jpg (79073 bytes) 02-L.E.-Block-1935-jhm.jpg (116271 bytes) 03-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (119141 bytes) 04-P.D.-Block-1947-JHM.jpg (170482 bytes) 05-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (150648 bytes)
06-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (99862 bytes) 07-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (167641 bytes) 08-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (159635 bytes) 10-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (120207 bytes) 11-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (151465 bytes)
13-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (160022 bytes) 14-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (68831 bytes) 15-P.D.-Block-1947-JHM.jpg (104490 bytes) 16-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (58294 bytes) 17-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (118050 bytes)
18-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (71811 bytes) 19-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (77425 bytes) 20-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (113110 bytes) 21-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (115485 bytes) 22-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (128830 bytes)
23-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (130528 bytes) 24-P.D.-Block-1947-JHM.jpg (91314 bytes) 25-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (134218 bytes) 26-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (167717 bytes) 27-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (94736 bytes)
28-P.D.-Block-1947-JHM.jpg (163002 bytes) 29-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (140081 bytes) 30-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (90442 bytes) 31-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (121939 bytes) 32-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (98745 bytes)
33-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (139285 bytes) 34-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (154840 bytes) 35-P.D.-Block-1947-JHM.jpg (93075 bytes) 36-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (48684 bytes) 37-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (44600 bytes)
38-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (79048 bytes) 39-P.D.-Block1947-JHM.jpg (60490 bytes) Frank-Richard-Meyer-(the-fi.jpg (63846 bytes)
Photo taken in 1915 by my father's mother and is of my great grandfather, my aunt, and my grandfather. My grandfather (on the right) was the Vice President of Sales for Inland Steel during the depression and the war, until his retirement in the early 1950s.

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