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August - 15, 2009

8/15 - Duluth/Superior traffic - Tom Caine

James R. Barker entering Duluth Harbor for SMET

Canadian Enterprise loading coal at SMET

Canadian Enterprise trimming, James R. Barker backing into position

Quebecois off-loading at Holcim St. Lawrence Cement

Quebecois stern view

Lee A. Tregurtha at anchor, Duluth Harbor

Lee A. Tregurtha at anchor

Lee A. Tregurtha in Duluth Anchorage Basin waiting for berth at SMET

Liamare outbound Duluth with grain from Cenex Harvest States

Liamare approaching turning buoy

Gordon C. Leitch entering Duluth Harbor for CN Missabe

Gordon C. Leitch and Canadian Olympic at CN Missabe

Gordon C. Leitch at CN Missabe

Canadian Olympic loading at CN Missabe

USCGC Alder at Duluth Coast Guard Station

8/15 - Thor Athos passing Brockville -
Dave Bessant
Thor Athos from the Isle of Man, home port of Douglas, the capitol city.

Thor Athos upbound past Brockville

Another view

Thor Athos stack

Thor Athos stern

8/15 - Cleveland traffic - Bill Kloss

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder unloading at Ontario Stone

Dorothy Ann

Willow St. lift bridge tower

Close up of lift bridge counterweight chain

Tug Valerie B. and barge

Close up of crane on barge

Valerie B.

8/15 - Welland Canal - John McCreery

John D Leitch and Pochard above lock 7

The Leitch being lowered in lock 7

The Fen and Pochard meeting above 7

Stern view of the Fen

8/15 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

Thor Athos up bound in the Seaway

Thor Athos first visited the Lakes as Thor Eagle in 1999

Thor Athos was built in Hamburg Germany in 1987

8/15 - Port Huron/Sarnia - Bill Kloss

Algosea and Algoeast laid up at Sarnia



USCG Cutter Bramble

Highlander Seas at he Bean Dock

8/15 - Barbara Andrie in the Black Rock Canal, Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

The barge A-390 being eased up against the lower guide wall of the Black Rock Lock in Buffalo.

The lookout stationed at the bow is calling out the distance to the lock chamber on his radio.

The lookout on the Starboard side of the barge is on the radio to the tug captain telling him how close he is to the lock wall.

Detail of the tug's pilothouse.

The connection between the tug and the barge at the notch.

The tug is now seen easing her barge into the Black Rock Lock. The Lockmaster's control house is in the background.

The 100 year old CN Railroad's Harbor Draw swing bridge opening for the tug-barge to pass through.

Barbara Andrie/A-390 departing the lock and heading for Harbor Draw.

Tug passing through the draw

The pair are now passing through what was once called "Black Rock Harbor", the land along the canal in the background is where some of Admiral Perry's warships were built that took place in the War of 1812 at a shipyard located there

The Barbara Andrie-A-390 is now headed out of the Black Rock Canal as seen from the Erie Basin Tower.

Here's proof that a newly wed bride and her bride's maids can be big time boat fans too. As they were posing for their photo the bride and her wedding party girls pumped their arms in the air to get the captain to blow the whistle and he then gave them a nice salute!

The two vessels head off onto a calm lake as they depart the North Entrance Channel on a steamy Buffalo afternoon

8/15 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine

Algocape inbound in fog off Duluth piers

Arriving Duluth at Aerial Bridge

Indiana Harbor loading coal at SMET

Indiana Harbor at SMET

Algocape approaching CN Missabe ore docks

Approaching Dock 6


Closing on dock

Almost up against

Edward H.

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