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August 16-17, 2009

8/17 - Paul R. Tregurtha - George Lee  
8/17 - Detroit/Sarnia traffic - Bill Kloss

On Saturday crew from the Paul R. Tregurtha launched a lifeboat while unloading coal at Detroit Edison St. Clair power plant.
H Lee White on the Detroit River

Mississagi in the morning fog at Sarnia

Norman McLeod/Everlast in the Rouge River

8/17 - DeTour weekend - Jill Vander Meulen

Wilfred Sykes headed West toward the Mackinac Bridge and the setting sun with a cargo of stone loaded in Port Dolomite

Saginaw downbound on the St. Marys River as seen from the Lewis G. Harriman.

Gordon C. Leitch downbound on the St. Marys River - Thanks for the salute!

Algocape in the Rock Cut

8/17 - Recent Marquette Upper Harbor Activity - Rod Burdick

Robert S. Pierson, stern view at the ore dock

Michipicoten loading ore

Michipicoten departing

8/17 - Muskegon and Grand Haven - Greg Barber

8/17 - Burns Harbor at Silver Bay, MN - Brian Kays

Alpena laid up in Muskegon

Calumet heading for Grand Haven
Burns Harbor turning around near the Silver Bay Harbor

Burns Harbor eases into Northshore Mining
8/16 - Livingston Channel Lighthouse - 1952
The former Livingston Channel Light was built in 1927, by the Canadian Government, to mark the division between the down bound Livingston Channel and the up bound Amherstburg Channel. The light was also an observation station for the J. W. Westcott Marine Reporters. On a foggy September morning in 1952, the downbound E.J. Kulas lost her radar and hit the light knocking it to a severe angle. Within two months, the light was replaced by a new smaller light 30-feet away, and the old light was blown up.

Newspaper article
Ron Beaupre
Ed Theodorovich
I was 15 years old and living on the island of Grosse Ile, Michigan which is situated in the Detroit River at Lake Erie and where I lived for the first 35 years of my life.
The light house was struck by a down bound freighter in the summer of 1952 and when I heard about it I paddled out to the light in a small, flat bottomed double ender. The paddle was cracked about half way down the shaft and I was a bit nervous that I would break it on this venture. I was constantly aware that I should not put much into my paddle strokes. I kept my bottom hand on the fracture as a reminder.
The Detroit river flows somewhere in the vicinity of 5 miles per hour. I had never been out to the light in this particular craft before. My strategy was to paddle north of the lighthouse and let the current carry me past the light. North of the light I stowed the paddle and grabbed my camera and looking through the viewfinder I realized I was too close to the light to take a picture and before I knew it, the back current on the south side of the light caused the boat to go forward and up onto the submerged portion of the light deck. Grabbing the paddle in a panic I stroked in reverse and heard the paddle crack..... I eventually got away from the light and got in position to take the pictures that are attached. I'll Never forget that day.

8/16 - Historical Perspective - Seekonk - Ron Beaupre - Response to Information Search question
8/16 - Lee A. Tregurtha -Brian Kays

Seekonk in Cherry Street Basin, Toronto,
May 22, 1951. Photo by John H. Bascom.
Lee A. Tregurtha discharging Coal
 at Taconite Harbor, MN

8/16 - Recent Soo traffic -
Joey Reaume
8/16 - Pochard loading coke at Nicholson's Ecorse for South Africa - Mike Nicholls

Citadel downbound at the Soo

Liamare downbound at the Soo entering MacArthur Lock

8/16 - Fireboat on the Cuyahoga - Allen Seremak


Cleveland Fire Department Fireboat Anthony Celebrezze, docked at Station 21, exercising her fire suppression system.

8/16 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

G.L. Ostrander/Integrity upbound at Cass Avenue

Ostrander close up

Stern view

8/16 - Duluth-Superior traffic - Tom Caine

Quebecois unloading cement

Quebecois backing from Holcim St. Lawrence Cement Dock at Duluth Port Terminal

Clelia II at Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center berth

Canadian Progress at SMET

J W. Shelley loading grain at Cenex Harvest States

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