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August 18, 2009

8/18 - Canadian Transport in Menominee - Scott Best


Backing in stern first passing the North Pier Lighthouse

Work boat taking lines ashore so the Transport can use her winches to get into position to begin unloading.

Stern view before pulling herself into the dock, note how far off the dock her stern is at this time.

Unloading begins while Dock foreman looks on from his pick-up.

Unloading later in the day, note stern is right along side the crane barge Donner at MF&D

8/18 - J.W. Shelley loading at Cenex Harvest States Dock 1 in Superior.
- Glenn Blaszkiewicz

8/18 - Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls

John B Aird downbound at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

Annie M Dean in Amherstburg

Stern view

Diamond Belle downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel

Grande Mariner at Bishop Park in Wyandotte


Stern view

John D Leitch upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel

Stern view

8/18 - Recent St. Clair River visitors - Paul Beesley

CCGS Limnos upbound toward the Bluewater bridge

CCGS Limnos clear of the river and upbound on Lake Huron.

Sandra Mary & spoils barge downbound on Lake Huron

Sandra Mary downbound at the Bluewater bridge

Sandra Mary & spoils barge on the St Clair river returning to Sarnia harbor to continue dredging.

8/18 - Ships at Sarnia - John McCreery

BBC Chile upbound at buoys 1 and 2

Detail with pleasure craft and pilot boat

Pilot exchange

Algocanada and Algonova in layup


North slip with  Algomarine, Algocanada and Algonova

Up the anchor chain

Boys will be boys

One way to keep cool

8/18 - Recent Point Edward traffic -
Earl Minnis

Sandra Mary tows a barge out into Lake Huron

Capt. Henry Jackman down at buoys 1 and 2

Algosea upbound at the Bluewater Bridge

Canadian Transport upbound for Goderich at 1 and 2

Tim S. Dool downbound for Quebec City

Algosoo downbound at buoys 1 and 2

Algosoo downbound on the St. Clair River at Walpole Island

8/18 - Hammond Bay on St. Clair River - George Lee

The Hammond Bay participates in a training exercise with the Canadian Coast Guard near Fawn Island

Rescue 1001 departs for the Sombra Ferry dock to meet ambulances

8/18 - Recent Welland Canal visitors - Paul Beesley

Barbara Andrie and barge A390 downbound toward Lock 1.

Sea Robin and barge Hugh downbound toward Lock 1.

Sea Robin

Federal Nakagawa upbound from Lock 3.

Federal Nakagawa slides the wall to enter Lock 4 west.

Canadian Olympic downbound toward Lock 7.

Lucia and barge Caribbean pass the downbound Canadian Olympic above Lock 7.

Lucia upbound above Lock 7.

Sichem Manila leaving Lock 1.


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