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August 23, 2009

8/23 - Port Colborne Saturday -  Bill Bird
1-Montrealais-8-22-09-a-bb.jpg (82124 bytes)
Montrealais tied at Stone dock in Port Colborne undergoing repairs after hitting cement sill in Lock One last week. (113175 bytes)
 Close-up of repaired area-about 5 meter high section of steel being replaced below anchor pockets
3-Montrealais-8-22-09-c-bb.jpg (124878 bytes)
Another view-note hole cut in forepeak to repair structural damage inside.
4-Montrealais-8-22-09-d-bb.jpg (104559 bytes) 5-Montrealais-8-22-09-e-bb.jpg (225055 bytes)
6-Montrealais-8-22-09-f-bb.jpg (63040 bytes)
Stern view
7-JDLeitch-8-22-09-a-bb.jpg (102752 bytes)
John D Leitch under Bridge 21
8-JDLeitch-8-22-09-b-bb.jpg (109648 bytes)
Spotting ship from near stern
9-JDLeitch-8-22-09-c-bb.jpg (63381 bytes)
Stern view making the wall above Lock 8

8/23 - Duluth/ Superior vessel traffic Saturday -
 Travis Chadwick
1-beeghly-8-22-09-tc.jpg (68714 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly after just entering Duluth harbor. She would temporarily anchor in the inner harbor, then head to Superior Midwest Energy Terminal after Atlantic Erie.
2-leitch-8-22-09-tc.jpg (96639 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch entering Duluth bound for DMIR and a load of taconite.

3-leitch-8-22-09-tc.jpg (57584 bytes)
Bow views of the Beeghly and Leitch.
4-atlerie-8-22-09-tc.jpg (84741 bytes)
Stern shots: G- tugs, Atlantic Erie, Gordon C. Leitch, and Charles M. Beeghly.
5-atlerie-8-22-09.jpg (51013 bytes)
Atlantic Erie making the turn for the Aerial Lift Bridge.
6-atlerie-8-22-09-tc.jpg (88097 bytes)
Atlantic Erie departing Duluth.
7-beeghly-8-22-09-tc.jpg (98464 bytes)
Stern view of the Beeghly.
8-beeghly-8-22-09-tc.jpg (48089 bytes)
Close up the Beeghly's pilot house.

8/23 -
Duluth-Superior 8/20-21 - Tom Caine
1-Cmb-8-21-09-tc.jpg (61072 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly loading coal at SMET
2-Cmb-8-21-09-tc.jpg (69521 bytes)
Beeghly departing SMET
3-Cmb-8-21-09-tc1.jpg (84335 bytes)
Beeghly outbound at Cargill
4-Cmb-8-21-09-tc.jpg (84765 bytes)
Beeghly rounding turning buoy
5-Cmb-8-21-09-tc.jpg (113681 bytes)
Beeghly approaching piers outbound
6-Alder-8-21-09-tc.jpg (72385 bytes)
USCGC Alder approaching Duluth moorings
7-Chen-8-21-09-tc1.jpg (93975 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman loading taconite at CN Missabe
1-Cslnia-8-20-09-tc.jpg (67597 bytes) 2-Cslnia-8-20-09-tc.jpg (68642 bytes) 3-Chen-8-20-09-tc.jpg (39250 bytes) 4-Ehgot-8-20-tc.jpg (59430 bytes) 5-Dlbhjs-8-20-09-tc.jpg (72214 bytes)
6-Hamm-8-20-09-tc.jpg (62379 bytes) 7-Seab-8-20-09-tc.jpg (59233 bytes) 8-Seab-8-20-09-tc.jpg (107485 bytes)    

8/23 - Cuyahoga in Toledo -
Luke Archer
1-Cuyahoga-8-22-09-la.jpg (73217 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading at ADM early in the morning.
2-Cuyahoga-8-22-09-la.jpg (89773 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Boyer
4-Cuyahoga-8-22-09-la.jpg (64537 bytes)
Cuyahoga saluting the Boyer and guests
3-Cuyahoga-8-22-09-la.jpg (82453 bytes)
 Cuyahoga passing the Willis B. Boyer

8/23 - Diamond Belle at Toledo for the Marine Mart and Boat Show - Jim Hoffman
DSC_0410.jpg (103159 bytes)
Diamond Belle arriving at the new Toledo Maritime Center.
DSC_0414.jpg (95508 bytes)
Diamond Belle turning around and getting ready to depart from Toledo.
DSC_0424.jpg (100639 bytes)
Departing Toledo headed back to Detroit.

8/23 - Canandigua Lady on Lake Canandigua, New York for an evening cruise - Lanny Wingbermuehle
1-canandigua-lady-8-20-09-l.jpg (77719 bytes)


8/23 - August 2009 Tugs of the Lower Chesapeake Bay - Galen Witham
1-tug-08-09-grw.jpg (104793 bytes)
Vulcan Materials tug "Night Owl", high and dry for repairs in Newport News, VA.
2-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (124521 bytes)
The "Kathleen" entering the small harbor in Newport News, passing the "Night Owl", preparing to change crew members out at a local marina.
3-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (151288 bytes)
Another view of the "Kathleen", approaching the quay wall.
4-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (121307 bytes)
The McAllister tugs "Eric M., J.P. and Susan" all awaiting there next call to duty, on the outer quay wall at Newport News, VA.
5-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (126220 bytes)
 The "Susan McAllister" in Newport News, VA.
6-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (127339 bytes)
The "Lady Loren", of Louisiana, making her approach to the wall in Newport News, Va, to take on fresh water.
7-tugs-08-09-grw.jpg (101555 bytes)
The tug "Alert", in the southern branch of the Elizabeth River at Portsmouth, Va, with a "barge on the hip".  The Oiler in the background is the USNS Arctic, in drydock.

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