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August 24, 2009

8/24 - Stoneport Pictures - Ben & Chanda McClain
MntwLeA-BCM-8-23-09-01.jpg (89737 bytes)
Manitowoc loading at Stoneport
MntwLeA-BCM-8-23-09-02.jpg (100877 bytes)
loading at the bow
MntwLeA-BCM-8-23-09-03.jpg (77036 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha at anchor
MntwLeA-BCM-8-23-09-04.jpg (104982 bytes)
another view

8/24 -
St Clair River  - Paul Beesley
1-marin-8-10-09-pb.jpg (102246 bytes)
Algomarine laid up in Sarnia.
2-calum-8-10-09-pb.jpg (89517 bytes)
Calumet downbound on Lake Huron.
3-cmb-8-10-09-pb.jpg (74358 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly up at Port Huron.
4-cmb-8-10-09-pb.jpg (85995 bytes)
The Beeghly passes tug Sandra Mary & her spoils barge close to buoys 1 & 2.
5-algon-8-10-09-pb.jpg (88034 bytes)
City of Algonac arriving on the US side.
6-islan-8-10-09-pb.jpg (101555 bytes)
 Islander arriving in Algonac from Harsens Island.
7-jrb-8-10-09-pb.jpg (74933 bytes)
James R Barker disappears into the fog while upbound at the Bluewater bridge.
8-guard-8-10-09-pb.jpg (83536 bytes)
Lake Guardian, aka Peter L Wise, downbound at Gratiot light.
9-innov-8-10-09-pb.jpg (74142 bytes)
Samuel De Champlain & Innovation upbound toward the bridge.
10-innov-8-10-09-pb.jpg (75994 bytes)
Samuel De Champlain in the notch.

8/24 - Army Corps tug Cheraw rafted to her barge McCauley at the Buffalo Port Terminal B Dock Sunday afternoon -  Brian W.
1-Cheraw-8-23-09-BW.jpg (98413 bytes)
 This shot shows the tug Cheraw with the derrick barge McCauley secured "on the hip" as seen moored at the Buffalo Port Terminal "B" Dock.
2-Cheraw-8-23-09-BW.jpg (106094 bytes)
A closer view of the tug with the Buffalo Outer Harbor and Lake Erie in the background, looking North-West.
3-Cheraw-8-23-09-BW.jpg (152032 bytes)
This shot shows a close up of the control room for the derrick on the McCauley along with all the gear the barge has for taking loads on and off the boom, mooring the barge, or working on deck.
4-Cheraw-8-23-09-BW.jpg (101741 bytes)
Here is a detail view of the clamshell buckets the McCauley can use for dredging.

8/24 - Detroit - Toledo - Mike Nicholls
NEAHBAYsdd04082109mn.jpg (71830 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Neah Bay in Iron Horse Drydock in Toledo.
GADWALLs06082109mn.jpg (47641 bytes)
Gadwall (Hong Kong) loading in the Toledo Overseas Terminal.
LAUDSAMb09082109mn.jpg (36925 bytes)
Sam Laud at the CSX Dock in Oregon, OH.
AMERICANVALORb12082109mn.jpg (35025 bytes)
American Valor at the CSX Dock in Oregon.
AMERICANFORTITUDEb18082109m.jpg (41518 bytes)
American Fortitude at the Torco Dock in Oregon.
GAYNORWILLIAMCb20082109mn.jpg (45685 bytes)
William C Gaynor inbound Toledo at Toledo light.
DIAMONDJACKb22082019mn.jpg (52018 bytes)
Diamond Jack downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
DIAMONDJACKs24082109mn.jpg (45185 bytes)    
PIERSONROBERTSb06082109mn.jpg (61390 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
PIERSONROBERTSs02082109mn.jpg (53475 bytes) ALGONOVAb09082109mn.jpg (66611 bytes)
Algonova downbound off the RenCen in Detroit.
ALGONOVAs10082109mn.jpg (47536 bytes)  
CARIBBEANb24081909mn.jpg (49937 bytes)
Barge Caribbean and tug Lucia upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel and unloading at Sterling Fuel in Windsor.
LUCIAb03081909mn.jpg (45895 bytes) LUCIAs04081909mn.jpg (46533 bytes) CARIBBEANs05081909mn.jpg (41192 bytes) CARIBBEANs12081909mn.jpg (43635 bytes)
CARIBBEANs10081909mn.jpg (47311 bytes)
LUCIAs13081909mn.jpg (52879 bytes) LUCIAb16081909mn.jpg (54792 bytes) CSLLAURENTIENs09081909mn.jpg (42792 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
CSLLAURENTIENb08081909mn.jpg (34306 bytes)

8/24 -
Whistler upbound at Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-whistler-22-08-09-rb.jpg (86607 bytes)        

8/24 - Wilfred Sykes passes St. Helena Island on August 20, westbound into Lake Michigan -  Stephen Hause
1-Wsykes-8-20-09-sh.jpg (80692 bytes)        

8/24 - Yacht Marion Queen anchored off Rockport, Ontario - Michael Folsom
1-Marion-Queen-8-22-09-mf.jpg (63216 bytes)        

8/24 - Scenes from the Willis B. Boyer Marine Memorabilia Flea Market at the Toledo Antique & Classic Boat Show -
Dave Wobser

Gar Wood's restored Miss America X on display

View from the cockpit of the four V-12 Packard Supercharged engines.

Plenty of vendors inside the Maritime Center

More vendors

The Diamond Belle brought nearly 100 shoppers from down river Detroit.

Unlimited racer Miss Madison

Antique boats on the lawn...

...and some antique autos

Restored boats in the marina drew admirers

A beautifully restored Chris-Craft runabout

A classic Lyman Islander

Lady Gayle. A reproduction of 1896 steam launches that were built in St. Joseph, Michigan.

A look at the boiler and steam engine

Another view of the engine room

Stern view of Lady Gayle

The "Chefs of Dixieland" entertained during the day

A restoration project ready for funding

Cuyahoga downbound passing the Maritime Center after loading at ADM

Photographers on the stern of the Diamond Belle as Cuyahoga passes.

Cuyahoga passes thru the I-280 Craig Bridge with the new Veterans memorial Skyway in the background

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