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August 27 - 28, 2009

8/28 - Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Hjsch-8-26-09-tc.jpg (107891 bytes)
Crane scow H. J. Schwartz placing rock outside the Duluth entry
2-Hjsch-8-26-09-tc.jpg (107381 bytes)
Tender Hammond Bay repositioning scows
3-Hammo-8-26-09-tc.jpg (184332 bytes)
Hammond Bay
4-Dlbil-8-26-09-tc.jpg (99370 bytes)
D. L. Billmaier with Schwartz and rock scow on the hip
5-Hammo-8-26-09-tc.jpg (102113 bytes)
Hammond Bay with U of Minn R/V Blue Heron in background
6-Manis-8-26-09-tc.jpg (80661 bytes)
Manistee finished unloading salt at Hallett 8
7-Manis-8-26-09-tc.jpg (99915 bytes)
Manistee coming off SMET dock loaded with coal
8-Manis-8-26-09-tc.jpg (128691 bytes)
Thruster pushes bow off dock
9-Quebe-8-26-09-tc.jpg (129159 bytes)
Quebecois trimming at CN Missabe
10-Quebe-8-26-09-tc.jpg (126982 bytes)
Quebecois outbound at Aerial Bridge
11-Cedar-8-26-09-tc.jpg (103968 bytes)
Cedarglen loads grain at Cenex Harvest States
12-Cedar-8-26-09-tc.jpg (123732 bytes)
Longshoremen shoot the corners
13-Cedar-8-26-09-tc.jpg (87002 bytes)
Bow view
14-Maxin-8-26-09-tc.jpg (132234 bytes)
Fraser's Maxine Thompson returning to shipyard
15-Vquee-8-26-09-tc.jpg (48470 bytes)
Vista Queen and Str. J.A.W. Iglehart with fog rolling in

8/28 -
Quebecois and Manistee in Duluth - Aug. 26 - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
Quebecois-8-26-09-GHB.jpg (95847 bytes)
Quebecois departing Duluth on Wednesday about 4 p.m.
Quebecois2-8-26-09-GHB.jpg (117607 bytes) Manistee2-8-26-09-GHB.jpg (127147 bytes)
Manistee after departing Duluth just off the entry. One of the shows
Manistee-8-26-09-GHB.jpg (99230 bytes)
The anchored Isadora in the background.

8/28 -
 Eider waits at Iroquois Lock for engine parts to arrive - Ron Beaupre
1-eider-27-08-09-rb.jpg (69055 bytes)        

8/28 -
McKee Sons unloading coal at Lafarge - Ben & Chanda McClain
Mckes-8-27-09-BCM-01.jpg (121570 bytes)        

8/27 -
Recent activity at Port Dolomite in Cedarville Chuck Wagner
1-WSyk-08-26-09-cw.jpg (73919 bytes)
 Wilfred Sykes loading for a Lake Michigan port.
2-WSyk-08-26-09-cw.jpg (119535 bytes) 3-WSyk-08-26-09-cw.jpg (96379 bytes) 4-PrIs-08-26-09-cw.jpg (90527 bytes)
 Presque Isle loading for Duluth, MN; shifted fwd alongside the dock to load the aft holds.
5-PrIs-08-26-09-cw.jpg (80267 bytes)
6-PrIs-08-26-09-cw.jpg (76322 bytes)
  Shifted aft alongside the dock to load the forward holds.
7-Anch-08-26-09-cw.jpg (74583 bytes)
  Presque Isle underway from Port Dolomite while the tug Undaunted / barge Pere Marquette 41 heads for the dock; tug Victory / barge James L. Kuber remains at anchor while waiting for its turn to load.
8-PM41-08-26-09-cw.jpg (118694 bytes)
 At anchor.
9-PM41-08-26-09-cw.jpg (119222 bytes)
 Tug Undaunted / barge Pere Marquette 41 loading for Grand Haven, MI.
10-PM41-08-26-09-cw.jpg (86832 bytes)
 Headed for the Straits.
11-JLKu-08-26-09-cw.jpg (93495 bytes)
 Tug Victory / barge James L. Kuber at anchor waiting to load for Erie, PA.
12-JLKu-08-26-09-cw.jpg (93345 bytes) 13-JLKu-08-26-09-cw.jpg (94727 bytes)
 Bow lines across.
14-Sag-08-26-09-cw.jpg (85798 bytes)
 Saginaw loading for Windsor, ON.
15-Sag-08-26-09-cw.jpg (74025 bytes)

8/27 - F
rontenac on the Saginaw River at Essroc, in Essexville, Mich. - Galen Witham 
1-frontenac-8-26-09-grw.jpg (94946 bytes)
The Frontenac round the first turn in the Saginaw River, and begins her approach to Essroc.
2-frontenac-8-26-09-grw.jpg (95830 bytes)
 Frontenac closing in on the Essroc pier face.
3-frontenac-8-26-09-grw.jpg (90722 bytes)
The deckhands are landed on the pier face at Essroc, in Essexville, MI.
4-frontenac-8-26-09-grw.jpg (82495 bytes)
The Frontenac, made up to the pier face at Essroc, begins to swing her boom to port, to commence unloading.

8/27 -
Innovation/Samuel de Champlain at LaFarge Cleveland Terminal - Bill Kloss (75798 bytes) 2-SdeChamp-08-26-09-bk.jpg.jpg (90619 bytes)      

8/27 -
Wilfred Sykes at Port of Indiana - Sheldon Rody
Indiana_Port_005_(Small).jpg (23840 bytes)        

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