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August 29, 2009

8/29 - Maumee at Ludington - John and Andrea Stedge
1-Maumee-8-26-09-js.jpg (84782 bytes)
Maumee entering Ludington Channel
2-Maumee-8-26-09-js.jpg (100139 bytes)
Making turn into P.M. Lake
3-Maumee-8-26-09-js.jpg (92624 bytes)
At Great Lakes Materials Dock
4-Maumee-8-26-09-js.jpg (82586 bytes)

8/29 -
St. Clair River Traffic at Harsens Island off Light 26 - Rod Burdick
1_CEnt_8_23_09_rb.jpg (101898 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise
2_sag_8_24_09_rb.jpg (95001 bytes)
3_gcl_8_25_09_rb.jpg (80924 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch
4_anova_8_25_09_rb.jpg (96393 bytes)

8/29 -
Mackinac Island - Robert McGreevy
1-State-of-Michigan-08-28-0.jpg (94692 bytes)
State of Michigan docked at Arnold Transit dock, Mackinac Island.
2-LCM-6-and-State-of-Michig.jpg (121201 bytes)
LCM 6 with Sate of Michigan in background. Robert McGreevy
3-Mississagi--08-28-09-RMcg.jpg (118393 bytes)
Mississagi West bound thru Round Island pass. Robert McGreevy

8/29 -
Federal Leda at Port of Cleveland docks - Bill Kloss
1-FedLeda-08-28-09-bk.jpg (80078 bytes)        

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