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August 31, 2009


 Welland Canal - Eric Holmes
1-Lucia-08-30-2009-eh.jpg (99566 bytes)
Tug Lucia and barge Caribbean downbound below Lock4
2-Lucia-08-30-2009-eh.jpg (91110 bytes)
Another view
3-Lucia-08-30-2009-eh.jpg (72901 bytes)
Stern view
4-Cprosp-08-30-2009-eh.jpg (50726 bytes)
Canadian Prospector upbound below Lock 2
5-Cprosp-08-30-2009-eh.jpg (72571 bytes)
Stern view

 Duluth-Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Cjcal-8-29-09-tc.jpg (87089 bytes)
 Cason J. Callaway arriving Duluth harbor
2-Cjcal-8-28-09-tc.jpg (72394 bytes)
Firing up thruster engine
3-Cjcal-8-28-09-tc.jpg (67882 bytes)
Callaway carries cargo of limestone for C. Reiss dock
4-Marin-8-28-09-tc.jpg (76272 bytes)
Marinus Green at anchor off Duluth
5-Jlblo-8-28-09-tc.jpg (68305 bytes)
Joseph L. Block at Murphy Fuel waiting to discharge limestone at CN
6-Ehgot-8-25-09-tc.jpg (87036 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott loading taconite at CN Missabe
7-Calli-8-28-09-tc.jpg (74614 bytes)
Callie M. picking up scow at Hallett 8
8-Ant-8-28-09-tc.jpg (97708 bytes)
Fog lifts and reveals Duluth landmark antenna farm
1-Clelia-8-29-09-tc.jpg (87562 bytes)
Clelia II approaches Duluth piers outbound
2-Clelia-8-29-09-tc.jpg (116505 bytes)
Making turn for piers
3-Clelia-8-29-09-tc.jpg (72409 bytes)
Clelia II will return twice in September
4-Seabe-8-29-09-tc.jpg (101480 bytes)
 Pilot Boat Sea Bear
5-Canpro-8-29-09-tc.jpg (66368 bytes)
Canadian Progress waits at Port Terminal for berth at SMET
6-Amcen-8-29-09-tc.jpg (68221 bytes)
American Century loading western coal at SMET
7-Jlbloc-8-29-09-tc.jpg (103349 bytes)
Joseph L. Block at CN Missabe
8-Jlbloc-8-29-09-tc.jpg (108730 bytes)
Block unloads limestone into the hopper
9-Kentuc-8-29-09-tc.jpg (97826 bytes)
G-tug Kentucky fires up
10-Kentuc-8-29-09-tc.jpg (81711 bytes)
Kentucky made up to Marinus Green
11-Kentuc-8-29-09-tc.jpg (115957 bytes)
heading for Port Terminal

 Recent Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
GREENMARINUSs04082309mn.jpg (42925 bytes)
Marinus Green at Morterm in Winsdor.
BELUGAEFFICIENCYb06082709mn.jpg (41179 bytes)
Beluga Efficiency loading coke at Nicholson's Ecorse.
BELUGAEFFICIENCYs04082709mn.jpg (38272 bytes) DETROITs07082709mn.jpg (45751 bytes)
Scrapping of the ex-rail barge Detroit at Dean Construction Yard in La Salle, ON.
MAUMEEb02083009mn.jpg (53396 bytes)
Maumee downbound off Marine City, MI.
DESGAGNESSEDNAb07083009mn.jpg (39543 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes downbound off Marine City, Mi.
DESGAGNESSEDNAs09083009mn.jpg (38459 bytes)      

 Sunday following the Whistler - Dave Bessant
1-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (95112 bytes)
Whistler passing Brockville in the morning, downbound.
2-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (88592 bytes)
Whistler stern view with dive boat
3-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (88053 bytes)
Whistler passing Maitland, appearing empty, sitting high in the water with her hatches open.
4-Cuyahoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (85859 bytes)
Entering the Port of Prescott and discovering Cuyahoga being loaded.
5-Cuyahoge-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (115231 bytes)
Just one of the loading devices
6-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (85633 bytes)
Whistler passing under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
7-CuyahogaWhistler-08-30-09.jpg (65910 bytes)
Cuyahoga tied up and being loaded as Whistler head downstream behind her.
8-Cuyahoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (107210 bytes)
Two loading streams being watched by a crewman and the Cuyahoga?s unloading equipment above.
9-Cuyahoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (109893 bytes)
Distant view of Cuyahoga being loaded at the Port of Prescott with some nameless pile of green material
10-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (172847 bytes)
Whistler moving past Cardinal, having passed the remnants of the Galop canal system, used before the Seaway.
11-Whistler--08-30-09-WDB.jpg (71900 bytes)
Whistler approaching Iroquois Locks, appearing about to tie up
12-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (109947 bytes)
Whistler changed direction and heads into the lock
13-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (148655 bytes)
Whistler Bow with some idea as to her size vs the lock worker
14-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (69069 bytes)
Whistler bridge close-up with crew
15-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (108114 bytes)
Tire marks (bumpers) on the side of Whistler
16-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (74006 bytes)
16 Whistler accommodations and stack and lifeboat
17-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (107470 bytes)
Whistler heading out of the locks at Iroquois
18-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (107659 bytes)
Whistler stern
19-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (86063 bytes)
Whistler maneuvering around the green buoy
20-Whistler-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (96713 bytes)
Whistler got this far in the time it took to get a hot dog and coke at the stand
21-Conestoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (100744 bytes)
The wreck of the Conestoga at Cardinal, a wooden hulled propeller driven steam freighter which caught fire in 1922 along the Galop canal.
22-Conestoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (121578 bytes)
The plaque for the Conestoga, a popular dive spot
23-Cuyahoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (114925 bytes)
Cuyahoga as I head back to Brockville, still loading
24-Cuyahoga-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (138235 bytes)
Cuyahoga close up, two loaders per conveyor of gravel perhaps
25-FederalDanube-08-30-09-W.jpg (90460 bytes)
Federal Danube downbound past the town of Prescott
26-FederalDanube-08-30-09-W.jpg (143790 bytes)
Federal Danube in the distance behind the old ferry piers at Prescott
27-FederalDanube-08-30-09-W.jpg (83803 bytes)
Federal Danube heading under the International bridge with the windmill, site of the Battle of the Windmill in 1838
28-RtHonPaulJMartin-08-30-0.jpg (62340 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin in the distance, viewed from the lighthouse at the Sandra Lawn Harbour, Prescott
29-RtHonPaulJMartin-08-30-0.jpg (113541 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin passing near Maitland at the Kemira site
30-RtHonPaulJMartin-08-30-0.jpg (75673 bytes)
31-RtHonPaulJMartin-08-30-0.jpg (86108 bytes) 32-TonyMackay-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (97822 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay at Maitland, also downbound
33-TonyMackay-08-30-09-WDB.jpg (90079 bytes)

 Brockville and Iroquois on a rainy Saturday morning - Dave Bessant

1-Eider-08-29-09-WDB.jpg (92669 bytes)
Eider upbound past Blockhouse Island
2-Eider-08-29-09-WDB.jpg (86743 bytes) 3-Eider-08-29-09-WDB.jpg (73372 bytes) 4-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-09.jpg (82863 bytes)
Beluga Efficiency passing under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge, downbound
5-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-WD.jpg (81526 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes approaching the Iroquois Locks
6-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-WD.jpg (99140 bytes) 7-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-WD.jpg (147605 bytes)
Valves and Fire fighting nozzle
8-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-WD.jpg (96069 bytes)
Life boat
9-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-WD.jpg (95083 bytes)
Exiting the lock
10-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-W.jpg (99888 bytes)
11-VegaDesgagnes-08-29-09-W.jpg (104864 bytes)
Heading towards Cornwall
12-IroquoisLock-08-29-09-WD.jpg (109803 bytes)
New Signage at the Iroquois Locks for the 50th Anniversary of the Seaway
13-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (129105 bytes)
Beluga Efficiency moving inch by inch to the Iroquois lock
14-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (73201 bytes)
The pennant of Freese Shipping, owners of Beluga Efficiency
15-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (128092 bytes)
Crew guiding Beluga Efficiency along the lock walls
16-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (121432 bytes) 17-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (84423 bytes) 18-BelugaEfficiency-08-29-0.jpg (95583 bytes)
Heading to Cornwall and points east
19-IroquoisDam-08-29-09-WDB.jpg (102922 bytes)
The Iroquois Dam that maintains the level of lake Ontario; currently the pleasure boats pass right under the gates of the dam as there is no difference in the level of the water on either side of the dam.

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