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September 1, 2009

Green Bay  - Scott Best
1-DublinseaLJK-08-28-09-sb1.jpg (47221 bytes)
Tug Dublin Sea at speed on the Bay undergoing trials passing the LJ Kuber and Olive L Moore northbound.
1-Integrity-08-31-09-sb1.jpg (95724 bytes)
Integrity turning to line up for the Main St Bridge Monday.
2-Integrity-08-31-09-sb1.jpg (109530 bytes)
Close up heading up river near Mason St.

Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay - Dick Lund
1-DS-08-28-09-dl.jpg (51657 bytes)
Dublin Sea makes a turn during Sea Trials in the bay of Green Bay off Menominee, MI on Aug. 28
2-DS-08-28-09-dl.jpg (53148 bytes)
The tug comes about into its own wake
3-DS-08-28-09-dl.jpg (40645 bytes)
Broadside view
4-DBL-08-30-09-dl.jpg (94230 bytes)
Stern view of tanker barge, DBL 185, in the graving dock at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, WI on Aug. 30
5-DBL-08-30-09-dl.jpg (92030 bytes)
Bow view from across the bay of Sturgeon Bay

Recent St. Clair River Activity at Harsens Island off Light 26 - Rod Burdick

1_aveng4_8_24_09_rb.jpg (124487 bytes)
Tug Avenger IV
2_montr_8_25_09_rb.jpg (74613 bytes)
3_sdcinnv_8_25_09_rb.jpg (77470 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain/Innovation
4_mtrdr_8_27_09_rb.jpg (70970 bytes)
Maritime Trader
Bay City/Saginaw and Around the Thumb - Galen & Kelly Witham
1-hlw-8-30-09-grw.jpg (137237 bytes)
H. Lee White, shown from across the river from Essexville.
2-hlw-8-30-09-grw.jpg (93633 bytes)
A close up of the H. Lee White, unloading at Bay Aggregates.
3-hlw-8-30-09-grw.jpg (120888 bytes) 4-frontenac-8-30-09-grw.jpg (70839 bytes)
A hull down view of Canada Steamship's Frontenac, upbound off of Point Aux Barques, in a small craft warning.
5-pt-aux-barq-8-30-09-grw.jpg (197910 bytes)
Point Aux Barques Lighthouse.
6-djm-8-30-09-grw.jpg (138071 bytes)
Daniel J. Morrell's life ring, located in the museum at the Point Aux Barques Lt.  The Morrell went down in a heavy gale, November of 1966, off the point.

Recent CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1AcawaCanyon-8-28-09-bv.jpg (50568 bytes)   Agawa Canyon unload stone at Midwest Stone Dock 2-HCJackson-8-28-09-bv.jpg (67579 bytes)
Herbert C. Jaskson loading for the Canadian Soo.
3-Calumet-8-29-09-bv.jpg (78498 bytes)
4-Calumet-8-29-09-bv.jpg (85941 bytes)
Ship Loader view looking aft      
5-Calumet-8-29-09-bv.jpg (103148 bytes)
Leaving for Menominee
6-Lucia,Caribbean-8-29-09-b.jpg (82062 bytes)
Tug Lucia and the barge Caribbean

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-trader-8-29-09-ts-a.jpg (94252 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort - Great Lakes Trader unloading Sugar Stone at the Bay City Wirt dock 
2-trader-8-29-09-ts-b.jpg (81211 bytes)
Backing out of the river at the North Star Dock in Essexvillle
3-trader-8-29-09-ts-c.jpg (55635 bytes)
Another view
4-mccarthy-8-29-09-ts-a.jpg (50560 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. at the Consumers Energy dock
5-mccarthy-8-29-09-ts-b.jpg (85849 bytes)
The big tug Joyce L. passing the McCarthy
6-mccarthy-8-29-09-ts-c.jpg (64652 bytes)
Another view
7-mccarthy-8-29-09-ts-d.jpg (49444 bytes)
1,844 feet 10 inches of great lakes freighters

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