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September 2 - 3, 2009

Point Edward - Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-mani-8-31-09-md.jpg (66623 bytes)
Manistee downbound at 1& 2.
2-mwoc-9-01-09-md.jpg (56708 bytes)
Manitowoc making the turn at 1& 2.
3-mart-9-01-09-md.jpg (51281 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound above 1& 2.
4-prt-9-01-09-md.jpg (65242 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha above 1 & 2 having just met the Capt. Henry Jackman.
5-jlk-9-0-09-a-md.jpg (54778 bytes)
A day's worth of traffic in one hour. Calumet, American Century, Tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber, Marinus Green and the Charles M. Beeghly all above buoys 1 & 2.
6-jlk-9-02-09-b-md.jpg (53289 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber making the turn at 1 & 2.
7-calu-9-02-09-md.jpg (52780 bytes)
Calumet making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-amcent-9-02-09-md.jpg (54901 bytes)
American Century with a load of coal for Recors.

- Tom Caine
1-Canent-9-2-09-tc.jpg (64260 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise outbound approaching canal
2-Canent-9-2-09-tc.jpg (75054 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise departing
3-Vancou-9-2-09-tc.jpg (77614 bytes)
Vancouverborg backing away from General Mills "A"
4-Indhbr-9-2-09-tc.jpg (80216 bytes)
Indiana Harbor Fueling at Murphy Dock
5-Csllau-9-2-09-tc.jpg (81600 bytes)
CSL Laurentian loading at Peavey Connors Point
6-Nodak-9-2-09-tc.jpg (93115 bytes)
Tug North Dakota will make up to bow of Isadora
7-Kentuc-9-2-09-tc.jpg (122550 bytes)
G-tug Kentucky will take stern
8-Callie-9-2-09-tc.jpg (67553 bytes)
Tug Callie M. with scows
9-Hleewh-9-2-09-tc.jpg (93410 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving Duluth Harbor
10-Isador-9-2-09-tc.jpg (54338 bytes)
Isadora departing, Federal Hudson at anchor
11-Jgmun-9-2-09-tc.jpg (65182 bytes)
John G. Munson arriving Duluth piers with limestone for C. Reiss dock
12-Jgmun-9-2-09-tc.jpg (117952 bytes)
Munson and Federal Hudson

Federal Miramichi at Port of Cleveland -
Bill Kloss
1-FedMiramichi-09-02-09-bk.jpg (83708 bytes)        

Duluth- Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Vanco-9-1-09-tc.jpg (77458 bytes)
Vancouverborg at General Mills "A"
2-Vanco-9-1-098-tc.jpg (86105 bytes)
 listing to starboard
3-Isador-9-1-09-tc.jpg (92102 bytes)
Isadora at Cenex Harvest States
4-Isador-9-1-09-tc.jpg (99132 bytes)
Isadora loads on contracted date

Saginaw River
 - Todd Shorkey
1-mckee-9-1-09-ts-a.jpg (58316 bytes)
 Invincible - McKee Sons inbound nearing Liberty bridge
2-mckee-9-1-09-ts-b.jpg (80565 bytes)
Stern view
3-mckee-9-1-09-ts-c.jpg (111355 bytes)
Passing through the Central Michigan rail bridge and Liberty bridge
4-ljkuber-9-1-09-ts-a.jpg (64431 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound nearing Liberty Bridge
5-ljkuber-9-1-09-ts-b.jpg (99769 bytes)
Passing through the Liberty and Central Michigan rail bridge

Saginaw River
 - Galen Witham and Hunter Maxon
1-mckee-9-1-09-grw.jpg (102756 bytes)
The McKee Sons lays to, waiting on the outbound Lewis J. Kuber
2-mckee-kuber-mtg-9-1-09-gr.jpg (101755 bytes)
McKee Sons, meeting the Lewis J. Kuber, just below the Zilwaukee Bridge.
3-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (78041 bytes)
An almost perfect morning prevailed, as the Olive Moore, and the Lewis J. Kuber headed outbound to Saginaw Bay.  A reflection shot is shown here.
4-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (110001 bytes)
Kuber heading towards the bend at Cheyboyganing Creek.
5-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (87583 bytes)
Kuber is shown at buoy 53 in the Saginaw River, approaching the bend at Cheyboyganing Creek.
6-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (114153 bytes)
Kuber is shown rounding the bend, and heading towards the Airport.
7-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (122921 bytes)
Tug Olive Moore is shown passing through the Veterans Memorial Bridge.
8-kuber-9-1-09-grw.jpg (88009 bytes)
Kuber is shown clearing the Liberty St. Drawbridge.
9-mckee-9-1-09.jpg (121742 bytes)
McKee Sons begins to unload in Saginaw, Michigan.
10-mckee-9-1-09-grw.jpg (111544 bytes)
A close up shot of the ITB McKee Sons, just below the Sixth St. turning basin in Saginaw.

Toledo Activity -
Luke Archer
1-Michipicoten-9-1-09-la.jpg (74926 bytes)
Michipicoten beginning to move forward after a lengthy wait for a train at the N.S. swing bridge.
2-Michipicoten-9-1-09-la.jpg (149781 bytes)
Starting to line up for the bridge.
3-Michipicoten-9-1-09-la.jpg (76319 bytes)
Michipicoten nearly lined up for the opening in the bridge.
4-Michipicoten-9-1-09-la.jpg (95366 bytes)
Wider view in the river.

Prescott, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Algowood-09-01-09-MB-.jpg (148699 bytes)
Algowood unloading corn at Port of Prescott
2-Algowood-09-01-09-MB-.jpg (81397 bytes)
Algowood upbound at Prescott, Ont.
3-Algowood-09-01-09-MB-.jpg (75885 bytes)    

Rogers City, Mich.
- James Olsson
1-ThomFrontSag-8-31-09-JEO.jpg (105447 bytes)
The Victory/James L. Kuber were in, just off screen to the left, then the Saginaw on the right is pulling out for Frontenac to pull in and Joseph Thompson is going to anchor out for a bit.  On the horizon, possibly the CSL Laurentian.

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