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September 4, 2009

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Csllau-9-3-09-tc.jpg (45158 bytes)
CSL Laurentien left Peavey Connor's Point and J. W. Shelley immediately took her berth
2-Csllau-9-3-09-tc.jpg (58352 bytes)
Laurentien off Port Terminal
3-Jwshel-9-3-09-tc.jpg (49958 bytes)
J.W. Shelley and J.B. Ford
4-Pisle-9-3-09-tc.jpg (111084 bytes)
Presque Isle unloads limestone into hopper at CN Missabe

Goderich Wednesday
  - Bruce Douglas
1-Algolake-9-2-09-bd.jpg.jpg (142837 bytes)
Algolake backing-in
2-Algolake-9-2-09-bd.jpg.jpg (98058 bytes) 3-Algolake-9-2-09-bd.jpg.jpg (103636 bytes)
From the hill
4-Algolake-9-2-09-bd.jpg.jpg (197917 bytes)
Algolake view near the lighthouse

Iroquois Lock and Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-hmcsquebec-03-09-09-rb-00.jpg (54731 bytes)
HMCS Ville De Quebec arrives at Iroquois Lock.
2-hmcsquebec-03-09-09-rb-00.jpg (63508 bytes)
She is on a tour of the Great Lakes. cheers Ron Beaupre
1-lucia-03-09-09-rb.jpg (58101 bytes)
Tug Lucia and barge Caribbean sail under the moon.
2-lucia-03-09-09-rb.jpg (61498 bytes)
And into the sunset at Mariatown.

 - Lee Rowe
AmMarinerLR09030907.jpg (93426 bytes)
American Mariner loading ore in Marquette.
JRBarkerLR09030905.jpg (101617 bytes)
 James R Barker unloading coal
JRBarkerLR09030906.jpg (85853 bytes)

Maumee passing Manistee at Cleveland -
Thomas Seiler
Maumee-9-1-09-TS.jpg (84231 bytes)
 Maumee departing the Cuyahoga River on September 1 with a load of salt. Standing by and waiting to go upriver to the Cargill Salt mine, the Manistee (being towed by tugboat Iowa) patiently waits for the Maumee to clear the river.

Prescott and Brockville
- Dave Bessant
1-SalvorLambertSpirit-09-03.jpg (48543 bytes)
Salvor and barge Lambert Spirit approaching Brockville from the east
2-Salvor-09-03-09-WDB.jpg (57610 bytes) 3-SalvorLambertSpirit-09-03.jpg (76003 bytes) 5-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-WD.jpg (101022 bytes)
Canadian Frigate  HMCS Ville de Quebec approaching the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge
6-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-WD.jpg (90951 bytes)
8-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-WD.jpg (63654 bytes) 9-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-WD.jpg (60777 bytes) 10-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (126900 bytes)
Ville de Quebec passing Blockhouse Island where one of the several mothers of crewmen waves at her son who tips his hat back at her, and the Captain sounded a salute.
11-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (59773 bytes) 12-VilledeQuebec.09-03-09-W.jpg (65551 bytes)
13-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (83061 bytes)
Ville de Quebec stern view, where she has her name on the side
14-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (48494 bytes)
Hangar for the helicopter, a CH-124 Sea King
15-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (60088 bytes) 16-VilledeQuebec-09-03-09-W.jpg (36590 bytes)
Ship's Crest for HMCS Ville de Quebec, her predecessor was a Flower class corvette ( K242 ) that served in WWII.

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